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If you are a Distance learning teacher and teaching NGSS Plan an investigation to provide evidence that the change in an object’s motion depends on the sum of the forces on the object and the mass of the object. MS-PS2-2, then this resources is perfect for you!This resource is Distance Learning Opti
Paper aeroplane tournaments are increasingly popular school events. They are low-cost and simple to organise for teachers, they contain a depth of learning possibilities that can be differentiated for whichever grade participates. Do it in the early years and enjoy the personal learning and motor sk
Use the basic STEM principles when designing your own paper airplane. You could add to this activity by researching the four factors of flight and tried and true paper airplane designs before you begin. Then, have a class competition! I put my students in groups of 2-3. They come up with a grou
STEM Up in the Air ! : The Great Paper Airplane Challenge-Let’s Soar with Paper AirplanesPlan a class, grade or all school paper airplane event that incorporates the engineering design process. This STEM activity packet includes student handouts, a rubric, an engineering design poster, and teacher n
Perfect "end of the year" online learning fun activity! Students will create the best paper airplane design. They will compose step by step instructions and a finished product to fly in the test flight competition at the end of the unit. Students can video their flight for online learning.
STEM Challenges: Paper Airplane Distance STEM Activity (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math):STEM activities and challenges are great for developing critical-thinking, teamwork, design, analysis, innovation, and other skills important for young scientists, mathematicians, engineers and all other
In this lab activity students will work to gain a greater understanding of Bernoulli's principle while having fun with paper airplanes. The lab is extremely quick and easy to set up for you as a teacher. The lab can be completed in one or two class periods depending upon class size and ability. Stu
STEM Challenges: Paper Airplane Hang Time STEM Activity (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math):STEM activities and challenges are great for developing critical-thinking, teamwork, design, analysis, innovation, and other skills important for young scientists, mathematicians, engineers and all other
Challenge your students to design airplanes that can fly the farthest. The catch here, is that there are multiple rounds to this competition, and they don't know what material they will be given for each round. Different strategies will be needed for each material. This page is a printable rubric a
This hands on lesson combines the design process with measurement in math. Students are challenged to build the farthest flying paper airplane using only 1 piece of paper and 1 paper clip. Using the design process students draw, design, and test their models before the competition. Outside student
Welcome to the Paper Space Race! In this activity-based lesson, your students will learn more about the Space Race and the competition between the US and the USSR through informational text analysis and a competitive paper airplane design that simulates the Space Race.INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:- An op
Directions and launch ticket for participation in a classroom or school science fair airplane design and launch competition.
The objective of the Paper Airplane Factory is to provide a comprehensive, realistic opportunity for the students to form small companies and apply for a government grant to obtain working capital to start their own paper airplane factory. Each factory must develop and test a variety of paper airpla
Group or independent project: Students will have fun working with each other making their best paper airplane for a competition. Students will use power point to complete the lesson. Lesson involves the 4 P's of marketing, endorsements, and tag lines. Groups will present their plane and power point
This is a FUN and ENGAGING project that allows students to learn about economic concepts in a hands on way. Through a paper airplane competition, students will learn about: Supply and Demand Needs and Wants Budgeting Bartering Tracking Expenses Writing Checks Students will work together as a team
Can be used with any subject as a fun, interactive review. Students work in groups. It allows students to reinforce key concepts. Students have the additional challenge and competition with the paper airplane. Can be used for science, math, language, history, social studies, geography. I made for mi
This is a scientific method/creative problem solving unit that my GT students look forward to every year! After using the scientific method to test several different variables that can affect the flight of a basic "dart" design paper airplane, students design their own paper airplanes using their f
My students had a blast completing this average speed scavenger hunt! Included is the student sheet where they record their answers and show their work, as well as 10 images and their distance/time measurements. I have put together ten pictures of different objects (cars, bugs, airplanes, etc.) an
I think I can speak for everyone when I say counting down to breaks and summer is motivating! This is a set of activities you can use as the year comes to end and grades are being submitted, and everyone wants to celebrate the break approaching.Activities Included:Candy Saran Wrap GameTallest Solo C
Get ready to countdown to the end of the school year with 5 different activities to countdown the last 5 days of school before summer break! Use this countdown to summer break as a way to make the last few days with your students even more special. This product contains the follow lesson ideas along
Here you have everything you could want or need for introducing, teaching, modeling, DOING, and REVIEWING SI Units, Investigations, Variables & Graphs! This includes 22 serious Science files; including four(4) ActionLABs, six(6) Action ACTivities, a Choice BOARD, plus several different CARD Sor
Well, you've made it! It's the end of the year, and while bittersweet, you can still have a fun filled final day/week with your kiddos with Last Day Hooray!This packet is designed to be low prep, easy to copy, and fun! There is minimal work on your part. Print out, make necessary copies, gather cray
Teachers and students love to countdown to the last day of school and the start of summer vacation! Use this bright and fun countdown in your classroom to end the school year and begin summer break with a fun "techy" twist! Below are the contents of the countdown! Day 10: Dance party!! Day 9: Rock
Students can further explore the meaning of statistical measures of center: mean, median, and mode by experimentation. This is a fun activity to explore measures of center. I use this activity with my Algebra 1 students when we start our descriptive data unit before we start talking about graphic

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