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This awesome bundle focuses on articulation of 23 speech sounds: B/P*, M, W, Y, N, H, F/V*, T/D*, K/G*, L, NG, TH, R, CH, J, SH, ZH, S/Z*. *Condensed onto same page.Each handout includes placement cues, troubleshooting tips, and ideas for next steps specific to the target speech sound(s). Two versio
216 cards for early sounds articulation therapy! Each card includes picture, word, phrase, sentence and sound-loaded sentence.Two versions included: color and black/white (216 cards of each)These are included in the bundle, so do not purchase if you own that!*Data Tracking sheets for progressing mon
Articulation bookmarks are a great way to promote carryover into the classroom and home! This packet features 23 pages - One bookmark for each of the sounds listed. Assembly is easy - Simply print on heavy paper, cut and glue the sides together. Cut down on prep time by having the kids do this in th
Supported by Research, combining Phonological Awareness with Articulation is SMART therapy. Research shows that phonological awareness skills is also shown to concurrently increase speech intelligibility and improve articulation skills (Gillon, 2005) This brand new way of multitasking articulation
Articulation practice in a whole new way! Interactive books are very popular with students, and now you can incorporate them into articulation practice! ***This packet is also included in the Interactive Articulation Books: Bundle*** If you own the bundle, then you already own this packet also
Do you need 100 repetitions? Do you need fun reward activities to keep active little learners motivated? This interactive Boom card activity will make repetition of the CVC words, H initial words, and M, P, B, N sounds in the initial, medial, and final positions of words, and fun! This fun interacti
No Print products take your therapy to the next level...without any printing, laminating, or cutting! This No Print document is interactive to engage your students in learning articulation skills... just click find what the monster ate and practice the target speech sound! Use on your iPad, Smart
Looking for a fun activity to target articulation skills? Spinners are a fun and motivating activity to use in therapy. They are simple to make-just cut out and and attach a metal brad in the center. This download contains over 240 pictures of early developing phonemes (p, b, m, n, t, d, k, g) in
Interactive books are ideal for building language, attention and engaging children in the joy of shared reading. And with these new editions you can now focus on articulation!These books require the child to listen, move and say pictures with correct sounds and participate in the story. This activ
**Updated 06/25/2014: New pages added targeting each sound in the final position of words!** These Itty-Bitty books provide a fun way for your students to practice their target sounds by creating their own mini book to take home! This activity includes instructions and book templates for students t
Cariboo with a fresh, new SPIN. Increase the number of articulation practice responses with our Cariboo Spin & Match for Articulation. Includes 1 spinner and 15 cards each for: Initial P, Medial P, Final P (45 cards) Initial B, Medial B, Final B (45 cards) Initial M, Medial M, Final M (45 card
My preschool caseload is heavily phonology and articulation this year in a few classes. The kids and I are already looking for new ways to practice our sounds. I know it's been a lot of drill when they whine about iPad flashcards! I made an activity called 'Whack A Sound' using this adorable Whac-A
Let's go fishing friends and also have fun with goldfish (the kind you can eat or the paper ones provided in this unit!)This Gone Fishing Interactive Articulation Unit is our latest brand new unit that has been developed to help advance the correct articulation of the earlier developing speech sound
Use this Boom Card deck to target target initial & final /p, b, t, d, m, n/ words for speech. Great for articulation, phonology, and sound/letter correspondence as a No Print teletherapy activity! Fun treasure theme! Plays like a matching game and has 2 cards for each blend.This is not a self-gr
Start packing your bags with this fun articulation activity focusing on alveolar sounds: /t, d, n/. Students take turns adding to the suitcase practicing "I'm going on a trip and I'm bringing _______." This download contains the following: 48 Initial, Medial, Final /b/ pictures 42 Initial, Medi
Your preschoolers will love practicing their words on Garbage Day! This set includes: -- 2 garbage truck cards -- 8 initial /b/ trash cans -- 8 initial /p/ trash cans -- 8 initial /m/ trash cans -- 8 blank trash cans Attach two garbage truck cards to the sides of a tissue box and you're ready to
It's a Pizza Party in Speech Therapy! Want a game your kids will love to play all year round?This is it! You know your kids love to EAT pizza and now they can have fun MAKING one!See how others are using it:Just print it!With play doughWith magnetic tokensWith "pizza pile up"With role-playingWith pi
Here is a whole packet of black and white worksheets to help your student practice /b/, /p/, /m/, and /w/ in the initial position of words. No color ink or laminating required! The activities in this packet involve coloring, cutting, pasting, and tracing. There are directions printed at the top
Included in this file are 15 playdough mats for the /p/, /b/, and /m/ sounds. Some words have the targets with blends. There are multiple words in each sentence and most pages have a combination of /p/, /b/, and /m/ words. Each word with one of the target sounds is underlined. Each page should be pr
This NEW Fall interactive Boom Card activity is designed for active little learners and will make repetition of the CVC words, H initial words, and M, P, B, N sounds in the initial, medial, and final positions of words, fun! This interactive activity includes 16 task pages as well as 3 reward activi
Need something new for your non-reader students working on early articulation goals? Then this is for you! There are a total of 216 stimulus cards, each with pictures and text, designed to elicit spontaneous responses from non-readers, as well as 12 homework pages (2 for each sound). PLEASE NOTE:
You may also purchase this product as part of a bundle: Paper Bag Articulation Books:{BUNDLE} This packet has everything you need to make fun paper bag articulation books with your students! There are two books included for each sound in this packet for P, B, and M. There is a color version that
This product is an accompaniment to my Fluency/ Stuttering Binders and previous Articulation Binder. This articulation binder provides an organized and comprehensive way to treat articulation disorders targeting /p, b, m, w/ plus generic worksheets. Many pages of the binder are worksheet like or cut
WOOHOO!This GREEN SCREEN KARIWOO-HOO TREASURE HUNT BUNDLE is a fun articulation game for distance learning and teletherapy. Add your own creative spin to each one!Endless ways to play!*THIS IS NOT AN EDITABLE ACTIVITY*NO PREP! LOAD AND GO!This product includes:/m/ in all positions/p/ in all position

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