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This file is a digital anchor chart for patterns. The two files cover the following: Increasing Repeating PatternsDecreasing Repeating PatternsIncreasing Growing PatternsDecreasing Growing PatternsRepeating Geometric PatternsGrowing Geometric PatternsThis can be printed out for student notebooks and
I never really thought about how many different spelling patterns there were for vowel sounds, until I started teaching first grade. Whew! I knew that I definitely needed some anchor charts to help my classroom kids recognize and remember the different vowel spelling patterns. So here we go! Thi
Decorate your music classroom with useful and appealing visuals! The fun patterns in rainbow colors are designed to appeal to a wide range of ages and fit in with a variety of other posters, themes, and other visual elements you may already be using in your classroom. These elements of music anchor
Pattern Books are an excellent way for young writers to practice writing sight words, labeling pictures, and become familiar with good writing mechanics (i.e., spaces between words, capital letter at the beginning of a sentence, punctuation at the end, etc.). This anchor chart is adapted from the L
There are so many more rules to spelling than we even know. No more memorizing spelling lists and hoping that transfers to your students writing. Instead of teaching the words, teach them the patterns. These anchor charts are great teaching tools and reference tools to the spelling patterns that sur
Patterning posters showing examples, descriptions, and visuals for the following pattern types:repeating (répétitifs)growth (croissant)shrinking (décroissant)calendar (calendrier)10-frames (cadre de 10)hundreds chart (grille centaine)Full colour Patterning Attributes posters using visuals for the fo
After creating my digraphs, blends, and vowel pattern anchor charts, there were still some sounds/spelling pattern charts that I needed for my class. However, they didn't really fit into any category. So instead I decided to create a file with any additional sounds or spelling patterns. This pr
Organizational Patterns of Nonfiction Anchor Chart This resource contains two high-resolution jpegs (in color and BW), designed at 300 dpi, along with PDFs versions of the chart. You can print these on your home computer at 8.5" X 11" or have it printed into a poster at your local office supply stor
Are you a 3rd-5th grade teacher struggling with taking time to teach phonics? Are you thinking..."They need to know their grade level standards.""They have state tests that they need to pass.""I just can't go back to the basics.""I'm not sure how to teach phonics.""They need to understand what they
The English language can be incredibly difficult to learn, especially for young children learning to read. So I created a series of spelling pattern anchor charts to help my kids read and remember the different spelling pattern sounds.! This bundle is jam packed with 135 different spelling sound p
Need a colorful bunting to hang in your classroom above your anchor chart area? This bunting is perfect to hang on your bulletin board, wall area, or other area for hanging anchor charts. It will add a pop of color to your classroom, as well as a header/title for the space where you hang your charts
This patterns anchor chart covers repeating patterns such as ABAB, ABBAABB, AABAAB, AABBAABB, ABCABC. Includes key vocabulary and where we can find patterns. Comes in color and a black/white version!
This product includes 5 pattern anchor charts and 2 pattern chart headers for introduction. The patterns included are color, shape, letter, number, and object.
Use this anchor chart to introduce and reinforce patterns. Great for math morning message. It could also be used as a bulletin board.
Help students visualize the long vowel patterns they have learned by posting anchor charts in your classroom! This pack includes five anchor charts that contain long vowel spelling patterns for long a, long e, long i, long o, and long u. Be sure to check out my long vowel packets! Long a Word Wor
This chart is used to help students understand the relationship between numbers in number patterns. This can be enlarged as a poster and used for in classroom reference or you can print them 2 to a page for students to keep in their notebooks.
Use this simple anchor chart and poem to help students read and recognize words with the CVCe pattern.
This is an anchor chart for using during your Writing Workshop mini-lesson. The topic is “Writing Pattern - Organizing my Story". The idea is to make it with your students, but still be able to use it year after year without having to continually recreate it. Print out the pages. Cut out the ti
Directions: Print, blow up with poster maker and/OR laminate. In my classroom, I use my smart board to display the anchor chart while we are working on a pattern activity. If you are anything like me and do not have excellent drawing abilities, but like to display anchor charts/informational graphic
Increase engagement, comprehension, clarity and test scores with this pack. Vocabulary Notebook Pages, Anchor charts, Word Walls, Vocabulary Games and Differentiated Quizzes Here's how! · Anchor Charts - Using graphic representation, to summarize the most important content. * Pre-teaching vocabular
This is a Virginia Math SOL 1.17. I was asked to make this chart to reflect this skill. Use this chart to introduce or reinforce these skills. You may also use them as a bulletin board, or place the chart in math center/station. Print on color printer, cut out, assemble and laminate.
Teach English Learners / Newcomers how to recognize Syllable Patterns and divide words into syllables with this black & white anchor chart download. Give to online and in-person students as a convenient reference. Essential vocabulary.A color poster is available in sizes: 8.5x11", 11x14", &
Teach English Learners/Newcomers how to write and use different Sentence and Question Patterns with these black and white anchor charts. These charts break down the usual 5 patterns into smaller chunks for English language learners. Sentences/Question Patterns are numbered only for clarity when teac
Free verse poetry is so abstract and difficult for so many students. I believe poetry should be fun & accessible to all children!! Why not use patterned poems for your poetry unit to give them the structure they need to get started writing? This is especially helpful for differentiation for E

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