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This product includes a student planning guide for writing their own personification poem and a publishing paper. Click here to find another personification activity. Please email me at ForemanTeaches@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns regarding my products. Follow my store to learn
Personification poems help you teach personification in a targeted mini-lesson within the context of real reading! Strong picture support for each personification poem also helps English Language Learners (ELL) and learners of all abilities to understand personification. Don't just reach for more pe
Students read "The Train" and "Two Sunflowers Move in the Yellow Room" to study the use of personification in poetry. They analyze each poem by completing 4 analysis questions per poem and the final assignment is writing their own personification poem using the style of "The Train" but using a moder
Guide students in creating a personification poem!Students select a nature noun from the provided word list.Students then use sentence lines to help them think of words (prompts for verbs, nouns, etc).After students complete the sheet, they can copy over the poem / publish their piece and draw a pic
An activity that takes students through the steps to create a Personification poem. The worksheets are staged to show how each part of the poem is developed, through to the final stage where students use the given scaffold to create their own poem within the given structure. The activity will requir
These eight figurative language poems are a great way to teach your class personification. Each original poem includes examples of personification that help guide comprehension, as well as four follow up comprehension questions. Also includes fun visuals on each poetry page! In this set you will fin
This assignment requires students to demonstrate proper use of personification as well as creativity. Students will write a 16 line poem (which can easily be modified into a longer poem assignment). The handout explains specific guidelines and requirements for the assignment. An example poem and a g
Nicky loves reading - This is a poem that alerts students to the many examples of personification in our daily lives. Students will understand the use of personification as human qualities in our every day lives. This product also includes a personification match up activity for students to complet
Writing a Personification Poem (Assignment)Worksheet gives examples and step by step instructions for students to start writing a personification poem.
Need a teacher friendly distance learning product to teach figurative language? This product uses google forms to explore personification in a fun and engaging way!These eight figurative language poems are a great way to teach your class personification. These poems bring to life different objects t
Personification is such a fun type of figurative language! For those needing needing learning materials for summer school or distance learning, this NO PREP teaching resource includes:July Poem:personification poem, "July," by Susan Hartley Swett 2 page personification worksheetANSWER KEY for person
This Poetry product, provides a great personification poem an activity and a game. Students will be able to consolidate their knowledge and understanding of the poetic device of personification. Students read the poem identifying the homographs and then consolidate their knowledge by completing the
Allow your students to show their creativity using this simple personification poem assignment! Pair it with my other poem assignments to build a poetry catalog for each student! You can even have them laminate and display their creative poems and drawings to display around the room! Students could
Seasonal poetry is a great way to turn students on to various poetry devices. It is a simple quick fix for those underlying core standards that need to be taken into account before state testing. By utilizing various poetic forms with these hands-on mini-lessons, you are sure to have your students
Looking for a March poem? "The March Wind," by Anonymous makes a great mentor text for teaching personification and/or first person perspective. If you like this mentor poem, you may also enjoy:Mentor Poems for Teaching Poetry Terms and Poetic DevicesThis poem is for you if you are looking for:Marc
If your washing machine could talk, what would it say? If you were a snowflake, what would you pray? What words from a vacuum cleaner would make you run? Does a crayon talk about having some fun? What news does dirty laundry have for you? It just might tell you when to say "peewww! Hearing the
This fun and meaningful activity is always a favorite in our class and parents love seeing the final products at open house. With this packet, students will create a unique poem that personifies an item that is meaningful to them. Included with this purchase: * Instructions on how to use the packe
Grade 4-9: In this simple, but creative assignment - set up on a one page handout - students select an object to become and then they write a poem in the voice of that object. Great fun activity! I have the students write their good copies on chart paper and present to the class, and the class gue
Use Sylvia Plath's poem "Mirror" as a model to teach personification. Students will select an object and write from its point of view, read "Mirror" and discuss it, and use Plath's poem as a model to create their own poem. Personification Poem by JDailey is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribu
Students will create a 14 line poem in which they use various literary devices to personify the Coronavirus. Not only will this project allow students a creative way to practice using literary devices intentionally for a purpose, it will also provide them an outlet for their emotions during this st
Teach students to delve deeper into personification (giving human-like qualities to non-human objects) and learn how to write their own poem personifying objects. This 40-50 minute lesson is an interactive and ready-to-go SlideShow. It is completely compatible for remote/virtual learning on Google
Get your third, fourth and fifth grade students independently reading and writing their own poetry and publishing their own poetry collection with this print AND DIGITAL poetry project perfect for distance learning! Even your reluctant learners will enjoy writing poetry with this set! Materials a
This Poetry Writing Unit provides students with a deep understanding of the poetry genre as they read and write poetry. In the eleven-day unit, students write ten different types of poetry. (That means that there are plenty of opportunities to excel at writing.) They’ll study figurative language,
Save with this Poetry Writing, Reading and Analyzing Bundle!Combined, the two units include 16 days of instruction! Both units can be easily combined, taught separately, or spread out through the duration of a school year.POETRY WRITING UNITThis unit provides students with a deep understanding of t

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