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Searching for exceptionally engaging worksheets and activities on plate tectonics? From continental drift and pangea, seafloor spreading, convection currents, layers of the Earth, to plate boundaries. Worksheets, activities, readings, notes, homework, sorting cards, task cards, and a summative asses
6th - 10th
This is an informational passage and assessment on Alfred Wegener and the theory of continental drift (Pangaea), something we all know a bit about but very few understand completely. In keeping with the needs of middle school-age students, the text is written in an interesting and understandable sty
Introduce and reinforce spelling for 30 basic Earth science vocabulary words with this fun word search worksheet. A brief definition is given for each of the words, assuring that puzzlers will be learning as well as having fun. Look in all directions (including backwards and diagonally) and watch
Fun addition to a NGSS middle school plate tectonics & Earth's history unit! There are only 7 rectangle boxes to cut, so it doesn't make a big book, but kids clearly see the progression of the continents over time. Great supplemental activity when teaching seafloor spreading, continental drift
OVER 250 sold and counting!Review the sample and buy with confidence knowing EXACTLY what you are getting!This package includes a ready to go lesson plan with accompanying video. This will allow for a class led discussion, video presentation introducing the super continent, Pangaea \ Pangea, how it
The Pangea Puzzle Activity allows students to explore how the continents were once formed and begin to draw conclusions through fossil evidence. This activity is designed with the middle school student in mind. It can be used in a home, hybrid, 1:1 classroom, or traditional school setting and it co
In this activity, students will cut apart and match up continents using fossil evidence to make a "supercontinent" like Pangea. This resource includes:Pangea puzzlePangea puzzle keyPangea puzzle questionsPangea puzzle questions key
*Note this activity has been converted to a google slides activity as Jamboard cannot be uploaded on TpT yet. If you would like the link to the Jamboard version of the activity, I can provide that upon request*Curious about how you can make learning about Continental Drift and Pangea interactive and
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Introduce the theory of plate tectonics with evidence from the continental drift hypothesis! Students must help the game-world version of Sir Alfred Wegener as he strives to convince a disbelieving world that the continents are moving and have moved over time! Students are presented with eight landm
The Pangea (Pangaea) Activity Bundle allows students to explore how the continents were once formed. All of these activities are designed with the middle school student in mind, can be used in a home, virtual, or school setting, and comes in both digital and print versions.What's Included?Pangea Bi
7th - 8th
Plate Tectonic Theory | Pangea & Continental Drift | Interactive Lesson Activity | Videos & Puzzles This digital lesson on the history of the Plate Tectonic Theory is perfect for your science classroom! Students read history, do interactive puzzles, watch videos, and answer questions along t
This is a 1 period activity (approx 30 min) for middle school students. In the activity they will watch a video and respond (5-10 min), then will rebuild the continent of Pangea with the provided images (10-15min), and finally reflect on how they were able to use the provided clues to put the contin
6th - 9th
The Pangea (Pangaea) Bingo Activity consists of 24 terms and their definitions that are associated with the super continent of Pangea. This game is designed with the middle school student in mind and can be used in a home, virtual, or school setting.  What’s Included?Teacher Directions24 Different B
This is a digital version of a worksheet where students would cut, move, and and create Pangea. Students are able to rotate the continents around and drag them to fit as they would have in Pangea
This lesson is the perfect way to have your students connect continents to recreate Pangea without the need for paper, scissors, or printing. Students will have an intro reading, then they will move onto connecting the continents to recreate Pangea. Afterwords, students will answer questions that pr
This resource now contains both PRINT and DIGITAL COPIES of this activity. A link has been added for the digital version (Which you can see HERE). If you already purchased this, you will need to re-download to access the link. This resource contains a puzzle of the 7 continents, each with geologic a
This is the DIGITAL VERSION of my BEST SELLING Pangea Puzzle found HERE. I HIGHLY recommend you purchase the original for $1 more. It has BOTH the paper AND digital versions.This Google Slides activity has 6 slides. 1. Directions for students.2. Key3. Puzzle for students with movable pieces.4. Follo
5th - 8th
Layers and Plate Tectonics Choice Boards and Activity Pages (Paper and Google Drive Versions), Digital Distance Learning & PrintEarth Science Layers and Plate Tectonics Activities, Choice Board, DigitalEarth Science Graphic Organizers, Earth Science Digital Interactive Notebook, Earth Science Su
Students drag and drop the plates and interact with this fun, digital geoscience activity. They place the changing tectonic plates in their correct locations on a map along with several other engaging activities(MS-ESS2-2 and MS-ESS2-3). This resource has three main components. One is a di
Earth’s surface has changed over time. Students will look at patterns of Earth’s features to examine these changes. Students will learn about Pangea, Continental Drift Theory, and seafloor spreading. Students will enjoy this great hands-on, research-based project to get students thinking about patte
Extra time is not something that we teachers have an abundance of. Save the time that you do have with this BIG bundle of biology activities and assessments. You will receive all Science from the South Biology resources in this bundle. Thousands of pages are included for teaching, reinforcing, an
This is a set of 48 cards covering transform boundary, convergent boundary, divergent boundary, Alfred Wegener, continental drift, Pangea, tectonic plates, subduction zone, continental crust, oceanic crust, mantle, sea-floor spreading, convection current, lithosphere, asthenosphere, and mid-ocean ri
EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANOES, TSUNAMIS, ACTIVITY PACKET, 37 pages, fully printable, no prep needed, print and go! Information, activities, assessments, teacher notes, plate tectonic, seafloor spreading, plate boundaries, mountain formations, mountains, biologyguy, middle school science, NGSS assessments.T
This Earth Science foldable has it all! It ties in almost all of the Earth Science concepts. From: * Pangea to present-day-earth. (Axis, Tropics, Hemisphere, Equator) * Waves (Transverse and Compression) * Convection currents (Heat transfer through liquid) * Earth's inner structure ( Asthenosphere

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