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Long Ago & Now | Compare Past & Present | Long Ago & Today Social Studies BUNDLE
Is your Social Studies curriculum lacking in student engagement? Are your students unable to relate to the history or other social studies lessons? Through this Long Ago and Today Social Studies unit, students learn how their lives relate to people and events long ago. They compare and contrast thei


Communities Change Over Time: A Past and Present Unit
The local community serves as the focal point for third grade as students begin to understand how their communities have changed over time and to make comparisons with communities in other places. The study of local history comes alive through the use of artifacts and documents.In this unit you will

Also included in: Communities Change Over Time Bundle


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Thanksgiving Past & Present - Social Studies Interactive Activities
This unit provides interactive activities to teach all about Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Native Americans, the Mayflower, Family Traditions and Past and Present Fill your own journal, notebook or create a 3 dimensional Pilgrim and Native American book bursting with information and writing! Included: T

Also included in: Interactive Science and Social Studies Bundle First Edition


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Long Ago and Today / Past and Present
Looking to add some fun to your Past and Present social studies lessons? These long ago and today activities are a great supplement to any unit about the now and then. Included in this resource are activities and worksheets that compare various aspects of life in the past and present. Some of the

Also included in: Long Ago and Today / Past and Present Bundle


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Long Ago and Today Comparing the Past and Present
My students and I love learning about life long ago and comparing the past to the present! I love that this Long Ago and Today social studies unit easily integrates with our ELA “ALL ABOUT” informative writing unit. By the end of the unit, students will understand that…They know a lot about differin

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Past and Present Unit
This mini unit is all you need to teach your little ones about past and present! I created this unit for my first graders, but it could easily fit into kindergarten and 2nd grade curriculum as well! In this packet you'll find several whole group activities and pocket chart sorts, independent pract

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Grade 6 Social Studies Ontario Communities in Canada, Past and Present
Grade 6 Social Studies Strand A: Teachers are provided with 16 in-depth, engaging, and cross-curricular lessons to help their students explore and understand Heritage and Identity: Communities in Canada, Past and Present. This resource includes answer keys and individual PDFs of student pages to sup

Also included in: Grade 6 Ontario Social Studies Bundle Strand A and B


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Long Ago and Today {Thanksgiving Activities} Past and Present
On the BESTSELLERS LIST!!! :)Here are some wonderful activities for you to do with your students on how things were Long Ago compared to Today.Included are the following activities:- Pilgrim Children Had Many Chores students booklet (supplemental resource)- Colored cards for a pocket chart sort- Bla

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{Grade 6} Unit 1: Communities in Canada Past and Present
With the Grade 6 Communities in Canada Past and Present unit, students are asked to explore the communities that make up present-day Canada. Students embark on a journey from past Canada to present Canada and explore the challenges and celebrations experienced by various communities and settlers in

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Past and Present Tense Freebie
Students get practice adding -ed and -ing to verbs in this worksheet. This freebie is part of a bigger past and present tense packet. If interested, you can find it in my story titled: Past and Present Tense - Adding Suffixes -ed and -ing to Verbs

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Timelines: Past and Present
This packet was created to supplement your unit on timelines! There is a section with a focus on past, present, and future and a section for students to practice with timelines. Inside you will find: Posters for timeline, past, present and future (color and b/w) Then and Now sort Past, Present, and

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Verbs and Verb Tenses Activities: Past, Present, Future
This resource includes a variety of activities for learning verb tenses. Includes:Posters/Anchor Charts (past, present, future)Verb Tense Sentence SortVerb Tense Word SortNinja News Writing Activity (Students will demonstrate knowledge of tenses by writing short news articles about an event that hap

Also included in: Third Grade Math & Reading GIANT YEAR LONG BUNDLE


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Verb Tenses Freebie: Printables for Past, Present, and Future
This freebie is a fantastic way to have your students practice with past, present, and future simple verb tenses. Your students can practice verb tenses by cutting, coloring, and writing with these fun printables!Try these activities with your class and if you like them, consider purchasing the enti

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Past and Present- A Social Studies Now and Then Mini-Unit
Thank you for taking the time to look at my Past and Present Mini-Unit.There are 4 activities for teaching what life was like in the past and what life is like now.- Past and Present Pocket Chart Picture Sort- A Past and Present Cut and Paste Picture Sort- A Past and Present Emergent Reader (sight w

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Timelines - Learning About The Past, Present and Future - Interactive Notebook
This is a mini unit that I created to teach my students about the past, present and future.Each activity has been created to be placed in an interactive notebook. Included are activities on:The Past/HistoryThe Present/Modern DayThe FutureTimelines-My Life-Holidays-InventionsI have also included an a

Also included in: Social Studies Interactive Notebook Bundle-Grade 2


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Thanksgiving Past & Present (Supplemental Activities for November)
This set of supplemental materials will help you teach your primary students how to compare their lives to the lives of the Pilgrims. The set includes: • 2 Differentiated Nonfiction Student Books {Each book contains nonfiction text features such as labels, arrows, bold words, and underlined key w

Also included in: BUNDLE: Social Studies Resources for Primary Grades


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Past, Present, and Future: Verb Tense Worksheets, Cut n' Paste & more
This includes 5 different cut n' sort sheets as well as several write the word in the correct tense worksheets. It is a sweet simple supplement that helps kids practice past, present, and future tense verbs.This includes:Three Poems to introduce the Preset, Past and Future TensePresent vs Past Tense

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Past, Present and Future
Discover the Past, Present and Future with these real pictures for sorting, NO PREP printables, activities and timelines! This Social Studies unit includes 12 pictures each associated with the past, present and future for students to sort under "Past, Present and Future" header cards. Each set of pi

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Inflectional Endings ed, ing, Past & Present Tense Sorts & Activities
Students will learn and practice the inflectional past and present tense endings –ed and –ing. The activities in this resource will help your students read and write these inflectional endings, learn how to add –ed or –ing to basic, regular words and learn about past and present verb tenses.This pr

Also included in: Phonics Bundle: Sorts, Worksheets & Activities for Long and Short Vowels


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Australian Curriculum Year 2 HASS Past and Present History Unit
A 10 week unit (~10 lessons) examining how changing technology has affected the daily lives of people addressing aspects of the Humanities and Social Science Year 2 ACARA Curriculum. ✩It features fun, engaging, educational and cooperative learning strategies. ✩At four pages the planner features f

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Past and Present Social Studies Distance Learning
Easily teach your primary students about life in the past with this no-fluff Social Studies mini-unit. Informative student booklets, engaging review activities and hands-on/digital sorts are sure to delight your students! Comparing the past and the present has never been easier.In light of the COVID

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Long Ago and Today / Past and Present Bundle
This long ago and today bundle has everything you need for your lessons on the past and present. Your students will have a blast with these social studies lessons, including games, centers, readers and much more!This bundle contains these 5 different resources:- Long Ago and Today/Past and Present


Past, Present, Future Bundle
Your students will enjoy working on the activities in this Past, Present, and Future Social Studies bundled activities. Standards Covered: C3 Social Studies Standard: 1-H2.0.1 Demonstrate chronological thinking by distinguishing among past, present, and future using family or school events. CC

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Verbs Past Present Future Tense
A simple way to engage students while teaching them about verb tenses. A bright and colourful literacy centre that requires students to match written verbs to their picture. Each picture has a past, present and future tense verb to aid your students reading, writing and language development! Also

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