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Evolution: Natural Selection is not always easily understood in science. This 18 slide PowerPoint and student worksheet (2 pages) with teacher’s key allows students to follow the PowerPoint. It includes scientific vocabulary necessary to understand the concepts; Students go over the basic 5 steps of
Students will examine data from the historical peppered moth experiment and answer several analysis questions and create a graph of the data. This is a great way to reinforce the concept of natural selection as the population sizes of two Peppered moths increase and decrease as the environment chang
I love using computer simulations and games in my classroom but I find that if students don't have some type of accompanying worksheet they often breeze through the assignment and miss the objective. I have created a number of student guides to provide teachers with evidence of student learning as w
This is a virtual lab simulation to reinforce student understanding of the evolutionary process of natural selection. The virtual lab is found on a free website (link included), where students act as the bird/predator to eat light or dark colored Peppered Moths. Students generally find the simulatio
This is a worksheet set I created to go along with a website called Peppered moths: Natural Selection in Black and white. http://peppermoths.weebly.com The website has an animated activity that allows the students to act as a bird that is preying on a population of peppered moths in a pre-industria
With an interactive online module, students will act as entomologists to research and explain how natural selection led to increases and decreases of specific traits in moth populations over time. Supports NGSS MS-LS4-6. Purchase includes:1. student worksheets for independent research through the on
Now with a digital copy for Google Classroom!!!Introduce your students to the amazing scientific phenomena of the peppered moths in England during the 19th and 20th centuries as the Industrial Revolution drastically changed their environment! Students are first introduced to what natural selection i
This is the answer key to a free worksheet available at https://www.biologycorner.com/worksheets/pepperedmoth.html This is a new version that uses an HTML 5 simulator at https://askabiologist.asu.edu/peppered-mothStudents read background information and answer questions, then play the role of a
This bundle includes material that introduces and dicusses the 1800's UK peppered moth real life evolution in action still today :-a webquest (that has a really fun engaging game) on the peppered moth, -a reading comprehension worksheet with follow up questions over that material-a 2min video clip o
PowerPoint includes: Natural selection defined with examples. Abbreviated story and pictures of the evolution of the Peppered Moth. Student Activity: Goal: To analyze how color affects an organism's ability to survive in certain environments. Procedure: Working in pairs place a sheet of white paper
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Now Digital & Printable! Perfect for distance learning! Students will learn about evolution by natural selection by studying the peppered moth! No prior knowledge is needed. You get an easy no-prep, attractive, and interactive activity that teaches your students about natural selection a
Peppered Moth Activity – Grades 3 through 8 The language, depth, vocabulary, data representation, and size of the activity has been differentiated to meet learners 3rd through 8th grade.In this activity NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) aligned activity, students (Part 1:) Read background inf
This is one of the AP biology resources which addresses learning objective, 1.2. Students read a case study about peppered moths, evaluate evidence, graph allele frequencies, and use the Hardy Weinberg equation to calculate heterozygotes at different times during the study. This is a 20 minute rev
NO PLANNING NEEDED! Print & GO!Students will read the page of informational text regarding the evolution of the peppered moth who evolved due to the polluted environment of the Industrial Revolution in England. They will then use the text to answer 4 text based questions. They will then fill in
This is a fun lesson walking students though the process of natural selection. The google slides are editable so you can insert your own Bitmoji or leave it. The Natural Selection pick 3 activity gives students links to extra practice to the vocabulary.Real TalkPick 3 Activity Pick 3 pdfReal Talk le
In this lab students will play the role of a hunter while simulating the population of peppered moths during the Industrial Revolution through the course of 10 generations. This is an interactive lab where students FEEL the difference camouflage makes in a predator's life as well as what it means fo
This peppered moth webquest takes students through a simulation of the peppered moth experiment. The game is online and they play as the predator attempting to catch moths in varying backgrounds. This is a great activity and assignment for students to review natural selection and the impact the envi
Activity that allows students to identify the differences between long and short term changes, including the story of the peppered moth.
In this activity, students will use a Peppered Moth computer simulation to explore how short and long term environmental changes can affect a population or organisms. Designed to be done as an individual activity, but perhaps the percentage scores for each student or class can be posted to encourag
In this activity, students will learn about the peppered moths and how they adapted to the industrial revolution. In addition to a fill-in-the-blank section, students will play an online game about peppered moths and watch an introduction video. At the conclusion, students will write a paragraph su
Peppered Moth Simulation Lab - Grade 11 Ontarion Biology CurriculumThis activity demonstrates the affects of the industrial revolution on natural selection of the moth population. Grade 11 Biology students can investigate how natural selection occurs by hunting for moths. Use the attached moth tem
This simulation is a fantastic way to introduce your students to the idea of evolution by natural selection! Begin with an introductory PowerPoint before moving onto a simulation that shows your students firsthand what natural selection looks like in the environment. Students will complete a 24-qu
Students may simulate the natural selection of peppered moths using colored paper squares or tokens on construction paper "environments". Various video simulations are also available on YouTube. This lab provides space for students to collect data, as well as provides "typical" data.Students analyze
Easy-to-follow Peppered Moth Simulation using the simulation at Students go through each tab and answer questions related to most slides for background and understanding of the peppered moth, the Industrial Revolution, and Kettlewell's experiments. Students then run the simulation, collect data, an

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