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This Genius Hour activity pack is perfect for upper elementary and middle school students. Teaching can be overwhelming with all the planning that you have to do. This Genius Hour activity will save you time and headaches as you plan and begin to implement this activity in your classroom. You can use this for passion projects or even enrichment for those high level students in your classroom too!This amazing Genius Hour resource includes:-Genius Hour Teacher Tips to help get you started-A slides
Looking for a way to increase student engagement and motivation? Passion Projects are the answer! This step-by-step project based learning guide includes everything you need to introduce Passion Projects for kids in your lessons or during a weekly Genius Hour in your classroom. The best part is that this print and go Passion Projects resource allows your students to participate in an authentic Project Based Learning experience that helps them complete student led research in order to create a pe
Project-based learning at its best! Your students will love to work on their 'Be an Expert' passion project and you will save time with this no prep package (+ EDITABLE copy) and bulletin board set. Genius Hour lets students choose a topic of interest and create a presentation. -------------------------------------------------------  ABOUT THIS PRODUCT -------------------------------------------------------✪ PDF files for easy printing and computer compatibility✪ Link to editable Google Slides
Looking for a Passion Project or Genius Hour resource that is primary friendly? You've found it! This resource includes planning pages and note taking pages geared towards younger learners who are just beginning to read. Visuals provide students with the scaffolds and confidence to work independently. This resource is not a step by step guide to how to implement passion projects or genius hour. If you're interested in how I implement passion projects in my classroom, click here . There are man
Engage, empower, and excite your grades 6-10 students with this editable passion project for independent reading. A passion project for independent reading is a project that reflects students' understanding of their novel and taps into the things that bring students happiness. I have never seen my students so excited to do an independent reading project! For example, if art brings your student joy, that student can create a masterpiece that reflects the development of major themes in his or her
GENIUS HOUR PASSION PROJECT LESSON PLAN* Absolutely NO PREP required * 40+ pages of independent worksheets *Are you looking for an engaging, creative, and self-driven project for kids to do remotely? This packet has all the teaching materials, independent worksheets, structure, and elements you could possibly need to plan the PERFECT Genius Hour / Passion Project.This Passion Project Lesson Plan allows elementary students to have agency over their distance learning.This packet includes:For teach
Perfect for independent study projects! Unlock your students' passions! I have been trying to wrap my mind around how to implement passion projects in my classroom all year long. I LOVE the idea behind allowing my students to research topics that interest them, but I also wanted to create some guidelines and parameters to help them along while still allowing student choice and creativity. As you will see, I am approaching passion projects through the incorporation of choice boards. The board
NOW DIGITAL! 16 Slide GOOGLE SLIDES project for your students to do their Passion Projects Virtually!This Passion Project Research Trifold will be a great tool for guiding your students through a self-guided inquiry project from start to finish! Students will begin by brainstorming topics that are of interest to them, choosing their top 3 choices, and then finally narrowing down their topic to one. Next, they will form a guiding question, conduct research, and decide how they would like to pre
This PROJECT-BASED LEARNING UNIT is consistently my ❤️MOST BELOVED activity of the year. Taking STUDENT ENGAGEMENT and MOTIVATION to another level. PASSION PROJECTS can be done as HOMEWORK or a GENIUS HOUR classroom program to learn about things that excite your students. This unit allows students to develop a GROWTH MINDSET as they face challenges and successes to reflect upon as learning experiences. EVERYTHING you need to run an incredible 8-12 week learning experience is included in this 11
Genius Hour or Passion Projects are both names for a wonderful way to engage upper elementary and middle school students in research projects that they're passionate about! Print out this guide that prepares you for the steps they need to take, from start to finish. Then watch their enthusiasm and engagement take off! Genius Hour & Passion Projects for Kids includes:PDF and digital versionsTeacher guide for getting students started with brainstormingHow-to guide for creating your research
This no-prep independent research project includes pre-made templates for your students to follow their interests and complete an inquiry project on a subject of their choice! Simply have your students pick a topic and put together a creative presentation to showcase their findings.*This is a FRENCH product!* Click here for the ENGLISH version.Please take a look at the PREVIEW to see what the product includes.Download includes (PDF):Explanation of projectInstructions pages for students (2 versio
Genius Hour Planning Sheets: Create lifelong learners with open ended enrichment projects in your classroom! This kit has everything you need to stay organized while letting your students explore their own passions. Genius Hour, also called Passion Projects, are when you allow your students to use time in the classroom to work on a project of their choice. These projects are great for critical thinking, growth mindset, engagement, and inspiring your students to achieve their full potential! Or,
