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Introduce the parts of speech to your secondary English students by teaching them all about nouns! This comprehensive nouns unit includes an editable PowerPoint presentation that is 22 slides long and includes animation. There is also a PDF document that includes a pre-test, a reference guide, 7 dif
Nouns Nouns are covered in this 2-3 day nouns lesson. It starts with a Power Point presentation that goes over: -Identifying nouns -Common and proper nouns -Concrete and abstract nouns, -Singular and plural nouns The Power Point includes many examples, guided practice and clip art. Next their a
This is my 34 page lesson bundle on verbs. It first includes an interactive PowerPoint presentation that includes many examples, guided practice, and clipart. It goes over action verbs, helping verbs, subject and predicate, and linking verbs. Next the bundle includes three worksheets that serve as
3rd - 7th
Want a slightly different approach from an exercise out of the grammar textbook? Use this activity! Identifying Parts of Speech: Printables for Student; Answer Key PDF Document Includes 1 page of 15 sentences; 2 pages for charting each word in each sentence under correct column (part of speech); 1
Adverbs Adverbs are covered in this 1-2 day lesson. It first includes a Power Point presentation that introduces adverbs. It teaches the different types of adverbs and how they are used. It also includes interactive quizzes. The bundle next includes two adverb worksheets as independent review for
This is the perfect resource for all grammar teachers. I place this in my students' Writer's Notebooks for an easy, quick reference tool.It provides students with definitions of the main parts of speech and provides examples for better understanding.If you want more handy reference sheets, check out
Simple and Convenient for students to put in their binders as a reference handout!Covers the 8 Parts of Speech: nounpronounverbadjectiveadverbprepositionconjunctioninterjection Each box provides a definition and example words for that part of speech. There are three spaces for the students to come u
Includes: The part of speech/sentence, its definition, as well as how to use the word in a sentence and/or associated problems -common noun -proper noun -possession -article -adjective -pronouns -indefinite pronouns -reflexive pronouns -possessive pronouns -prepositions -prepositional phrase -apposi
5th - 8th
This shabby - chic turquoise, burlap, and gray dots themed parts of speech kit encourages learning about nouns, verbs, and adjectives. It includes: * 8 posters- noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, adverb, preposition, interjection, and conjunction * noun look- around activity * noun Sort * all about me
Let's review nouns, adjectives and verbs and have some fun with these 4th of July themed parts of speech activities. Your students will love these bright themed activities! With word searches, a mad lib and word sort to help them practice their parts of speech and celebrate Independence Day at the s
A succinct graphic to use as a poster or to embed in student booklets as a visual aid. Includes a brief description and examples of:NounsPronounsAdjectivesVerbsPrepositionsPrepositionInterjectionsInterjection
Not Grade Specific
This is a comprehensive module on parts of speech. It includes student activities on six parts of speech for middle school students. It includes information, mini research questions, examples and activities that enable students to apply the lessons they have just learned. The module includes: - N
This is a 6 page Grammar and Parts of Speech HandoutThere are 11 sections to itI wrote this for my students, and we used it whenever we informally diagrammed various sentences.It covers the following:Clauses and phrases4 types of sentences3 kinds of sentencesNounsAdjectivesVerbs AdverbsPronouns &amp
Not Grade Specific
Salve! My students create their own vocabulary binders in Latin 1  and use it through all Latin levels. I actually store them in the classroom during the summer and until they graduate. Too many binders were lost in moves or damaged by pets, siblings, etc. These handouts can be printed double sided.
6th - 12th
A handout containing all the parts of speech with their functions.
2nd - 12th, Adult Education
This shabby - chic turquoise, burlap, and gray dots themed parts of speech kit encourages learning about nouns, verbs, and adjectives. It includes: * 8 posters- noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, adverb, preposition, interjection, and conjunction * noun look- around activity * noun Sort * all about me
A handout to help explain parts of speech. Gives examples and a clear explanation. Can be given as homework or used as a lecture or lesson or mini lesson.
10th - 12th, Higher Education
This class activity is a simple handout to help students understand basic terms of the parts of speech in Spanish. This introduces them to the mechanics of the structure of the Spanish language. It can be done as a class assignment and be used as a teaching tool.
7th - 12th, Higher Education
This is a general handout covering and explaining adjectives and their usage in the English language. This handout gives the definition of an adjective, provides various examples in a variety of different contexts, and also provides steps in how to locate adjectives in print. This informative handou
Use this handy Parts of Speech Cheat Sheet in the classroom or at home. Definitions and examples are included.
2nd - 4th
Easy to use handout summarizing the various Parts of Speech. Great student resource to give out the first week of school, and students can use it all year to help them edit their writing. Handout includes an definition of the term and an example.
4th - 12th, Higher Education
Students will practice identifying words as a noun, adjective or verb through coloring in these Autumn, Winter and Spring themed handouts. Clip art from
1st - 4th
A simple parts of speech handout for all students.
5th - 10th
Parts of Speech Pop Art coloring pages make learning and reviewing grammar a lot of fun! Included are starter, basic, beginner, intermediate and advanced English Language Arts coloring pages to help students (grades 2 to 8) practice parts of speech and review their grammar. This set includes 10 imag

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