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Updated for digital learning Food trucks are now the big craze for food lovers. This food truck project based learning math and stem unit helps your students design and open their own food truck. They also learn about the foods from different countries, entrepreneurship, and economics. Students will
Engineering Challenge: Can you create a chair that can hold a stuffed animal using only paper and tape? Materials: (per pair or group) Copy paper One roll of masking tape Stuffed animal (small to medium sized) This packet contains all the information you need to make this a great engineering act
Take your Dream House project and ramp it up a notch with this 21st Century Math Project! A staple experience of math classrooms across the country, this take on the Dream House project focuses on Area, Perimeter and Scale skills. Students are scaffolded conceptually and mathematically by the time t
Design a colony on Mars! Take your STEM or STEAM classroom or program to the next level with this in-depth engineering design STEM challenge. Students will apply scientific concepts, math skills, critical thinking, research, and engineering design to plan a long term habitat on Mars. This creative a
Engineering Challenge: How fast can your team build a realistic spider web using one container of dental floss? Materials: (per group) One container of dental floss Scissors Timer Sheet of black paper (use as a work mat) This packet contains all the information you need to make this a great en
This STEM challenge will help your students learn more about solar energy as they design and build a solar oven to cook their own S'mores! This STEM activity is cross-curricular with activities that incorporate science, reading comprehension, writing and math!In this activity students will work thr
Ancient Mesopotamia STEM & STEAM ChallengesCross-curricular challenges for students who are studying Ancient Civilizations and Ancient Mesopotamia! This resource has science, technology, engineering, and measurement activities to do with your upper elementary kids that will really enhance their
Engineering Challenge: Can you create a popsicle stick catapult that launches a marshmallow the farthest distance? Materials: (per classroom) Popsicle sticks Rubber bands Plastic spoons Plastic bottle caps (optional) Liquid glue Mini-marshmallows Tape measures This packet contains all the inform
This project integrates math, science, art, and engineering in an engaging and fun way! Students are told that they are going to build their own race cars that need to be as FAST as possible, all while staying with their budget of $29,000! Students choose their car frame (there are 4 to choose from)
Engineering Challenge: Using one sheet of copy paper, can you make a paper airplane that flies the farthest distance? Materials Needed (per student): one sheet of copy paper tape measure This packet contains all the information you need to make this a great engineering activity in your classroo
This 21st Century Math Project is an awesome opportunity to integrate subjects in an Geometry classroom. Hands-on STEM based learning for hands-on student. Along using basic algebra, measurement and geometry skills, students will engage in an engineering design process just like the pros. In this 12
(Digital Version Now Included) Honey bees are an important part of our ecosystem. Our bee population is in crisis. In this SAVE THE BEES PROJECT BASED LEARNING SCIENCE unit, students will research honey bees, interview bee keepers and come up with ideas of saving the population. They can even host a
Rosie Revere Engineer is a delightful, inspirational tale about a girl who learns to overcome and even celebrate her failures. This is a great story to use in teaching your students the value of failure and perseverance! This philosophy will help students throughout their school years, career, and
American Revolution STEM and More! Are you looking to integrate STEM, Writing, and Art into your teaching of the American Revolution? This project is perfect for you! I created this project because I wanted my students to participate in a hands-on experience while studying spying in the American Rev
Engineering Challenge: Using 100 index cards and 12 inches of tape, can you make a tower that is at least two feet tall that can hold a small stuffed animal? Materials: (per group) 100 index cards (lined or unlined, 3x5 size) 12 inches of scotch tape One small stuffed animal (beanie baby size) Sc
(TPT Featured Product) Students are going to establish a community of tiny homes for the homeless. After researching the different causes and effects of homelessness, they will plan the community with services and activities. This PBL unit focuses on a real-world problem, while incorporating 21st ce
The zoo needs help! Students work cooperatively to design an animal habitat and enclosure for the zoo! In this STEM project, students use their imagination and creativity to build an animal habitat and enclosure designed to meet their animal's needs.A fabulous way to integrate science standards for
Did you know that November 23 is celebrated as Fibonacci day? It is Fibonacci Day because when the date is written 11/23 the digits form a Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3. Kids love to learn about fun patterns and this Fibonacci workshop is a big hit for making math fun!Investigating the Fibonacci Se
Engineering Challenge: Using the materials provided, can you build a bird beak that can pick up the most food in one try? Materials: (for a classroom) Plastic forks and spoons Toothpicks Craft sticks Pipe cleaners Rubber bands Wooden dowel rods or unsharpened pencils Tape and scissors Bowls FOO
DESIGN A MINI GOLF COURSE DESIGN A MINI-GOLF COURSE With STEM and Math Children and adults love to play mini-golf. Now is your chance to design your own mini-golf course. There are some things you need to do so your course will be a success. Teachers, this is such a flexible project. You can scale
This Leprechaun Trap is the perfect STEM project for March with St. Patrick's Day! Your students will be so engaged in this fun activity! It can be done as an individual project, or a group project, and can be done in class or can be sent home as a family project!It contains all the pieces to "kick
Engineering Challenge: Using the materials provided, can you build the peppermint racer that travels the farthest distance down a ramp? Materials: (per classroom) Life Savers Peppermints Craft (popsicle) Sticks Coffee Stirrer Straws Drinking Straws Scissors and Tape Index Cards *Ramp for the test
Engineering Challenge: Using ten straws, three inches of duct tape, and ten inches of plastic wrap, can you make a boat that can hold 25 pennies without sinking? Materials Needed (per student): 10 straws 10 inches of plastic wrap 3 inch strip of duct tape 25 pennies tub of water This packet con
★ Top Selling Resource ★ Get students operating at a higher level of thinking with this Rube Goldberg Machine Challenge Unit! This product is a 5-Day PBL and STEM Project which allows students to create a Rube Goldberg-type machine using some basic materials provided by the teacher and materials f

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