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This is an in-depth introduction to watercolor painting techniques. It is a week long focus on learning basics, tips, techniques, and applications. In my painting class I never know who has experience and who doesn't with watercolor. Because of that, I start with the basics before jumping into a ful
5th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
REVISED Edition with the addition of TWO new formats for teaching your beginner painters how to establish a strong foundation with acrylic paint. This comprehensive color theory/color mixing/basic technical acrylic skill project covers all the basics to start your class off on the right foot toward
NEW & IMPROVED Acrylic Painting Techniques Lesson Plan and Worksheet (PDF) 2016 (7 Pages) •Lesson Plan with objectives, delivery, supply list, etc. •Worksheet that covers: •Types of Brush Strokes-Fat, Edge/Tip, Flip/Flop, Stipple, Dry Brush, Scumbling, Impasto, Sgraffito •Mixing Colors •Making T
5th - 12th, Higher Education
Basic Watercolor Painting Techniques Lesson Plan and Worksheet Includes: Lesson Plan with Objectives, Delivery, Instructions, Supply list Worksheet Covers: ■Watercolor Characteristics ■Getting Set Up ■Surfaces and Brushes ■Mixing Colors/ Color Palette ■Wash ■Wet on Dry and Wet on Wet ■Drop Color i
5th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
I've designed this colour wheel to introduce colour theory to primary age students, in a fun and engaging task. This is a skill development task, however you can make it more creative and build on this activity.Download Includes:Lesson plan instructionsPainting and cleaning up tipsSnail colour wheel
Use this video to introduce watercolor painting techniques, tips, and how tos. Watercolor painting is one of the basic techniques I teach in my Introduction to Art and Painting courses. I continue to build on the basics covered in these classes in my Advanced and AP Art courses with more in-depth
5th - 12th
This is an in-depth introduction to oil painting. This visual art lesson is a week and a half long focus on learning tips, techniques, and applications.  In my painting class, I never know who has experience and who doesn't with oil painting. Because of that, I start with the basics before jumping
8th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Have students work through these 10 basic watercolor techniques for outstanding projects! Each technique has a description of how to complete plus 4 general tips. Empty worksheet for practice included.Hope Creek Studios specializes in Art Studio and History lessons and worksheets, Life Skills/Family
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Painting Techniques BUNDLE Lesson Plans & Worksheets – Save buying BUNDLED lessons! Painting Techniques Bundle Includes: -Ultimate Watercolor Techniques Lesson Packet (Basic, Advanced & Experimental Watercolor Lessons) 18 page PDF -Acrylic Painting Techniques Lesson Plan & Worksheet 5
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Tempera Painting Techniques Lesson Plan & Worksheet (PDF) 2016 Excellent beginner painting lesson for anyone new to painting. Practice different kinds of brushstrokes, mixing colors and values, paint gradations and blending of colors. Practice creating the illusion of 3D form by painting values
4th - 12th, Adult Education
This is a PDF that I use with my art class when I do an introduction to working with acrylics.It's an interactive "workshop" based PDF - which means I have them set-up their tables, get their sketchbooks, and follow along with notes as they practice and experiment with the techniques.(I find this is
Students will use Paint 3D to design a self portrait using the Blank Heads 3D Feature. They will be prompted to color and decorate their head to be a likeness of themselves. This basic Paint 3D activity allows students to practice with shapes, drawing techniques, and viewing/designing in a three-dim
Advanced Watercolor Painting Techniques Lesson Plan, Student Guide and Worksheet Includes full lesson plan (Objectives, materials, delivery, and evaluation), Printable Student Guide and Worksheet Techniques Covered in this lesson: Glazing Frisket or Masking Fluid Salt Alcohol Plastic Wrap Scra
5th - 12th, Higher Education
This Visual Arts Lesson is suitable for Grades 4-8. It is a stand-alone lesson and includes everything needed for a teacher with any skill level in the Visual Arts. Students will explore a watercolour painting technique called glazing which is layering transparent layers of watercolour paint and see
Oil Painting Techniques Includes: (15 Pages) 3 Lessons: Lesson Plans with Supply List, Objectives, Delivery, Teacher Guided Instruction Activity, Lesson One: Intro to Oil Paints (Difference in oil & water based Paints, Brushes, Mediums, Canvas & Gesso, Palette preparation, Setting up your
7th - 12th, Higher Education
Have students work through these 12 basic acrylic painting techniques for outstanding projects! Each technique has a description of how to complete. Empty worksheet for practice included (print on heavy paper or have students do on separate sheet). Great for a sub plan, intro lesson, etc.Hope Creek
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This À la cART lesson introduces students to Raphael’s “The School of Athens” and fresco painting. They will learn about about the Renaissance artist Raphael, his greatest master piece “The School of Athens” and create a fresco of their own. You will Receive29-page, non-editable PDFa single class (6
This lesson shows teachers and students how to create landscape paintings using atmospheric perspective techniques. It introduces and explains the techniques before demonstrating and walking students through how to apply it themselves. There are two painting options within the lesson depending on st
This double-sided worksheet on acrylic painting techniques is most appropriate for middle and high school aged students. The worksheet describes a number of painting techniques and gives students space to practice each technique.
Take Flight Lesson Plan for Learning Painting TechniquesDURATION3 WeeksTARGETYear 9 & 10 NZ (8th and 9th Grade US)CONTAINS1 Lesson Plan PDF complete with:Achievement objectivesLearning intentionsA practical lesson sequenceAssignment criteria2 Teacher printout (can be laminated and reused)1 Templ
You will need: The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse by Eric Carle (optional but recommended read before beginning the artwork). This is an excellent visual art activity that is similar to the technique Eric Carle uses himself to create his artworks. This pack includes.. - A detailed two page lesson
A visual reference illustrating the various ways in which watercolors can be used. Perfect for a choice based classroom in need of a menu of options.
Not Grade Specific
Welcome Sunshine! Let's brighten up our palettes! Here's a beautiful lesson that is content rich! This lesson covers creative drawing, color schemes, color mixing, tints and shades (value), color contrast, variety, overlapping, painting skills and 6 decorative and playful paint techniques. These
This PDF contains 9 different watercolor painting techniques with pictures and written explanation. I use these to introduce watercolor techniques to elementary art students so they can experiment and play with the watercolors without too much direct instruction from me. These could be used in any s
1st - 10th

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