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Fraction Line Up: Ordering Fractions Game
Fraction Line Up: Ordering Fractions Game Equipment: - 1 set of dominoes fraction cards per game, - 1 game sheet per player Concepts: Ordering Fractions, Problem Solving Players: 1 vs 1 (or teams of 2 vs 2) Set Up and Play: All of the dominoes are placed face down in a pile. Players take turns c

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Fractions Go Fish and Ordering Fractions Game
Fraction Go Fish Game and Ordering Fraction Center Game Fraction Go Fish Game allows students to match the number, picture, word and number line representations of fractions. They can play in small groups or match cards as an individual. Recording sheet for matches is also included. Ordering Frac

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Ordered Fractions: Compare and Order Fractions Game
Define, compare and order any rational numbers. The objective of this game is to build 5 fractions which are properly sequenced from smallest to largest. Ordered Fractions provides a comprehensive tool that offers an innovative method of learning about comparing and ordering fractions. Ordered Fra

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Fractions - Ordering Fractions Game
Ordering (and comparing) fractions is something that every student needs a lot of practice with. This game was created for my students to use in their math centers just for this reason. Two to four players can play this game at the same time. DIRECTIONS: Each player takes turns drawing 3 cards

Also included in: Fractions Centers Bundle


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"Order" Fraction Game - Comparing and Ordering Fractions with differentiation!
This is a great hands on learning game for any classroom that has students working on equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, and/or ordering fractions! Students will be able to practice and use various strategies for comparing fractions - the best part is they won't even notice because they will

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Fractions: Comparing and Ordering Fractions Games
Fraction War Game- Compare two fractions and find the bigger one5 pages- Game Cards1 page- Instruction Card (2 per page)In Order Game- Put the reduced fractions in order (least to greatest)2 pages- Game Cards1 page- Instruction Card (2 per page)1 page- Equivalent Fraction Chart (Strip Diagrams- used

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Ordering Fractions Game
Have some math fun in your class! Break the class into two teams. Pick a captain for each team. Hand each captain one of the sets of cards, either Set A or Set B. The team captain can have each team member pick a card at random from the set without looking. Once both teams have their cards, instruc

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Ordering Fractions Games
These 3 partner games reinforce the following skills: - equivalent fractions - simplifying (reducing) fractions - comparing fractions - ordering fractions Each game includes a student friendly direction sheet and the corresponding cards and gameboard.

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Order Fractions Game
Order Fractions with the Same Denominator Snakes and Ladders GameThis math game is great review activity! Your students will love it.There is 1 game board in this set. This game focuses on ordering fractions with the same denominator.Related Products:★ Adding and Subracting Fractions with Like Denom

Also included in: Math Games | Math Snakes and Ladders Games | Bundle # 4


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Ordering Fractions- Game of War- Grades 4,5 and 6-Station Activity
This game gives your students practice in ordering fractions. This can be played by pairs or in small groups. The students work collaboratively to determine which of their cards has the highest value while trying to win the game. This makes a great math station as well. Included: 36 cards (to be co

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Fraction War - Equivalent & Ordering Fractions Game Center
This partner or small group math station is a great way to have your students compare and order fractions with unlike denominators!Two sets of directions are included:Fraction War - 2 players, comparing fractionsOrder Up! - 3-4 players, ordering fractionsGame set comes with 36 cards. Just print, la

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Ordering Fractions Game
This ordering fractions game will allow students to practice placing fractions from least value to greatest value and vice versa! Domino templates, from 1/2 up to 10/20 are provided but if you have dominos in your classroom that would work as well. Each player has a least to greatest and greatest t

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Order Up! An Ordering Fractions Game
This game is a simple and fun way for students to practice comparing and ordering fractions! Math TEKS 3.3B, 3.3F, 3.3G, 3.3H, 4.3C, and 4.3D

