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phases of mitosis

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Need a digital version for online learning? Here you go! These graphic notes are a great way to get your students engaged with two abstract biological processes! Concepts Include:- Comparing and contrasting mitosis and meiosis- The purpose of each process- Number of chromosomes in each daughter cell
A perfect review for students learning about mitosis and the cell cycle. Students are asked to match 3 items, reinforcing their complete understanding of the topic. Phase names, diagrams, and descriptions must be matched by drawing a line. Diagrams and descriptions are for animal cells. Mitosis/Cel
6th - 10th
This resource includes a mitosis flip book: just print and fold. No cutting. Students will read, label, and color all the phases of cell reproduction- from interphase through cytokinesis. Sister chromatids and daughter chromosomes are distinguished from one another, as well as parent and daughter ce

Also included in: Cell Bundle

Whether you are studying the big picture differences between mitosis and meiosis or the fine details of the phases, the 3 options included for this study tool allow teachers to meet the needs of their students. This works great with or without an InterActive Notebook and the different difficulty opt

Also included in: DNA Unit MEGA Bundle

Set Includes an EDITABLE 1. Cell Cycle and Mitosis PowerPoint and Student Guided Notes Booklet (Microsoft Word Document). 2. Meiosis and Genetics PowerPoint and Student Guided Notes Booklet (Microsoft Word Document). These power points and booklets are a great start to building your biology units
Google slides activity to review mitosis. There are 2 slides for students (plus simple directions). On the first "work" slide, students will drag and drop the names of the phases of cell division into place, as well as descriptions of what occurs during that time, next to the pictures of the phase.
7th - 9th

Also included in: Cell Bundle

A handy resource for teaching the difference between mitosis and meiosis. The resource includes a Venn diagram as well as a comparative table where students compare the features of mitosis and sexual reproduction. Answer keys are provided. This resource does not cover the specific phases of the two
5th - 8th
*Updated* (19 SLIDES)- Use**DRAG & DROP CHROMOSOMES** in Google Slides to MODEL Mitosis, Meiosis, and Fertilization. Also includes: CARD SORTS and Model Analysis questions.*****************************************************************************************This digital Interactive using Goog
This card sort is for students to synthesize their knowledge of mitosis and the cell cycle. The cards have the phase name, description of activities within the phase, a key phrase to help remember what happens, and a picture that shows the phase. I direct students to put the phase cards in order f
This crossword puzzle is designed to review or reinforce what occurs during each phase of cell division. Great for homework, classwork, individual or partner work, or leave with a sub! Answer key is included. Students also label and color the phases according to provided directions. Picture of corre
6th - 10th

Also included in: Cell Bundle

The cell cycle, or cell-division cycle, is the series of events that takes place in a cell leading to its division and duplication or replication. The cell-division cycle is a vital process by which a single-celled fertilized egg develops into a mature organism, as well as the process by which hair
9th - 12th
14 Google Slides ( Digital + Paper ) - Introduce Mitosis and the Cell Cycle by using Real Pictures of Onion Root Tips undergoing Mitosis. You can use this product alone as a guided inquiry or in conjunction with a live onion root lab to reinforce vocabulary and labeling. (See Vocabulary list below
A comprehensive assessment resource including a 5 page unit test with a variety of question types, answer key, and a corresponding study guide. Topics covered:MitosisMeiosisTheir phasesSimilarities and differencesPurpose of each processAll related key vocabulary Take a closer look by downloading the
6th - 10th

Also included in: Mitosis & Meiosis - FULL UNIT

Set Includes an EDITABLE Cell Cycle and Mitosis PowerPoint and Student Guided Notes Booklet (Microsoft Word Document). Great for first time teaching the subject. Guided Notes Booklet Includes: - Learning Focused Lesson Plan Student Learning Map Cover of essential questions (which correspond t
In this activity, students will be presented with onion root tip cells in various stages of the cell cycle. Students will identify the phase (Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, or Telophase) of each cell and calculate the most frequently occurring phase among onion root tip cells.
Not Grade Specific
Students will describe and draw the phases of the cell cycle. They will also label the centrioles, spindle fibers, chromatin, chromosomes, and chromatids.I also have a Meiosis Graphic Organizer availableThis item is included in a Mitosis Bundle for a 20% discountThis item is included in a Mitosis an
Download NOW! I am offering these mitosis posters FREE for a limited time only! Great for a bulletin board or a poster display. Use these to reinforce the phases of mitotic cell division. Minimal color used to save on ink. Mnemonic devices offered-- this is how I always reviewed the phases and it wo
6th - 10th

Also included in: Cell Bundle

Looking for something a little different in your cell division unit? This activity asks students to create a graph of a data set related to the cell cycle and then answer questions about that data set. Students are asked to identify trends in the data and determine where on the graph the phases of
8th - 11th
Primary Learning Objective: To be able to recall the 5 phases of the cell cycle and be able to explain what is happening in a cell at each phase. This is the word document version of the notes that go along with the Cell Division and Mitosis Notes PowerPoint (which is free). Words that are underli
7th - 10th
This is the Mitosis and Meiosis slideshow bundle for 20% off! More on Cell Division HEREYou will receive PDF and PPT versions of these slide shows. Mitosis Slide ShowThis 33 slide slide show covers The purpose and outcome of the cell cycleChromatin to chromosomes The parts of a chromosomeSister chr
- Fully Editable! -Teacher Key Included! - No Teacher Prep, Just Copy. Students Cut Out! -I have students match color illustrated Phase Cards to the Phase Name and the Description of what occurs in each phase. -You could make these a laminated class set, or copy them for students to cut out indivi
8th - 12th
BIOLOGY IS THE ONLY SUBJECT IN WHICH MULTIPLICATION IS THE SAME AS DIVISIONThis guided/ interactive note taking worksheet set is the perfect tool for Notability or hard copy!MITOSIS: Your students will learn all of the essential vocabulary that will enable them to be successful in understanding the
Use these Cell Cycle Card Sorts as a wrap-up lesson to hit the main ideas.Google Slides Version -PLUS- Paper Version available.Students will complete a drag & drop exercise to match the phases of the cell cycle (drawings and photographs) to the phase they represent in a graphic organizer. Stude
Cell reproduction through mitosis is a vital function of life. Help your middle level students learn while they explore the various phases of this important process. Our COMPLETE LESSON saves you time, energy, and effort. This package includes all the tools for instruction, reinforcement, interacti

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