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I don't know about you, but my back to school anxiety is something crazy this year! I created this unique packet to help make our teacher lives a little bit less stressful despite all that is going on with the coronavirus and COVID-19 and to help our little learners feel more comfortable with the extra hygiene practices that may be in place. This download is PACKED full of teaching resources to help encourage good classroom hygiene and a happy, healthy school year!Check out my blog post to see
It's inevitable. One day Zombies will take over Earth. If you are not preparing your students, you are being irresponsible. If you want to turn your "dead" exponential and logarithm unit into an "undead" one, this might work for you. Turn your Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus into a forum for United Nations research and development with this 21st Century Math Project. Specifically focusing on exponential and logarithmic functions, students will be given the notes of a renown scientist who herself has b
This lesson on the 1918 "Spanish Flu" is an excellent resource to connect to the COVID-19 pandemic and compare how Americans reacted to the pandemics.The download includes a complete lesson plan, 24 primary source images, newspaper clippings, cartoons, ads, and placards. There is also a first-person account of the pandemic, student worksheets, Google resources, links to online materials, and more! The lesson plan has instructions on how to use all of the materials along with options for what wor
This editable presentation with embedded discussion questions and a research prompt examines 3 pandemics: the Bubonic Plague pandemic of the 1300s-1600s, the Influenza pandemic of 1918, and #Covid-19. It would be perfect for a Political Science, Government class, Economics class, or History class as it examines public policy and economic impacts. If you are searching for digital resources that connect to current events, extend student knowledge and cause students to critically think, this is per
With the outbreak of COVID-19, you might be looking for an age appropriate way to discuss the spread of infectious disease. In this LOW PREP activity, students will rotate through 4 stations to explore pandemics in history, the job of an epidemiologist, communicable and non-communicable disease and more. Just print and staple the student booklet. Set up is easy. Print materials and labels. No cutting or gluing required. Students take their booklet with them as they rotate stations. Plus, all of
Take an in-depth look at Jackie French's natural disasters series with these six book studies covering Flood, Fire, Cyclone, Drought, Pandemic and Earthquake. Students examine these books looking at comprehension and reader response, engage with the technical aspects of these books and take a closer look at the themes of the books, the impacts of different natural disasters and the messages in Bruce Whatley's illustrations.These resources are written to suit Australian students and classrooms. E
5th - 7th
★★★BUY THE 2020 BUNDLE AND SAVE! ★★★ ★★★BUY THE 2019 BUNDLE AND SAVE! ★★★★★★BUY THE 2018 BUNDLE AND SAVE! ★★★This school year is one for the books. It's one that we won't soon forget, and this door is a tribute to the way in which we are all approaching this school year. I hope that it does serve a purpose and remind everyone that taking precautions is a great way to stop the spread of Covid. PLEASE READ...With this download, you will receive: ✶ the letters needed to create this beautiful displa
Not Grade Specific
Pandemic Activities Web Quest Bundle | 3 Distance Learning Resources on Global PandemicsIn the Pandemic Activities Web Quest Bundle, you receive THREE distance learning resources that help educate students from a variety of perspectives on pandemics, their history, spread, experiences of those involved. Throughout each activity, students are asked to reflect on how history has informed our understanding, and how we can use history to react and inform. The three included web quests are listed
The 1918 Flu Pandemic was an interesting time that has become even more interesting with the world we are living in right now with COVID-19. This pack explores the 1918 Pandemic, through a fiction and non-fiction text, as well as through primary source photos and documents for grades 3-6.The pack includes a print-ready pack for students, which you can print as a packet or as individual pages which you can spread out over a few days. Included are the following:Fictional passage about the 1918 Pan
It was an ordinary day. It was. Then came the screams, “Cooties! He gave me Cooties!!!” This was soon followed by “Cooties! She gave me Cooties!!!” Soon classes began to fall over (still breathing), but in an unconscious state. Bodies started turning blue and pink. A contagion was among them. The teachers, who have to receive Cooties immunizations to get their licensure, were left stunned.Turn your Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus into a contagion command center with this 21st Century Math Project. Spe
This is a social story about what to expect when traveling on an airplane while wearing a mask to help children during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. It covers the routine of going through the airport, including what to expect at bag drop, security, and the gate. It then explains what happens on the airplane, and the expectations. Finally, it explains what happens once you get off the airplane at your destination. Along the way, it gives multiple reminders about wearing a mask, and includ
PreK - 3rd
Do you have a Disney themed classroom or maybe a Lilo & Stitch Hawaii themed room at your school? Help your students learn the new pandemic safety, health, and hygiene rules with these fun and colorful posters that you can print and hang in your class or school! The Covid-19 pandemic brings up so many new concerns and we need to keep everyone safe. Coronavirus topics include wearing a face mask, social distancing, hand washing, hand sanitizer, staying home when sick, not sharing food, drinks
This set includes 12 ready-to-print pandemic posters to promote student health and hygiene. A great daily reminder for your classroom!Simply print on standard paper or card stock then laminate and display! Posters may also be trimmed to fit inside an 8x10 picture frame.Set includes the following signs:Scrub a Dub DubWash your hands!Scrub for 30 seconds!6 feet apartWear your maskStay Healthy and HappyUse soap and waterDon't touch your faceCough and sneeze into your elbowSanitizer StationThank you
This hyperdoc is designed for teachers who are teaching the bubonic plague/Black Death during the time of the global coronavirus pandemic. The hyperdoc can be used for distance learning, virtual teaching or for teaching within the classroom with 1:1 devices. The goal of this mini-unit is for students to investigate the answers to these two inquiry questions: What are the similarities and differences between the Black Death of the Middle Ages and the coronavirus of 2020? How does knowledge impact
6th - 10th
Learning ObjectivesFor the past two year's we've heard so much about covid19. But still, for many students (and adults) the science behind the virus and the treatment thereof remains foggy.This resource is about the scientific process by which researchers can develop new treatments for diseases. How does it work?There are four keys to be unlocked - four topics to be covered. In order to do so, the students must watch a short video (about 4 minutes each) and then complete an assignment. They key
Students will gain basic knowledge about the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic (Spanish Flu) by completing a great internet-based worksheet. The Influenza Pandemic Webquest uses a very student friendly website that covers the important history and has many facts about the Pandemic and daily life in 1918-1919. Please check out the website by clicking on the link below. Click here to view the website.The webquest contains 65 total questions in 3 sections: -A background on life and happenings in and ar
7th - 12th

