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Included are 2 worksheets in which students look at dot plots and line plots in order to find outliers, clusters and gaps. Also included are teacher answer sheets. **This activity is included in a larger bundle (see link below) https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Statistics-Unit-3505315
Word Wall Average Distribution Categorical Data Box Plot Cluster Dot Plot Gap Key First Quartile Third Quartile Stems Frequency Distribution Measures of Center Measures of Spread Relative Frequency Symmetric Distribution Stem and Leaf Plot Histogram Leaves Quartiles Range Outliers Peak Median Mode
fill in the blank notes for data distribution and shapeincludes pictures and examples ClusterGap Peak Uni-ModalBi-Modal Outlier3 Data Shapes
This printable foldable includes pictures and definitions of dot plots including skewed left, skewed right, symmetrical, cluster, outlier, peak, and gap. Print two-sided, flip on short side. Competed version and version with blanks provided. 6.SP.2 and 6.SP.3 Don't forget to rate me to earn your TPT
Images & vocabulary lists that will give students an opportunity to create their own quizTopics - Mean, Median, Mode, Range, MAD, IQR, cluster, gaps, outliers, histograms, dot plots, box plots, frequency tables & raw data
The test contains 1 mean, median, mode and range question, 2 statistical questions, 2 questions involving a line plot, 1 stem and leaf problem, 1 cluster, gap and outlier question, 1 box and whisker plot, 2 questions involving a histogram, and one Mean Absolute Deviation.
You may use this lesson as a review or practice with Data and statistics. Go over the Academic Vocabulary words that will be used in this lesson.Meanoutlier Cluster GapThe students are movie theater owners and have three screens. They will create a logo for their theater. Then they will be given fa
These interactive notebook pages include foldables for CENTER, SPREAD, and SHAPE of a data distribution.Center: Mode, Mean, MedianSpread: Range, Quartiles, Interquartile RangeShape: Symmetry and SkewExtra foldable to review Gaps, Outliers, Clusters, and FrequencyBONUS: Low prep folder activity.Plus
Put it to the test! Use the age-old expression: "You are more likely to get struck by lightning than to be bitten by a shark!" to learn and practice Measures of Center, Measures of Spread, Measures of Shape, and Statistical Graphing including:MEANMEDIANMODERANGEOUTLIERS [Using IQR +/- 1.5(IQR)]QUART
1-8 NOTES (1 Page, Front & Back)Unit 1: Exploring One-Variable DataLesson 8: Describing the Distribution OBJECTIVES:In this set of AP Statistics notes, students will learn to:- Describe a distribution of quantitative data by its shape, center, spread, and unusual features.- Define and recognize
This includes 27 pages of statistical worksheets and 27 answer keys for those worksheets. The following is a list of the worksheets that are included:+Statistical Question (3 pages) +Mean-Median-Mode-Range (3 pages)+Line Plots Pages (3 pages) +Dot Plots (3 pages)+
These are guided notes for teaching shape of distribution of a data set or data display. This is the eighth lesson of a Data Display and Analysis unit. These notes include the following: Objective: Learn how to describe a data distribution by its center, spread, and overall shape Vocabulary: Dist
This activity uses data from 2 real classrooms unit tests (scrimmages). The students will use the data to create dot plots, histograms, and box and whisker plots. They will then complete questions that cover the majority of the 6th grade CCSS over data and statistics. This includes statistical qu
Line Plots, Fractional Line Plots, Data, and Understanding All of Them!Use this great interactive notebook set to help your students understand how to build, read, and interpret data on line plots, both with whole numbers and fractions. This is a fantastic activity to add to your lessons on mean, me
This statistics project is intended as a closure for your sixth grade statistics unit and aligns with ALL of the sixth grade statistics and probability common core state standards. In groups, students work together to choose a statistical question to ask the class. Once the class is surveyed, the gr
Vocabulary words that correlate with the 6th grade CMP3 Curriculum Unit of DECIMAL OPS.PRIME TIME vocabularyCOMPARING BITS & PIECES vocabularyCOVERING AND SURROUNDING vocabularyLET'S BE RATIONAL vocabularyDECIMAL OPS vocabularyVARIABLES & PATTERNS vocabulary Details:TWO styles of vocabulary
This product addresses Statistics and Probability and contains supplementary “How-To” aides/helps/hints and/or foldables that students can glue in their interactive math notebooks. PLEASE NOTE: If you have purchased my Practice Sheet products for the 6.SP.1-5 standards, these aides and foldables a
This is such a fun way to bring statistics to LIFE! The objective for this project is to collect, interpret, represent, describe and draw conclusions from a set of data. Students will collect data by first choosing a statistical question and ask it to their target audience. I had my kid
Lesson 6 of the AP Statistics Curriculum (includes video of the lesson)If you are interested in purchasing the whole curriculum, visit my store. I sell the whole curriculum with videos of the lessons and without videos. Included in this download:-Guided Notes-Lesson Key-SMART notebook file of the gu
Lesson 6 of the AP Statistics CurriculumIf you are interested in purchasing the whole curriculum, visit my store. I sell the whole curriculum with videos of the lessons and without videos. Included in this download:-Guided Notes-Lesson Key-SMART notebook file of the guided notes to fill in with stud
1-9 NOTES (1 Page, Front & Back)Unit 1: Exploring One-Variable DataLesson 9: Comparing the Distributions OBJECTIVES:In this set of AP Statistics notes, students will learn to:- Compare two or more distributions of a quantitative variable represented in histograms, side-by-side boxplots, side-by-
Weather Around the Country Data and Statistics Real-Life Project CCSS: 6.SP.A.3 This project allows students to choose a city in the United States, look-up the temperature forecast, identify the location on a map and then find various measures of center and variability. Students also have the oppor
Have your students use their computer and Google Sheets to create a scatter plot. Students are asked to pick two variables that interest them, research to obtain at least 15 data points, type their data into Google Sheets and create a Scatter Plot electronically. The program creates the scatter pl
Decorate your high school math classroom with these great 8.5" by 11" pages of vocabulary and formulas from Statistics! These can be displayed on any word wall or bulletin board in your math classroom. Put them up one at a time as you teach through each term, or display them all at once. All vocabul

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