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This project was created as a culminating assessment and evaluation task for a unit on electricity. It aligns with the grade six expectations from the Ontario Curriculum, Science and Technology. The package includes several pages of science and technology terminology/ vocabulary word wall cards w
This Electricity Awareness and Conservation Project is a great project for a unit on energy or electricity. It is student-centered, collaborative, and memorable! And best of all, students learn how to reduce energy usage in their homes and are excited to challenge their families to do so.The project
This FULLY EDITABLE project has become an exciting addition to my course. Students get to research a method of energy generation (wind, solar, tidal, hydro, coal, geothermal, biomass or nuclear) and then convert their research into a rhyming slam poem that they perform in front of the class (see be
This product includes directions and rubric to guide students to complete a creative project to demonstrate their knowledge on electricity and magnets. This product is part of my Electricity and Magnetism Complete Unit Bundle. Go digital with my Electricity and Magnetism Digital Interactive Notebook
This mini research project can be used as a culminating project to an electricity unit or as a stand alone project for students who need enrichment. This product contains an assignment sheet with a rubric for the students, a template for a works cited page, and a list of online resources. Common C
I created this unit because I wanted to inject some real-life information into our electricity unit which is usually just filled with notes, worksheets, and other activities. I decided instead to do a flipped unit whereby I'd provide my students with all their notes ahead of time then use our class
Instead of giving your students a test at the end of your electricity unit, really test how much they know - give them a project.This is a google slides document hyperlinked to interact like a game board. An assignment description, criteria, graphic organizer, and rubric (which is outcome based) are
Instead of giving your students a test at the end of your electricity unit, really test how much they know - give them a project.This is a powerpoint document hyperlinked to interact like a game board. An assignment description, criteria, graphic organizer, and rubric (which is outcome based) are in
This is a lengthy project that covers many science topics/concepts. Students will start by engineering a miniature golf course cut out of cardboard. They have specific constraints about the design and theme requirements for their course. This will require them to calculate volume for several differe
After studying electricity, either digitally or in the classroom, this is a great project for students to complete that focuses on all components of electricity. Included in this project is:- A Day Without Electricity - One morning, students wake up and there is no longer any electricity! They will
This product focuses on students creating a cartoon explaining how electricity is created and how magnets play a role. It comes with a set of directions, rubric, and an editable template. There is a colored and black and white version of this project. This project is great for assessments or as a re
This tic tac toe project menu gives students the chance to choose the ways they wish to demonstrate their learning. Require students to make a tic tac toe with their choices or require a minimum number of projects to be completed.
This digital and printable product is a project where students create a cartoon, comic, or short story where they demonstrate their understanding about electricity and magnetism. This product includes directions (Slide 1), a rubric (Slide 2) and an editable template (Slide 3). The Google Slides are
After learning about electricity and conserving resources, students work together to create a presentation to include how people use electricity, how they can conserve electricity, why it's important to conserve and what alternative resources are out there to create electricity. You can include thi
Grade 7/8/9 Electricity project - A project initially developed for a grade 8 class to run over several weeks and have them showcase their science knowledge and creativity. Students are allowed to exercise choice and engage deeply with their learning. This includes a rubric and menu of possible asse
This document provides instructions and a basic rubric for students to create a Google Site about electricity and magnetism. Can be completed individually, in pairs, or small groups!Example of topics covered: types of circuits, how electricity and magnetism work together, parts of a magnet, vocabula
I used this project as a writing and a science project. I used a manilla folder as the brochure material. I included a list of resources that I found useful. We watched the Brain Pop videos several times to collect the information that we needed for each paragraph. I have also included a plannin
This hands on project aligns with the Alberta Program of Studies for the Electricity Units. It asks students to apply or develop their understandings of electricity, circuits, switches and circuit diagrams when creating a working burglar alarm for the classroom! Our students created their alarms t
This is a sure fire way to bang out multiple standards or outcomes! This project covers ELA, Science and Art marks! If your not teaching about electricity this is a word download so you can change the concept to fit your science curriculum. Included in this packets is the following:Lesson on how to
This PBL addresses the 4th grade Science and Math CC standards below. PHYSICAL SCIENCE-ELECTRICITY, HEAT AND MATTER: Energy can be transformed from one form to another or can be transferred from one location to another. Electric circuits require a complete loop of conducting materials through whic
You know you are singing the song from Grease now! This project won't fail to shock you (in a great way!). This project incorporates reading, language arts and science standards to create a multi-faceted, engaging project for students to do at school or home while studying electricity. The projec
Learning about Electricity, Grade 5/6 Inquiry Project-students are given the opportunity to choose an inquiry question related to electricity and then a guide how to present their findings and research-Rubric & Graphic Organizer Included to help keep students focused on what the task at hand isT
Your students will choose a problem to solve by building an alarm using their knowledge of electricity. This product includes a process log for students to use as they go through the design process, and also a presentation to use as the problem options are introduced to your class. This is a great w
This is a science think tank I've been using for my intervention time. The kids love it! I'm posting it in Word form so you can adapt to fit your needs. Not everyone has the benchmark education set, but you can change it according to the books on the subject you have available. These projects ca

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