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phases of mitosis

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phases of mitosis

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students will model cell division phases using 1 of 4 different outcome choices. They may design and construct 3D models using many materials and ingredients, digital models, comic stories, or an interactive foldable of Mitosis stages. Students choose the task and method that not only challenged the
This interactive foldable is an engaging way for students to learn about mitosis. Students will be able to record all the descriptions of the different phases (prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase), label the different structures present and color in the diagrams.  It’s an excellent, all-in-one
1- Label the stages and parts of mitosis using words that students will copy and drop. 2-There is a worksheet where students match the state of DNA in each phase and characteristics of each phase using different colors in Google slides.3-Students will fill in a Venn diagram about Mitosis in plant an
Use these Cell Cycle Card Sorts as a wrap-up lesson to hit the main ideas.Google Slides Version -PLUS- Paper Version available.Students will complete a drag & drop exercise to match the phases of the cell cycle (drawings and photographs) to the phase they represent in a graphic organizer. Stude
The stages of mitosis are preceded by Interphase and followed by Cytokinesis. In the past, Interphase was believed to be a resting phase or phase of ‘down-time,’ when the cell was literally doing nothing. Scientists now know Interphase to be quite different. Interphase, stages Gap 1 (G1), Synthes
9th - 12th
These graphic notes are a great way to get your students engaged with two abstract biological processes!This is the original Google Drawings version of our most popular product- (PDF version) Mitosis and Meiosis Graphic NotesConcepts Include:- Comparing and contrasting mitosis and meiosis- The purpo
This resource boasts 6 different ways to review the Mitosis! This Google Slides has activities that can be utilized as a review or summative activity. Review Mitosis with your studentsn the following ways with the following questions:1. Cell Cycle Diagram & Stage Labeling - What stages are in th
Mitosis Foldable Wheel:A fun and creative activity that helps students summarise their understanding of the different phases of Meiosis. Comparisons can be made with the Meiosis foldable wheel (available to purchase as part of the Meiosis Bundle or available for individual purchase in my store), whi
3rd - 12th
Use 30 colorful cards to identify each phase and its time span in cell division. Includes descriptive characteristics of each phase, diagrams & micro-slide photos of both plant and animal cells plus a notebook foldable® to make for reference. Includes printable version for in-class use and a Go
7th - 9th
Cell Cycle and Cell Growth Foldable(Interphase, Mitosis, Cytokinesis) Students will create a foldable defining, describing, drawing and labeling each phase of the cell cycle. They will also draw the complete cell cycle (all phases), describe 2 factors which limit cell size and list common factors th
7th - 12th, Adult Education
The Magnificent Mitosis Manipulative Game is a great hands-on way to review the steps of mitosis and cell division. Students will work in small groups to recreate the stages of mitosis using basic supplies. There are bonus questions to help teams gain additional points during the game. Game also wor
6th - 9th

Also included in: DNA Unit MEGA Bundle

Need a resource that is interactive and a form of review? Look no further! This resource is two pages and chock-full of differentiated ways to review the Cell Cycle & Mitosis information!Start out having your students color the images that were created by Tangstar Science, cut them out and put t
6th - 12th
Identify and discuss phase diagrams of each process & sort colorful 32 descriptor cards highlighting the similarities & differences. Includes printable version for in-class use and a Google slides/forms version that can be shared with students for distance learning. Find other great resource
9th - 10th
Mix-N-Match MITOSIS Cell Cycle Cards(Interphase-Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase-Cytokinesis). Cards can be used as Review/Reinforcement or Whole Class Practice. You have the optional to print: 2 Cards to a page or Full Page Sized Cards. Every card has a question-WHO AM I? a picture of the
9th - 11th
This item is included in a Mitosis Bundle for a 20% discountThis item is included in a Mitosis and Meiosis Slide Show Bundle for a 20% discountThis item is included in a Mitosis and Meiosis MEGA Bundle for a 30% discountMore Slideshows HERE More on Cell Division HEREThis is the Mitosis slide show on
Detailed and versatile Mitosis Cells Clipart!! These graphics have so many uses! They can be inserted into a Mitosis PowerPoint or Google Presentation. They can be placed into worksheets. They can be printed out larger as manipulatives, where students move the cells until the phases are in order. Th
This is a graphing assignment that gives students the opportunity to graph a data table of an study done on whitefish embryo mitosis phases. Students review over data collected by counting the number of cells in interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, & telophase. Students are to complete th
6th - 12th
Task cards are a fun and interactive way to review, reinforce, or enrichment your lessons! Your students will get plenty of practice with these 28 Mitosis and Meiosis tasks. They include review of the stages and phases, vocabulary, and diagram drawing practice. Task cards are great for homework, cen
Notes & Reading Comprehension: Asexual vs Sexual Reproduction: Mitosis/Meiosis  - Great introduction or review of strategies and pros and cons of reproduction, Cell Growth, Mitosis and Meiosis. Notes, reading and practice worksheet included. During the explanation phase of the 5 E model, student
Students will cut apart 25 pieces and attempt to rearrange them so that all phase names are matching with the picture/description of that phase. Covers: InterphaseProphaseMetaphaseAnaphaseTelophaseCytokinesisPurchase includes a PDF download with both color and black and white versions. Student answe
6th - 8th
Stay organized this year! These no-prep bell-ringers/ warm-ups promote creative & critical thinking, review relevant subject matter content, and provide valuable structure to a class period or learning at home. This resource contains 30 writing prompts (6 weeks' worth of material) on the foll
This product contains 42 task cards in a pdf file which to help students improve their knowledge on concepts involving mitosis and meiosis addressed in a typical high school biology course. A recording sheet and answer key are included. The zip file containing this product also contains a student a
8th - 11th
Mitosis Card Sort Students will sort the cards to describe the phases of the cell cycle; including interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase and cytokinesis for plants and animals. The instructor will cut out all of the phrase words, diagrams, and description boxes and put them in a lunch
7th - 12th, Adult Education
Assessment: Asexual vs Sexual Reproduction: Meiosis/Mitosis  - A formal assessment on Asexual vs Sexual Reproduction: Meiosis/Mitosis. Focus is on the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy, binary fission, budding, regeneration/fragmentation, mitosis and meiosis.The Evaluation phase is the l

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