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Help your students understand the differences in Patriots and Loyalists with this reading comprehension worksheet. Students complete a chart comparing the two groups. 10 questions ask students to identify if the statement describes Patriots, Loyalists, or both. The ZIP file has a PDF student vers
Patriot vs. Loyalist: Comparing and Contrasting Views of the American Revolution, teaches students about the the differing views of the American colonists and the motives behind their loyalties. Second half of lesson consists of five biographies, where students have to use what they have learned to
If you want to teach the difference between Patriots and Loyalists in a creative, engaging way look no further. This product is for you! It's a fantasy football style 'draft' where groups of students have to draft patriots or loyalists to their teams.Assignment:Define patriots and loyalists with you
Students must choose a side: Patriot or Loyalist? Then, they create a script for a YouTube vlog. This activity pack includes teacher directions on how to introduce the topic, student notes, a brainstorming sheet, graphic organizer, YouTube script writing sheet, a storyboard sheet, and a rubric. An o
This game is a great way to introduce the American Revolution and get the kids engaged. The PPT included asks a number of questions and the students have to chose a side - at the end they count of the number they have for each side to determine if they are a Loyalist or a Patriot. The PPT and word d
Writing paper outline for students studying the American Revolution. Pick a side: are you a loyalist or a patriot? Why? This is an outline designed to guide students through the writing of a multi-paragraph essay on choosing a side in the War.
EDITABLE reading comprehension packet on the relationship between Patriots and Loyalists as the American Revolution evolved into the Revolutionary War. Packet includes key information, pictures for visual learners, and reading comprehension questions with space to answer them right on the page.
This simulation activity with guided notes will give students an overview of the American Revolution. Students will follow along with the war as "active participants" choosing their own adventure. Simulation PowerPoint Presentation, guided fill-in-the-blank notes, and simulation worksheet are all in
This booklet describes Patriots and Loyalists in South Carolina during the American Revolution. The information was gained through the South Carolina State Standards Support Document.
Challenge your students to pick a side: Patriot vs. Loyalist!This activity has students read a series of scenarios and decide if they would join the Patriots or the Loyalists. There are 6 scenarios total, each challenging students' understanding of the colonies and the various types of people who l
Have students cut and sort facts about the Patriots and Loyalist in their appropriate column.
Students can use this Venn diagram to compare and contrast Patriots and Loyalists. Students are asked to give definitions, reasons, and list at least one American for each group. Can be used along with a lesson or as a webquest.
Worksheet outlines a debate formate for students to follow to have a debate over whose argument was more justified - patriots or loyalists.
Blank packet for students Cooresponds with Patriots vs Loyalists - Declare Independence or Not? slides. Teacher Key / Completed notes also available
* This is a graphic organizer, introductory activity for "Events Leading Up to the Revolutionary War Journal". * Students can use the internet, Social Studies textbooks, or other printed materials to help fill out this worksheet. * If you are crunched on time, you can teach this to the students.
This is a vocabulary practice sheet helps students to become more familiar with many words used throughout the VS.5 unit. The review includes the following vocabulary words: *surrender *disagreement *neutral *govern *authority *tax *repeal *patriot *declaration *representative *independence *loya
The first section of a lesson is crucial for student comprehension. It is vital to have an introduction that quickly gets the attention of the students as a launching pad for the entire lesson. The Big Bell Ringer Book is here to help with this goal! This source includes OVER 100 Bell Ringers to s
FULL YEAR BUNDLE! 273 worksheets and your entire social studies year planned! NO PREP - JUST PRINT! This bundle covers all expectations in the Alberta Social Studies Grade 5 Curriculum.Students will practice literacy skills when demonstrating their understanding of the subject material. These sheets
The American Revolution Bundle includes activities, worksheets, printables, quizzes, and so much more. Here are some of the resources included, but take a look above at all that is included! -a loyalist vs. patriot activity and answer key -a Declaration of Independence timeline cutout activity -an E
This is a 2 worksheet bundle. The first work sheet "Patriots VS Loyalists" has students define patriot and loyalist by filling in 3 missing words, then they sort quotes and important people according to if they were a patriot or loyalist.The second worksheet has students match an important person wi
FULL YEAR BUNDLE! NO PREP - JUST PRINT! 490 worksheets and your entire social studies year planned! This bundle covers all expectations in the Alberta Social Studies Grade 4&5 Curriculums.Students will practice literacy skills when demonstrating their understanding of the subject material. These
This American Revolutionary War Unit consists of reading passages, worksheets, reference pages, activities, games, coloring pages, images/pictures, and vocabulary words for a word wall. There is an abundance of information included with the unit. There are many factual and interesting pages includ
Template for students to write why they should be a loyalist vs. why they should be a patriot.
This is a lesson I teach during our Revolutionary War unit. It includes a powerpoint I use to teach my students about loyalists and patriots during the Revolutionary War. As a follow up to the powerpoint, the students compete the "Loyalists vs. Patriots" debate packet. This is a great way to formati

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