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In this engaging resource on Ancient Rome government and rights between Plebeians and Patricians, students create a step-by-step organizer over the struggle for political freedoms in Ancient Rome. This activity is scaffolded in a way to promote student learning by chunking text and breaking down ea
Imagine if ancient Romans were hired into social groups (plebeians or patricians) instead of being born into them. Your students live in ancient Rome and they have been been hired to create help wanted advertisements in order to inform the public about openings in a chosen social group. The projec
This resource is a reading passage that discusses the two classes in Roman society: patricians and plebeians. You can give students one of three sets of comprehension questions: 5 questions, 10 questions, or 15 questions. There are definitions, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and sentence respon
This assignment for Google Classroom allows students to think about what life was like for plebeians and patricians of ancient Rome. No lectures needed! Students will reflect in multiple ways on what life was like for people in ancient Rome. Teacher suggestions are given to you so you know how to po
A best seller and a student favorite! This is four day, higher-level thinking, mini-unit on the Points-of-View (Plebeians & Patricians) surrounding the reign of Julius Caesar incorporates 21st Century Skills and Common Core. This lesson requires computer access and the ability to access and use
This activity is one in a series of interactive notebook lessons on ancient Rome. After a lesson on society in ancient Rome, students will use this interactive lesson to compare the city's two main social classes. Students will cut out the three tab box. Then, cut out the attached paper dolls acc
Students will work in groups of three to present a talk show. Their talk show will include the host who will ask the deep and engaging questions and two guests who will answer in an interesting and detailed way. The two guests that the talk show host will interview are a patrician and a plebeian o
This short reading assignment is designed as an additional source of information about the difference between the classes. Students can use this in addition to their textbook to understand more about the difference between the two classes of citizens in Rome.Use the reading portion of this as a tru
Fuse History content is where historical events are brought to life like nowhere else! The content is written at three different reading levels for enrichment or remediation. From social media profiles to coloring activities this is an all-in-one solution to bring students into the most impactful ev
Three letters written directly to your students from a plebeian, patrician, and gladiator to help students understand how these roles differed. Simple comprehension questions included to guide students' reading.
6th - 12th
Covers the political and social hierarchy of the Roman Republic. -- Powerpoints and Textbooks have their limits. I teach mid/upper-level ELL students and gen-ed students with low lexiles and lower attention spans. My test scores on the VA SOL (yes, that’s what our test is called here) were low unti
10th - 12th
Rome:Conflict of Orders: Plebeians Vs. Patricians STORY TIME…. Be CREATIVE YOU as 9th GRADERS MAKE UP much of the population at Bethel High School- and you all work very hard for your grades The rest of the school does nothing and earns A’s , while the highest grade you can earn is a D+. But… t
Roman Republic Daily Life worksheet: Patricians Vs. Plebeians • Examine the various social classes in the Roman Republic and classify the information into a graphic organizer • Compare and contrast a Modern American teenager to an Ancient Roman teenager Bell Ringer: Draw an American Teenager and
No Pre-Teaching Needed. Assign and students can complete on their own. Great for distance learning or in the classroom1. Read/Listen to the Article2. Take the Quiz and enter your Score: 3. Write (4) Interesting Facts Below in complete sentences (YOUR OWN WORDS):4. Summarize this topic in 4-5 Sentenc
Guided lesson plan and powerpoint for Ancient Civilizations lesson about the Roman Government officials: Plebeians and Patricians. Interactive lesson involves movement, collaboration, and synthesis of text. To find the text: please look for PlebsPats-Reading document. It's a free download!!
6th - 12th, Higher Education
1. Students go to a Kid safe article with quiz2. Students read he writing prompt on the significance of the topic in Ancient Rome3. Students complete the provided R.A.C.E graphic organizer4. Students complete the writing assignment in full sentences with correct punctuation5. Student responses will
*Digitally Converts for Google ClassroomStudents are directed to a kid safe certified website article about the topic. Students are given a prompt about the significance of the topic in history. After reading the article and prompt students are asked to complete the R.A.C.E graphic organizer and wr
Students use details about the conflict between Plebeians and Patricians to pick a side in the fight through a quick write.
Students will leave this lesson understanding that Class divisions determine your role in society, and Lower class groups eventually will demand reform. Activies include breaking down the relationship between the Patricians and the Plebeians, deciding what the Plebeians can do to change their situat
DIGITAL CONVERTING AVAILABLE FOR USE WITH GOOGLE CLASSROOMPDF With Live link to the Website Article (KidSafe Coppa Certified)Text to Speech Available on this SiteStudents Read/Listen to the ArticleStudents take the provided quiz and enter their scoreStudents record facts and summarize the topic*DIST
Students use details about the conflict between Plebeians and Patricians to pick a side in the fight through a quick write.
Text used: Hillard and Botting's Elementary Latin Translation, Section VI, passage 11, Patricians and Plebeians Worksheet contains editable vocabulary and translation notes alongside the text. On the back, there are comprehension questions written with Bloom's Taxonomy in mind. Questions are open-e
8th - 12th
Reinforcement Activity to understand the difference between these two social classes in Early Rome
Reinforcement Activity for students to understand the differences

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