Also included in: Diseases and Viruses Bundle

Help ease your students into this challenging school year with these new school rules during the Coronavirus Pandemic!This EDITABLE Powerpoint Presentation will allow you to have an honest and open conversation with your students on how instruction and their learning will be this year at the beginning of the year.The slides will go over the new CDC guidelines for schools using kid-friendly language and graphics that will help make the new rules more relatable to young children.The best part is t
Podcasting is as an ideal 21st century medium for students to experiment with. Think of the skills of a podcaster - writing, editing, speaking, recording, interviewing, researching, and designing. With millions of podcast episodes in circulation, and media organizations, business figures, and celebrities starting pods left and right, it's easy to show students that podcasting is relevant today. In this project, students will listen and respond to podcast episodes related to the Coronavirus pande
It's inevitable. One day Zombies will take over Earth. If you are not preparing your students, you are being irresponsible. If you want to turn your "dead" exponential and logarithm unit into an "undead" one, this might work for you. Turn your elementary math class into a forum for United Nations research and development with a 21st Century Math Project! Specifically focusing on input-output tables and patterns, students will be given the notes of a renown scientist who herself has become a zomb
Teach your students how to create a visual mood board to express themselves during this time of social distancing/quarantine! Your students' mood boards will be a cohesive, beautiful expression of how they are feeling in the midst of this pandemic. This product comes as a Google Drive folder. The mood board is a 10 page Google Slides presentation. It outlines how to put together a mood board, how to draw inspiration and capture thoughts, impressions, and emotions. There is an editable template p
Updated Jan 2022: Designed for flexible learning, it works well both inside the classroom and for home. These resources also work well as emergency sub lessons for a science class!This comprehensive bundle of resources will help students understand this critical time in history from a scientific perspective. This is an opportunity for students to learn about science in real-time and examine how scientific discovery can change our daily lives and the world.This 1-week no-prep mini-unit addresses
7th - 12th
This resource is also included in the following discounted Bundles:SEL Mega BundleGrowing MEGA BUNDLE ABOUT THIS RESOURCE49 pagesPrint and Digital (PDF and GOOGLE SLIDES)Suitable for Middle and High School StudentsAnswer Keys for Activity Worksheets includedThis resource includes:------ 4 COVID-19 Activity Worksheets with ANSWER KEYS (PDF and GOOGLE SLIDES)------ 8 COVID-19 Scenario Task Cards in FOUR Variations (with and without graphics)------ 8 COVID-19 Scenario Worksheets (Same scenarios in
This is a series of resources I created to teach the "Disaster" series of books by Jackie French. Each unit of work is designed to cover a week of teaching - four weeks in total. Each unit of work contains learning intentions, a background introduction to each concept, a step-by-step shared reading guide and consolidation activities after the text.Units of work would be suitable for both stage 2 and 3.
Be prepared for going back to school this year during the Coronavirus Pandemic! No matter if you are heading back to the classroom, teaching online, or doing both this year during COVID-19, grab these resources now and BE READY!Buy these products together now and save!Bundle INCLUDES:Rules for Video MeetingsIntroduce your students to Distance Learning with this set of Rules for Video Meetings. The set includes signs to help your students understand your expectations and what to do to get ready
PreK - 3rd

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