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phases of mitosis

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phases of mitosis

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This listing features three homework quizzes about mitosis and meiosis, version A, version B, and a modified version A for students with learning disabilities. Our school district experienced a paradigm shift in 2019, where the formative homework assignments no longer counted toward the course grade
Easy to use no prep mitosis and meiosis bundle! Just unzip and go. Help your students easily identify critical phases of the cell cycle, fundamental differences between the two processes, and introduce them to genetics through crossing over during meiosis.Teach this concept over one to two weeks usi
- easy to do lab on analyzing percentages of cells in each phase of the cell cycle- helps walk students through steps of setting up the labTerms of Use – copyright ©Catherine Skye All rights to this product are reserved by author. This authorizes one teacher to use this product. If you want to share
Visual aid graphic organizer for use in high school biology. Covers the 6 phases of the Cell Cycle, includes their abbreviations, and the major events during Interphase stages. Great form of notes as students are introduced to the concept.
Heredity and Variation of Traits Modified Notes & Reading Comprehension Bundle - During the explanation phase of the 5 E model, students learn to concretely describe and interpret their observations. This is the phase where direct instruction takes place and misconceptions are explicitly address
5th - 11th
Need to solidify your students understanding of Mitosis through comparing and contrasting? Look no further! This resource features images from Tangstar Science in a way for students to compare similar looking phases of the Cell Cycle and differentiate between them from their structures and what is o
6th - 12th
Science Works! In this fun puzzle activity students learn to visually recognize the phases of the cell cycle. Naturally students love puzzles, so building a sequence of events picture cards is easy and fun. This can be used alone, or as a preparation for a real microscope lab. Students gain underst
Help students understand the parts of the cell cycle better with this graphic organizer. The phases are logically organized along the side of the paper with space provided for the major events of the phase and an area to sketch.
6th - 9th
TEK 5A. Describes the phases of the Cell Cycle with animated pictures and real cell pictures. Compares eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell division.
The mitosis card sort is comprised of 3 cards for each of the different phases [description, phase name and an image]. 21 cards in total. Simply print in color or grayscale and then cut out the set of cards [laminate if you wish to make class sets]. Students then shuffle the cards and sort them into
7th - 12th
This is a video quiz out of 10 to go along with "Mitosis" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlN7K1-9QB0 What you do is mute the video and pause the video at certain times outlined in the document. The pause will allow the student to respond to the questions relating to telling the name of the phas
9th - 11th
An organizational tool to help students highlight the key events in each step of mitosis and meiosis.
9th - 12th
Students make their own Flashcards.....Students write the name and description of each phase in the cell cycle of Mitosis. This lesson also includes a 10 Question Quiz. The flashcards can be used as Review or Reinforcement. The Quiz can be used as Classwork to asses student's knowledge of the Cell C
7th - 11th

Also included in: MITOSIS

Students will complete the cell cycle with key descriptors of what takes place in each of these phases and provide illustrations of each phase. I have students glue their cell cycle and mitosis cut outs on a manila folder but it can easily be glued on their interactive notebooks or a poster.
This requires the use of the cell biology website and excel. This activity will help students to establish an understanding of how to identify the phases of the cell cycle. From the information gathered they will use excel to create a pie chart to view the percentage of time spent in each phase.
9th - 12th
Mitosis guided notes and blank template that can be used to draw out the phases of the process.
Primary Learning Objective: To be able to recall the 5 phases of the cell cycle and be able to explain what is happening in a cell at each phase. Note: There is a Student version Cell Division & Mitosis Notes Word Document for sale in my store that goes along with this PowerPoint that can be us
7th - 10th
Have students creates models of the cell in each phase of the cell cycle. There are a ton of ways to have the students present/communicate their results.
7th - 12th
PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS A QUIZ THAT IS ALSO IN ANOTHER PRODCUT LISTED AS "Cell Division (Mitosis/Meiosis), Karyotypes, Assessments & Guided Notes". If you have purchased the notes and assessments, then you will have duplicates with the purchase of this product. This is one qui
This activity includes 6 mini-games in the style of the popular TV show "Minute to Win It." Each mini-game reviews concepts of the Cell Cycle and Mitosis, focusing on vocabulary, phase recognition, and ordering of steps.
7th - 12th
Test your students' knowledge of mitosis and the cell cycle with this quiz (including two forms) covering vocabulary and knowledge of phases.
Hand drawn mitosis graphic organizer. Great for taking notes. Can also be cut-out and arranged vertically or horizontally with arrows to show the correct order of the phases.
This FREE resource on ‘Cell Cycle & Cell Division (Mitosis & Meiosis)’ is carefully designed to explain the stages a cell passes through during its life span. Knowledge of Cell Cycle & Cell Division enhances the understanding of a learner for various processes like gametogenesis and conc
This science graphic organizer includes illustrating and describing mitosis and the cell cycle. Students will identify what occurs at each phase - interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, and cytokinesis.With what standard does this resource align?This resource will aid students in movi

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