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Pangea Puzzle: Print and DIGITAL Versions for DISTANCE LEARNING
This resource now contains both PRINT and DIGITAL COPIES of this activity. A link has been added for the digital version (Which you can see HERE). If you already purchased this, you will need to re-download to access the link. This resource contains a puzzle of the 7 continents, each with geologic a

Also included in: Earth Science Mega Bundle with Student Workbooks- Distance Learning Packets


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Pangea: Using Fossil Evidence NGSS MS-ESS2-2 and MS-ESS2-3
Pangea and continental drift are so fun to learn about. Earth's surface has changed over time. Students will use fossil evidence to examine changes to Earth's surface. Students will enjoy this great hands-on, research-based project to get students thinking about fossil records and how they help to s

Also included in: Earth System Science for Middle School NGSS Bundle Save 20%


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Earth Structure Pangea Tectonics Continental Drift Waves and Earthquake Foldable
This Earth Science foldable has it all! It ties in almost all of the Earth Science concepts. From: * Pangea to present-day-earth. (Axis, Tropics, Hemisphere, Equator) * Waves (Transverse and Compression) * Convection currents (Heat transfer through liquid) * Earth's inner structure ( Asthenosphere

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Alfred Wegener: Pangaea (Pangea) and Continental Drift
This is an informational passage and assessment on Alfred Wegener and the theory of continental drift (Pangaea), something we all know a bit about but very few understand completely. In keeping with the needs of middle school-age students, the text is written in an interesting and understandable sty

Also included in: Great Thinkers Distance Learning Passages and Assessments Bundle (Grades 5-8)


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Pangea: Patterns of Earth's Features NGSS4-ESS1-1
Can be used as a Distance Learning Packet. Earth’s surface has changed over time. Students will look at patterns of Earth’s features to examine these changes. Students will learn about Pangea, Continental Drift Theory, and seafloor spreading. Students will enjoy this great hands-on, research-based p

Also included in: Utah SEEd Bundle 5th Grade at 20% Discount


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Plate Tectonics Activity Pangea Plate Movement Flip Book MS-ESS2-1 MS-ESS2-2
Fun addition to a NGSS middle school plate tectonics & Earth's history unit! Have students color and cut out the provided picture boxes and create a "flip book" type project that shows plate movement over millions of years. There are only 7 rectangle boxes to cut, so it doesn't make a big book

Also included in: Plate Tectonics Activity BUNDLE 9 NGSS Earth Science Projects


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Pangea (Pangaea) and FOSSILS:  Come Explore and Answer HOW WE KNOW!
Kids know about Pangaea but do they know WHY WE THINK PANGAEA ONCE EXISTED? Probably not! Everyone knows about the puzzle fit but is that really enough scientific evidence? No way. In this activity, come explore the relationship between Pangaea and index fossils. This activity is a portion of t

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Pangaea: Continental Drift - Puzzle & Video Lesson Plan w\ Activity - Pangea
Review the sample and buy with confidence knowing EXACTLY what you are getting!This package includes a ready to go lesson plan with accompanying video. This will allow for a class led discussion, video presentation introducing the super continent, Pangaea \ Pangea, how it was formed and how it evolv

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PANGEA In-Class Support Laminate Sorting
Low level learners are included in Science and Social Studies in most public school districts. I have modified general education curriculum into laminated velcro worksheets to give our students the chance to participate. My students need repetition of a concept to achieve mastery. These activities

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Pangea Activity
In this activity, students will cut apart and match up continents using fossil evidence to make a "supercontinent" like Pangea. This resource includes:Pangea puzzlePangea puzzle keyPangea puzzle questionsPangea puzzle questions key

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Pangea Lab
This is a lab where the students need to build one of the tectonic plates out of clay. They must replicate the fossils and rock formations. The pieces are built on pieces of plastic and the students work in groups. At the end all students must bring their pieces together and try to fit them toget

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Students learn about the super continent that once existed in a fun and exciting activity.Included are... - Informational text- Continent cutouts activity and lesson- Illustration of Pangea

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Pangea Project
This is a project that will allow your students to creatively show their understanding of Continental Drift Theory and Pangea! You will find the directions, rubric, and examples.

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Geography Unit Bundle - Earth, Pangea, North & South America, Asia, Arctic, Maps
This Geography bundle is a collection of eight lessons. The eight lessons are: Geography of Earth - Continents and Oceans; Arctic Meltdown (informationl article); Landmarks of Asia; Landmarks of North America; North American Quiz; Landmarks of South America; South American Environment and Wildlife;

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Earth's Crust, and Pangea
Overview of earth science and the continental plates. Activity on one of the power points: take advertisements from an old magazine and rip the pages out and rip them up. These ad pieces will serve as "continents" that students will have to put together, just like Pangea. This knowledge can then be

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Plate Tectonics, Sea Floor Spreading, and Pangea Pennants
Extended LearningEncouraging middle school students to take ownership of their learning.Students will apply their knowledge by explaining each plate boundary and describe landforms and geological events created at each boundary. For an added challenge, a set of pennant requiring students to draw an

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Pangea Notes Sheets and PREZI (Differentiated, Spanish, English, SPED, ESOL)
Pangea and the 3 major scientists who helped us better understand our world and how it continues to change. This product includes everything you need to know in an easy notes sheet with an easy-to-follow, interactive presentation.4 Levels of Differentiation, English and Spanish Versions included in

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Pangea Break-Up
Students will create a social media post to explain the breakup of Pangea. Post as a profile on your favorite social media platform to explain how South America broke up with Africa. Your students will amaze you with their social media skills and creativity!

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Pangea Simulation (Differentiated, English, Spanish, ESOL, SPED) Landforms
Simple, easy hands-on lab that will help students get ready for a STEAM activity and connect what you've learned about the Rock Cycle to hands-on investigations!Sometimes, it can be hard for students to understand how people figured out PANGEA, especially if you remove the perfect shapes of the cont

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Models of Pangea
This activity has students making initial models of what they believe cause Pangea to split up. This is a great introductory activity NGSS style which has them making their initial predictions of a cause of a particular phenomenon. Later on, they will be adding/editing their models to show their kno

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Pangea - Reading and Crossword
This document includes a crossword that accompanies a reading about Pangea. Students can read and fill in the crossword puzzle to learn about the history and science behind plate tectonics.Reading is from

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Pangea Puzzle: DIGITAL VERSION for Distance Learning
This is the DIGITAL VERSION of my BEST SELLING Pangea Puzzle found HERE. I HIGHLY recommend you purchase the original for $1 more. It has BOTH the paper AND digital versions.This Google Slides activity has 6 slides. 1. Directions for students.2. Key3. Puzzle for students with movable pieces.4. Follo

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Plate Tectonics, Sea Floor Spreading, & Pangea Concept Review
This resource is a review for Plate Tectonics, Sea Floor Spreading, & Pangea. I use this in place of a study guide at the end of our unit. I encourage students to use their notes to find the answers. You could use this as an early finisher activity, study guide, homework, or for your substitute

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Super Continent Brochure Project - Pangea
This is the perfect way to assess your student's understanding of the various super continents! It also provides a great opportunity to introduce your students as a guided research project. Students can hone in their creativity while displaying what they know and sharing it with the rest of the clas

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