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Part-Part-Whole game
Part-Part-Whole math game with addition and subtraction game boards -easy printing -minimal prep -play with a team or on your own Game includes: -directions on how to play for both addition and subtraction -number cards from 1-20 -? cards for missing addends -equation recording sheet -end-of-game r
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Spider Web Part-Part Whole Game
A fun missing addend game for math partners! This game helps students practice missing numbers / part-part whole in a concrete way. This game can be differentiated by changing the number of spiders the students are allowed to use. One student will add spiders to the web. Then, while the partner clos
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Part-Part-Whole Game! Finding the Missing Part Math Game
• This is a perfect game for students to cooperatively work with each other and build their math fact fluency from #1 to 15. All you have to do is print, laminate and cut! • I personally put this game at my Work with Someone center in Daily 5 Math. You can even use at the teacher-guided math table
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I Have Who Has: Holiday Fractions! Parts of a Whole Game Math CCSS
I am sure you are familiar with this easy-to-play “wrap around” game! I feel these are a great way to practice math concepts with the whole class or within small groups. As students match up the answers on their cards with questions on other students’ cards, they get valuable practice with the math
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Halloween Part-Part-Whole Game and Mats
This Halloween themed set includes part-part-whole mats that can be used for story/word problems, basic addition or subtraction problems, fact families, and many more things! The game included uses plastic spiders (or any small Halloween themed items) as counters. The student will roll the dice, an
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"What's the Whole?" Part Part Whole Game
This version contains 102 game cards with sums up to 10. Included are cards with pictures for addends up to 9 and a full set of cards with just numerals. This allows you to differentiate based on your students’ needs. The pictures are also switched up in order, demonstrating the commutative property
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BASIC Math Centers Bundle
What are the BASIC centers?Have you ever thought, “I wish I had a set of centers that did not need to take precious class time to teach and reteach again. If only there was a set of basic centers that maintained the same systematic routine and just swapped skills!” Well, wait and fret no more! Basi
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Part Part Whole Mega Pack
This packet includes over 30 pages of part part whole practice! Practice pages are included as well as games for students to practice with all year! Understanding the concept of part part whole will help your students to build important math knowledge that will help them to become successful mathema
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BASIC Literacy and Math Centers BUNDLED
A special note about pricing!Literacy BASIC Bundle is (5) $6 packets = $30Math BASIC Bundle is (5) $6 packets = $30Snag the BUNDLED Basic Centers of Literacy and Math Centers for HUGE SAVINGS! What are the BASIC centers?Have you ever thought, “I wish I had a set of centers that did not need to take
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Addition & Subtraction: Part-Part-Whole Task Cards {Monster Math}
These task cards are perfect for math stations and centers because they are fun and easy to use. The task cards will help students with basic addition and subtraction facts, counting on, fact families, subitizing (instant judgment of number or amount), and speed/automaticity with math facts. Using

Also included in: Math Centers Bundle for Kindergarten and First Grade

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Coin Part-Part-Whole Workstation
Pictorial representations support student learning in this workstation for practicing coin value equivalencies. Nine cards show the whole and one part. Students determine the missing part (can be more than one answer). A recording sheet is provided for accountability and assessment. Includes a
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Fractions as Parts of a Whole: I Have/Who Has Game
Students need extensive experiences with concrete and pictorial models of fractions to develop a deep conceptual understanding. They also need to understand that either the shaded or unshaded region can be named by a fraction. In this popular whole-class or math center game, students match a symbo

Also included in: Fraction Bundle

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FRACTIONS - Fun with Jellybeans! Parts to Whole - Supports CCSS 2.G.A.3
Fractions are FUN with this sort-count-write jellybean fraction activity kit!! Students will sort jellybeans to understand that fractions can be used to show the relationship of parts to a whole. And at the end of the lesson they'll enjoy gobbling up their sweet jellybean treat! Depending on the b
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Math Scoot: Missing Parts of 10 (Part-Part-Whole)
Scoot is a game that will get your students up and moving around while practicing or reviewing skills at the same time! This file contains enough Scoot cards to play with 30 students. I have included recording sheets for 20, 25, and 30 students. If you have less than 20 students, simply cross out

Also included in: Math Scoot Bundle! Addition, Time, Place Value, Missing Parts

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2nd Grade Unit & Test Fractions Parts of Whole & Parts of a Set (TEKS,STAAR)*PDF
Unit to teach 2nd grade fractions, parts of a whole and parts of a set. Includes challenging multiple choice test and rigorous questions to prepare students to be successful in 3rd grade on the STAAR math test. There are two versions of this product so that you can download it in the format that
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Part-Part Whole Pages
Your students will LOVE to play Part-Part-Whole Roll! This game will not only give students practice with using a part-part-whole chart, but also practice with composing and decomposing numbers and addition and subtraction. Click here to read about part-part-whole in my classroom! Download my free
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Part Part Whole addition and subtraction envision MAFS and Common Core Math
Part Part Whole Addition and Subtraction Pack MAFS & Common Core PackContains both Addition File and Subtraction File listed on my site. You save $2.00 by purchasing this combo-pack. This pack consists of one Mat design in both full color and black and white. There are work sheets with missing
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Pizza Fractions - A Game to Identify Fractional Parts of a Whole
Pizza Fractions is a game that allows students to practice identifying fractional parts of a whole. Players roll two dice and create a fraction with the numbers rolled. The players then color in fractional parts on the pizzas that appear all over on the game board that equal the fraction created.
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Number Bond Part Part Whole Task Cards Fall Pumpkins
Number bonds are a great way to help kids see the relationships between numbers in a part-part-whole situation. They also work to build fact fluency and increase confidence with solving word problems because students better understand how the numbers in the word problems fit together. Help your st

Also included in: Number Bond Task Card BUNDLE

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Part Part Whole Mat and Work Sheet Common Core and MAFS Envision Math
Part Part Whole Mat counters and worksheets First Grade Domain: OPERATIONS AND ALGEBRAIC THINKING Florida Standard MAFS. 1.OA.1.1 Determine the unknown whole number in an addition or subtraction equation relating to three whole numbers. For example, determine the unknown number that makes the eq
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Fraction Task Cards- Parts of a Whole
Fraction Task Cards-Parts of a WholeThis set is also available in a BUNDLE. Here is the link: Fraction BundleThis colorful set of 24 task cards with fraction questions with pictures representing parts of a whole! is a wonderful addition to your lessons! I've included a recording sheet and answer ke

Also included in: Fraction Bundle Task Cards- (parts of set and parts of whole)

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Part, Whole, and Percent Word Problems Flash Cards or Task Cards 6th Grade
Percent Word Problems Cards. Students will find the percent, part, or whole. These cards can be used as flash cards or task cards. Included *32 cards *answer key *two student recording sheets ************************************************************************** Flash Cards: Print the ques

Also included in: Part, Whole, or Percent Word Problems Bundle

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Part Part Whole addition envision MAFS and Common Core Math
Part Part whole Addition Pack Envision MAFS & Common Core First Grade Domain: OPERATIONS AND ALGEBRAIC THINKING Florida Standard MAFS. 1.OA.1.1 Determine the unknown whole number in an addition or subtraction equation relating to three whole numbers. For example, determine the unknown number th
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Music Math: Part Whole Relationship
Full STEAM ahead! In this arts integrated lesson, students will explore the relationship between different rhythmic values using the part-whole model. 30 different examples are included covering the following rhythms: - whole note - half note - dotted half note - quarter note - dotted quarter no
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