3rd - 5th
This is an OUTSTANDING 100 slide powerpoint TEACHING units that provides the perfect structure for the delivery of a Passion Project experience for middle school aged classes. The preview and the video explanation below only cover 20% of the depth of material offered in this unit. WATCH the video to get just a glimpse of the superb quality of the unit. This will be one of your BEST investments on TpT. Passion Project Preview Video
This was my students' favorite learning unit this year and the goals they reached or products they produced were amazing! Many brought tears to my eyes. Students can do astounding things with a little time, structured planning, and a passion. Using the Google Corporation's idea of using 20% of company time to pursue a passion, this unit brings this concept into the classroom. Students choose a topic they are passionate about, develop a project with it that will attain a goal or produce a pro
Create lifelong learners by implementing Genius Hour in your classroom! This kit has everything you need to stay organized while letting your students explore their own passions. Genius Hour, also called Passion Projects, are when you allow your students to use time in the classroom to work on a project of their choice. These projects are great for critical thinking, growth mindset, engagement, and inspiring your students to achieve their full potential! This product comes with the following ite
This easy-to-follow, NO PREP resource gives you everything you need to have your students do Passion Projects/Genius Hour/Independent Projects and presentations! It includes 3 Interest Inventories, a 15-page student packet, 5 Pages of Teacher Lesson Plans, and a 22 slide PowerPoint to show students with directions for each day. This resource is entirely editable. You can print the PDFs, or adjust the Word and PowerPoint files to your liking. Simply print out the Student Packet, post the PowerPoi
Looking for a Passion Project or Genius Hour resource that is primary and middle school friendly? You've found it! This resource includes a student inquiry packet which allows them to plan, organize and create their passion project independently.This is a GREAT activity for Genius Hour. In addition, I like to give it to my "over-achievers" that get their work finished quicker than most students, and need something constructive to do. My students know that if they finish their work early, they
Passion projects are designed to interest your students in the process of learning. If learning is meaningful, students will be more engaged. What better way to do this than to have them pick the topics! Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your students could learn about what they wanted to learn about and be engaged and intrigued by learning? What would it be like if all of your students were doing different things at the same time? Chaotic? Not if the hour is planned with gui
This no prep resource is perfect for teachers looking for a way to get all students excited and engaged in learning. It contains two full weeks of activities to guide and support students through the process of creating their very own Passion Project, a research project similar to Genius Hour. The goal for this project is... for students to research and explore any topic they want, and create any product they can come up with to share their learning. This Passion Project is similar to projects c
Feeling uninspired and in need of a creative jumpstart in your class? This Genius Hour Project jumpstarted my students' minds and hearts. It reignited their passion for learning, increased their motivation, and reinvigorated their spirit. This project will leave you and your students feeling excited about learning by offering a new perspective and helping you gain new insight on an interesting subject! Passion Projects or Genius Hour is the most powerful project based learning student activity t
Put learning into your students hands with Genius Hour Passion Projects!As students explore their wonderings, have them come up with their driving question in which they can research and become the expert on. In this packet, students will share their passions by exploring a topic of interest to them. They will think about what they already know on their topic, and what they will need to know to answer their driving questions. Through this exploitative process, students take control in their l
This is absolutely, by far, without a doubt one of my favorite units to do with my students. The projects they create blow my mind; full of innovation and creativity. Through this quarter-long project, I get to observe my classwork through problems, create solutions, support each other as a community, build confidence in their abilities, and discover things they never knew. Since students can choose and explore a personal passion through this project, students are invested from start to finish.
Are you looking for a passion project or a cumulative end of year writing activity for students? Wrap up your year or begin a new year by reviewing ALL genres of writing focused on one topic: narrative, opinion, informative, how to, letter writing, poetry, and more. This is a great way to learn more about your kiddos various passions while also assessing their writing. There are differentiated graphic organizers included to help students take their pieces through the writing process.Types of Wri
Genius Hour - 20% Time - Passion ProjectProject based learning at its finest! Genius Hour is gaining momentum as students take charge of their learning. This printable workbook guides middle/high school students through their Genius Hour. Specifically, students must structure their project with: - A Proposal - Blog/Journal - Research and Learning - A TED style presentationKeywordsPrintableActivityProjectProject Based LearningProject-based learningGenius HourPassion ProjectsSelf-directed learning
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