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Ordering Fractions Game {Summer Freebie}
Practice ordering fractions with this free summer math themed center game. Summer is a great time to eat ice cream, but you have to be quick, or it will melt! In this game, students play cards that are less than the showing fraction and try to be the first one to play all of the cards. This is th

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Fraction Pictionary: Recognizing Fractions with Drawing {Fraction Game}
Fraction Pictionary is a game that combines understanding and recognizing fractions with drawing. The goal is to have your teammates guess the fraction and the symmetrical object that you are drawing. Fraction Pictionary is an extremely fun game and uses a familiar setting to connect students with

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Compare Fractions with Unlike Denominators - Compare and Order Fractions
Comparing and ordering fractions - especially fractions with unlike denominators - can be a complicated skill for many students. Building a solid understanding of the fraction 1/2 can help students learn to use 1/2 as a benchmark and make this difficult skill easier. This mostly no prep resource s

Also included in: Comparing Fractions Using Benchmark Fractions - Using 1/2 as a Benchmark


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This Interactive Fractions PowerPoint Game Show has students practice and review Fractional Parts, Equal Shares, Naming Fractions, Fractions on a Number Line and Fractions of a Group. Featuring sound effects, a self-scoring scoreboard and 25 questions plus a challenge question, this fractions game i

Also included in: Winter Math and Literacy Bundle


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Comparing & Ordering Fractions Sorting Game (Math Center, Montessori Game)
This Fraction Sort Game will build reasoning and estimation skills for students as they learn to compare and order fractions. What's Included? ✔ Game Implementation Guide✔ Game Mat✔ 10 Decks of 10 Fraction Cards (100 total cards) ✔ Answer Key Students use estimation to sort each fraction into one o

Also included in: 4th Grade Math Games for the Entire Year, Full Year of Fourth Grade Math Centers


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Comparing Fractions Games, Lessons, and Activities (Penguin Fractions)
Penguins + Fractions = Math Fun! Penguin Fractions: Comparing and Ordering Fractions is a HUGE collection of strategy lessons, activities, and math center games to help students explore the fraction concepts of equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, and ordering fractions. The activities use pen

Also included in: Comparing Fractions Bundle (Penguin Fractions)


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Comparing Fractions Games Bundle | Comparing and Ordering Fractions Activities
The Comparing Fractions Games Bundle includes four products with lessons, games, and activities to teach comparing and ordering fractions with different denominators. All four products are aligned with Common Core Standards for one or more grade levels. This bundle is most appropriate for upper elem


Fractions Escape Room - 3rd Grade Fractions Game
This is an Escape Room activity targeting fractions standards from grade 3. The activity focuses on fraction equivalency, representing fractions, comparing fractions, fractions on a number line, and fractions as whole numbersAn Escape Room is an adventure in which players solve a series of puzzles

Also included in: Addition, Subtraction, Fractions, Multiplication Escape Room BUNDLE 3rd Grade


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Multiply and Divide Fractions Game Show | 5th Grade
Math Review Bowl is a game show PowerPoint that covers 5th grade CCSS. This resource covers Multiplying and Dividing Fractions. Review Bowl plays like Jeopardy® and is a fun and interactive way to review!THIS RESOURCE INCLUDES:» Game Show PowerPoint» Instructions» Answer Key» Team Labels for Keeping

Also included in: 5th Grade Math Game Show Review | BUNDLE


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Farm Animals Fractions Game in PowerPoint Format
Your students will have a blast reviewing fractions with this engaging fractions game for all interactive whiteboards, Smartboards and computers! Farm animals emerge from the barn with a fraction problem for your students to solve. There are 75 fractions questions in total and there are two types o

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File Folder Fraction Games: Fun Printable Fraction Games
Are you looking for some fun Fraction Games? File Folder Fraction Games: Fun Printable Fraction Games Are you Looking for a easy way to TEACH FRACTIONS? Who Else Wants To Improve At Math And Have Fun While Doing It? Introducing amazing fraction games that teach you fractions fast! Imagine being

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