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Engage your students in practicing both their math skills and their higher level thinking skills with this Order of Operations Logic Puzzle! This activity is sure to make solving problems with multiple operations fun! For this activity, students answer all of the math problems to determine which cl
Make Order of Operations fun and engaging for your students with this game that allows students to practice this challenging skill. This game features 40 engaging cards that allows your students to practice using the PEMDAS strategy to solve equations that involve multiple operations. This game will
Your students will have fun practicing the order of operations as they solve emoji mystery pictures! Students solve math problems and color by code. This set of math mysteries reviews the following: - Order of Operations with 4 numbers, 3 operations – no division (parentheses and no parentheses)
All SIX SETS of my ORDER OF OPERATIONS Order Up! sets are in one easy to use bundle! From Fractions to Brackets- these sets are sure to challenge your students to "show what they know"!Included In Your Purchase:SIX sets of ORDER UP! Strips (9 Problems For Students to Solve)Work MatTeacher Directions
Order of Operations Bundle is a highly engaging set containing a game, task cards, and worksheets. Because of the variety found within this bundle, it may be used for instruction, extra practice, review, centers, and RTI intervention. centers. This bundle contains the following order of operations r
Order of Operations Jeopardy Game - PEMDASThis Jeopardy style game is a really fun group classroom activity! Students will solve the increasingly difficult problems in teams as they earn points to win the game. This file is a PowerPoint file and is played as a slideshow.Directions:Open the PowerPoin
Order of Operations Tic-Tac-Toe With 5 Game Boards increasing in difficulty!These fun tic-tac-toe game boards keep students engaged and help each other practice solving problems using the proper order operations as they work together in pairs. There are 5 Order of Operations tic-tac-toe boards whic
Learning is simply more fun when you can simultaneously doodle. Notes like these for common core standard 5.OA.1 (Order of Operations) will be sure to connect with students and lead to greater retention and deeper understanding.============================ COMPONENTS1. 3 Art-Integration Worksheets d
This set of 32 Order of Operations Task Cards will help your students practice equations using order of operations principles. These order of operations task cards work well as centers, for whole class, one on one, exit slips, and more! This resource is Common Core aligned but will work well in any
This is a great activity to get your students engaged in learning and practicing their skills. It is modeled after an escape room where students work in groups to solve problems dealing with operations with integers, order of operations, and logic problems. My students love doing these activities
This short (16-slide) Power Point lesson is an ideal introduction to or review of order of operations and inverse operations. Slides include: Objective Vocabulary: Order of operations, commutative property of additon, commutative property of multiplication, associative property of addition, associ
Order of Operations Bingo:Students will have fun using PEMDAS while playing Bingo with their classmates as they review solving expressions using the proper order of operations. **Answer key included!Directions: There are 30 task cards with different a multi-step equation on each one. Pass out a Bing
Are you ready to add movement into your math classroom? Use this scavenger hunt as a fun and engaging way to review order of operations! Students will solve the problems on the recording sheet. Then, they will search the room to find the answer which will lead them to the next question. The track is
This 18-question circuit gives students exposure to and practice with this kind of standardized test question: "Suppose the operation x@y is defined as x + 3y. Evaluate 4@7." Progressive in nature, the circuit builds to include challenge questions towards the end. To advance in the circuit, stude
This is a one-page handout that students can keep all year in their binder or folder to help them. It focuses on the keywords that indicate Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. It also includes a very visual example of how to solve problems using the Order of Operations. Before rat
Guided notes that cover integers operations (VA SOL 6.6). This includes "I will learn how to... so that I can..." statements that match the standard. This packet also includes:adding, subtracting, multiplying & dividing (same and different signs)modeling addition, subtraction, multiplication and
Practice solving order of operation problems with four operations with these digital math task cards. This deck features 20 paperless task cards where students practice evaluating numerical expressions using order of operations - parenthesis and exponents NOT included. This set of cards is fill in t
This is an order of operations activity in which students have a set of numbers and operations which they must use to find a target number solution. This is a great activity to get students thinking about why these expressions must be solved a certain way, and it's much more challenging than simply
Are students all done with learning about integer operations?? Time to move on to applying their knowledge?? This worksheet (or homework assignment) helps students to review those integer operations as well as begin exploring (or practicing) order of operations. The first 15 questions are devoted to
Practice solving order of operations and challenge your students with this fun BOOM cards math game! The perfect alternative to a math worksheet, this digital puzzle game will give students plenty of practice at solving order of operations problems (mixed operators). The perfect math challenge for
Practice solving harder order of operations and motivate your students with this fun BOOM cards math game! The perfect alternative to a math worksheet, this digital puzzle game will give students plenty of practice at solving 4 step order of operations problems (mixed operators). The perfect math
This quiz assesses students' ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide integers. It also assesses students' abilities to use the order of operations (with integer operations). This product offers three versions of the quiz to be used as retake options.
Order of Operations Tiny Task Cards. Students look at the problem on the task card. They complete the problem in the order of operations. They record the answer to the problem on the student recording sheet. These cards can be cut out and used just like normal task cards. They can also be printed, s
Order of Operations: These Order of Operations task cards are a great alternative to worksheets! You will receive 14 math task cards focusing on the order of operations. These Order of Operations Task Cards include expressions to simplify with parentheses, multiplication, division, addition, and sub

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