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1st Grade Common Core Geometry Worksheets: Partitioning Rectangles and Circles 1.G.3 The attachment is a packet of five days of worksheets for first grade common core standard 1.G.3 Partition circles and rectangles into two and four equal shares, describe the shares using the words halves, fourths,
Reinforce fraction skills with this partitioning worksheet. Includes 2 worksheets. 1 worksheets has students partition circle pizzas into halves, thirds, and fourths. Next, they color a part of the pizza (ex. one-third, two-fourth, one-half, etc). The 2nd worksheet does the same, using rectangle piz
Give your students the practice they need with these no-prep worksheets perfect for independent work, homework, review, or substitutes! Students practice partitioning rectangles into squares of equal size given a number of rows or columns, as well as determining the total number of squares.These 7 w
2.G.2 Worksheets for 2nd Grade Math Google Slides:These worksheets are aligned with Common Core Standard 2.G.2: Partition Rectangles into Rows and Columns. Designed to make the classroom efficient and interactive, the worksheets are presented as Google Slides, eliminating paper and planning.2.G.2. P
The idea of partitioning rectangles seems so simple to us as adults and yet it is a skill that has much more meat behind it than we may realize. This skill connects to understanding spatial relationships, area and fractions. The nine worksheets, game and activity included in this packet make conne
This Worksheet Includes:* Practice questions to help students master Partition Circles And Rectangles* Detailed Answer explanations for every questionPlus access to Online Resources which include:* Additional practice questions* Instructional videos and mobile apps related to the learning objective*
This geometry worksheets pack is a quick no-prep go-to resource to use when teaching shapes, partitioning shapes, and fractions! This is not a curriculum, but a resource to help supplement your lessons! With printables for topics such as 2D shapes, shape attributes, composite shapes, partitioning sh
This geometry worksheets pack is a quick no-prep go-to resource to use when teaching shapes, partitioning shapes, and fractions! This is not a curriculum, but a resource to help supplement your lessons! With printables for topics such as 2D shapes, shape attributes, composite shapes, partitioning sh
Teaching fractions using Hershey bars has always been a favorite of mine and I know that you and your students will love it too! I have used real candy bars in the past but they make for sticky fingers, desks and are not really good for eating afterward! These printable Hershey bars and worksheets/w
These 2nd grade math tri-folds are perfect for you to use during your guided math groups, math assessments, or homework. Three tri-folds per standard give you plenty material to introduce, practice, and assess! Topics Covered: 2D and 3D shapes, partitioning rectangles and circlesThis resource has be
⭐These no prep worksheets and activities for 2nd grade geometry covering partitioning rectangles 2.G.A.2 & 2.OA.C.4 skills come in both printable PDF and Google Slides versions for easy distance learning. Worksheets, activities, and assessments that help students learn to partition rectangles an
Teaching geometry has never been so much fun or so easy for you to plan! This is a 3 week geometry unit that is filled with second grade worksheets (also available as a digital workbook), assessments, homework and activities. There is also a pacing guide included, showing you how I would complete th
This pizza-themed fraction resource makes learning and practicing fractions fun while focusing on using correct math vocabulary. It includes the following hands-on activities:• Pizza Fraction Craftivity – Students begin this activity by partitioning their pizzas printable into halves, thirds, or fo
Google Classroom Worksheets and Printable Worksheets, 2nd Grade Math:This bundle contains my two best-selling worksheet bundles for second-grade math in PDF and Google Classroom (paperless) formats.The PDF worksheet bundle includes 52 worksheets for all 2nd grade math standards with built-in differe
NOTE: This file is part of a NO FRILLS BUNDLE you might rather buy! This no frills practice is designed specifically for 2.G.3: Partition circles and rectangles into two, three, or four equal shares, describe the shares using the words halves, thirds, half of, a third of, etc., and describe the w
This mini unit teaches students how to partition rectangles into rows and columns and then count the squares. Included are lessons on:1. Folding rectangles, drawing lines, counting and labeling2. Practice sheets that are scaffolded with drawn lines, tick marks, and just rectangles.3. Partitioning C
This product works great as an assessment or review activity. This activity focuses on CCS 2.G.2 in three different ways . CCS 2.G.2 :Partition a rectangle into rows and columns of same-size squares and count to find the total number of them. 1. Students are given pictures of partitioned rectangl

Also included in: 2nd Grade Math Bundle

Partitioning Rectangles- Second Grade Mini-Unit 2.G.2 and 2.OA.4 This partitioning rectangles mini-unit includes everything you need to teach Common Core standard 2.G.2 to mastery. It includes lessons, slides, activities/ games, printables, assessments, and vocabulary cards. It also includes a bo
Learning about 2D shapes is essential in the first grade classroom. This thorough and engaging worksheet packet will make your life so much easier! These NO PREP worksheets are simple and effective and cover a range of skills. In addition, there is a full answer key and both US and UK/AU/NZ spelling
Do you teach 2nd grade EveryDay Math?! Download this lovely zip file which includes Smartboard lessons and worksheets tailored to Unit 1. I am hoping to see if there is a large population that finds this work useful in order to determine if I should make Smartboard Lessons for all the chapters. P
Partitioning Rectangles Meet the 2nd grade Common Core geometry standards with this resource. These activities move from concrete practice to symbolic representation and problem solving. The concepts connect nicely with arrays. Contents: Partitioning with 1 inch tiles Partitioning with 1 centie
Perfect for distance learning, this digital google slides resource for use on google classroom provides your students with more practice in mastering equal shares of rectangles and circles (in wholes, halves, and fourths/quarters) by focusing on specific skills. These 12 worksheets provide straight-
30 worksheets to help students practice two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.Sheets include:2 sheets: Cut and Paste--cut out the 2D shape names and paste them under the correct shape.2 sheets: Cut and Paste--cut out the 3D shape names and paste them under the correct shape.1 sheet: Circle th
These 6 worksheets (2 per standard) are aligned to meet all Geometry Common Core standards for 2nd grade math. This 16 page document will supply all your Geometry worksheet needs for ALL 2nd grade math skills. Several types of questions for each standard help you assess your students' mastery of e

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