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Descriptive, comparative, and superlative adjectives activities! Teach and assess descriptors and modifiers. You can easily teach opposites and negation with this activity (e.g. Which is hot? Which is not hot?)This product is a no prep, print and go! You can even do no print with the concepts pages
In this no prep activities packet, students will practice the following opposites: happy and sad, large and small, day and night, inside and outside, short and tall, full and empty, above and below and front and behind.They will also determine which one is different and which one goes together. Thes
This set of 12 printable opposites worksheets for preschool, kindergarten, or first grade includes:-- A neat, printable list of Sixty Pairs of Opposites (words only) -- 2 pages of Color in the Opposites: color in the circles to match opposite pairs (words and pictures) -- 2 pages of Opposite Sides:
If you are working on antonyms in your classroom, this set will be a perfect addition to your lessons!!!============================================================This set comes with 32 practice cards (16 colored, 16 black and white) all of which can have many uses! ★Play a game of memory★Display i
Do you find yourself looking for ways to different ways to teach opposites in your speech therapy room? This pack contains fun, engaging activities that help children master 30 opposites pairs effectively. These Opposites Activities includes Worksheets, Opposites Cards & Interactive book are all
This is a mini-unit worksheets for young learners who are working with opposites. It utilizes matching, a card matching, dice game, and has them use their imagination / coloring. I have included a suggested reading list, sensory bin ideas and game ideas.
Overview:Grab these no prep and simple worksheets for opposites! Grab this and more with my OPPOSITE BUNDLE!What's included?:Three different worksheets are included:Option 1: Students will match the opposites.Option 2: Students will group the opposites.Option 3: Students will sort by groups that are
This is a great resource to provide to parents as part of a home program. The instructions are simple, the pictures are clear, and the concepts are common. All Images for this worksheet were obtained from: Laura Strickland/MyCuteGraphics.com
Opposites - Worksheets and DIY Books This pdf contains: - 2 books that involve cutting, tracing, and coloring; - 1 cutting worksheet; - 1 tracing worksheet; - photos of the finished books. Target vocabulary: big - small, happy - sad, good - bad. ****************************************************
This r squared creation is the complementary worksheet for our 6.3A PowerPoint, which students will complete as homework. This worksheet is practice for the students on how to solve a linear system by elimination when already having opposites. The worksheet is also editable if you would like to make
Great way to practice opposites!This is shapes matching game is a wonderful resource for students to learn to identify opposites and recognize with picture!Students have always loved puzzles. They gets very excited when teacher come up with something new for them to put together and solve. I recentl
This is a worksheet that connects to Tuesdays with Morrie and the idea of 'tension of opposites,' which Morrie explains to Mitch. Excellent teaching resource and notes sheet!
This resource provides a variety of interesting and fun ways for your students to learn / consolidate the vocabulary of some adjectives. This opposites resource which develops mainly the vocabulary of adjectives also includes other words. It has been designed for students who are at the emergent /
These worksheets are perfect for teaching preschoolers and Kinders about opposites and reinforcing them. Worksheets can also be used as an assessment.Great for English learners!You will receive:2 pages of identifying the opposite of a picture by looking at 3 images and coloring the opposite1 page of
Perfect for adults with aphasia or older students, these no prep opposites printables include 4 total worksheets of opposites/antonyms, fill in the blank levels 1 & 2 (traditional and handwriting options) and multiple choice levels 1 & 2. Also great to give as homework between sessions!Inclu
This sheet pairs perfectly with Khan Academy! Students must follow along with Khan Academy video called “Number Opposites.” Then, answer the corresponding questions that check for understanding!The back of the sheet has work space for the Exercise called “Number Opposites” on Khan Academy so they
The multiple oppositions approach is evidence-based practice for unintelligible children who substitute one phoneme for several others! Parent-friendly directions for use are along the top, so they can be used in therapy and/or sent home for practice. These worksheets are for children who substit
This worksheet is for matching and connecting adjectives with their opposite adjectives. B Level. Please send me a message if you have any questions.
Test your students knowledge of HIGH/LOW, SOFT/LOUD and FAST/SLOW with these worksheets. Pick your own musical excerpts to go with worksheets as you see fit!
It's the perfect handout to enhance student understanding of antonyms! Whether teachers choose to use this ditto as homework, classwork, a warm-up activity, or a game, this multi-faceted, 40-question, fill-in-the-blank review will allow students to obtain a comprehensive understanding of words. Addi
Full page opposites worksheet that allows children to choose from a word bank, draw a picture, and practice writing the word. This helps the child practice reading and writing strategies with pictures. This is a full color worksheet; however it may be printed in black and white.
FIND MORE FREE PRINTABLES at: www.learningwithyaya.com. Learning with Yaya offers a series of VIDEOS, SONGS, and BOOKS specifically designed to facilitate children's speech and language development. With our materials children can learn colors, opposites, action words, letters, and categories, th
Opposites can be an overlooked lesson for English as a Second Language. They provide a good way of categorizing certain vocabulary - such as positional directions and descriptive adjectives. Even if a student cannot recall both of the words in an opposite pair, they benefit from the ability to negat
This sample includes one worksheet and answer keys. If you want to purchase the entire set click here Opposites Worksheets

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