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Sun and Moon, A First Grade Exploration into the Sun, Earth, and Moon
"Sun and Moon, A First Grade Exploration into the Sun, Earth and Moon" is a unit that is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards! It contains, explorations, projects, writing pieces, worksheets, graphs, charts, observations, lesson plans, resources and printables! Take the grunt work out
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Solar System Unit for Kindergarten and First Grade
Your students will have a blast learning about the solar system with this thematic unit! Daily lesson plans include literature suggestions, activities, art, writing, reading, and math. There are also QR codes and links to YouTube videos that fit in perfectly as well. Click on the PREVIEW to read eac
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FirstieScience First Grade Science Curriculum
FirstieScience Curriculum FirstieScience Curriculum is an engaging science curriculum with young learners in mind! FirstieScience is standards-based and encourages young learners to think “outside the box” and prove their thinking through hands-on and engaging learning experiences. What Units Ar
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Space for Little Astronomers! Astronomy&History for Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Space, planets and all about the moon explained with a non fiction story, for children in kindergarten and first grade. This unit also includes activities, worksheets and crafts to help young learners practice writing, understand and remember key facts about the solar system. Sources: NASA - Our So
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Kindergarten & First Grade Science Interactive Notebook for the Entire Year
This kindergarten and first-grade science interactive notebook is loaded with science activities that you can use throughout the year and it is aligned with many of the Next Generation Science Standards. Your students will love showing off their knowledge as they explore and learn about a variety of

Also included in: Kindergarten Interactive Notebooks Bundle~Literacy, Math, Science

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COMPLETE NGSS 1st Grade Earth Science Unit!!
This unit was created to guide teachers through the 1st Grade Next Generation Earth Science Standards. Our unit is built to give teachers a scope and sequence filled with investigations, activities, technology and literacy connections to dive into the Earth Science standards in an effective and mean
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First Grade NGSS 1-ESS-1  Earth's Place in the Universe Unit
This resource includes everything you need to teach the first grade NGSS 1-ESS-1 Earth's Place in the Universe Unit. ✅YOU SHOULD HAVE ACCESS TO YouTube as there are many suggested videos.Lessons in this unit:Lesson 1 - What is in the Sky?Lesson 2 - Investigating the SunLesson 3 - The Sun's Role in

Also included in: NGSS Kindergarten to Third Grade Units Mega Bundle

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The Solar System and Phases of the Moon Reading Comprehension Paired Passages
This set of paired passages includes a nonfiction passage about our solar system and a nonfiction passage about the phases of the moon. The passages would be a great supplement for teaching about space, our solar system, the planets, or the moon. Pick and choose what close reading activities your st

Also included in: Science Reading Comprehension Paired Passages {Bundle 2}

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Phases of the Moon -  Science Unit for Grades 2 - 4
Phases of the Moon - Grades 2 -4 This is an easy unit to teach the Phases of the Moon without a lot of teacher prep. This unit includes: * Teacher Directions - 3 pages of ideas and suggestions to using the unit * Learn About It - 15 pages to project to teach the skill and concept to your student
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Space Systems...Patterns and Cycles...NGSS 1st Grade
Let's explore...SPACE! This packet was written to meet the 1st Grade Next Generation Science Standards BUT it is perfect for the exploration of patterns and cycles in space for everyone. Visit here for complete details. Also available in a bundle In the packet: Suggested Reading Standards Poster
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Writing Prompts~ First Grade Bundle
If you are looking for writing prompts, planning pages, a variety of writing activities, and ways to make writing fun, look no further! Planning is a piece of cake with this print and go writing bundle. There are 1,614 pages included! Each unit includes at least 135 pages. They are jam packed with f
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Moon, Phases of the Moon with OREOS, Tides, Seasons Lesson
This is a two part 700 slide PowerPoint presentation with built-in class notes (red slides), built-in hands on activities with OREOS, step by step drawings of a solar and lunar eclipse, sun dial lesson with worksheet, challenge questions with answers, built-in review opportunities, video links, two
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Day and Night, Sun, Moon, Phases of the moon, Near and Far
EASY to teach and FUN to learn! This 154-page unit contains EVERYTHING you need to teach your littles about the day and night sky . We have divided this packet into 3 sections: Day Sky, Night Sky and Near / Far.If you are familiar with our math and science units, then you know how organized, detail

Also included in: Science Bundle for kinders and firsties too

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Let's Go to the Moon! Journeys Unit 4 Lesson 16 First Grade Supplement Materials
Let's Go to the Moon! Journeys Unit 4 Lesson 16 First Grade Supplement Materials Common Core aligned Created and tested by a first grade teacher. Pg. 3 Space Spelling! – Unscramble your spelling words on the spaceships and match the alien with the correct word by cutting and gluing them to each spa
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Phases of the Moon Mini Book
This file contains a 15 page book about the phases of the moon. It is intended for first and second grade but could also be used for third grade. It includes a moon calendar and a story vocabulary matching worksheet. Cut and staple the book pages OR fold the pages back and staple the open edges t
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Phases of the Moon Cootie Catcher
It is my hope that this is not only addictive for your students, but addictive for you as well! Cootie catchers (or fortune tellers) are a great way to “trick” your students into learning without them even knowing it. Concepts in science are based around students first understanding the vocabulary a
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Science Interactive Notebook for First Grade: Part 4
Interactive notebooks are perfect for engaging your students during science. These 17 flip books are easy for students to assemble and add information to. They are aligned with 1st grade TEKS. We use them to record our findings as we learn about various science concepts. The topics covered in th

Also included in: Science Interactive Notebook for First Grade BUNDLE

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Phases of the Moon Freebie
This freebie includes a print and go template for making the Phases of the Moon Foldable, along instructions on how to use it in the classroom. Just print double sided and let the students do the rest! I supplement this foldable by using Oreo cookies with my students. To find out more, visit my
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NGSS 1st Grade-ESS-1: Space: Star Patterns and Cycles
PLEASE NOTE: All of my packets are EXPANDING PACKETS which means that any purchaser will receive ALL NEW CHANGES AND ADDITIONS FOR FREE when the file is updated! This packet supports the 1st Grade New Generation Science Standard ESS1 and includes the following things needed to teach this standard:
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The Lady in the Moon - Scott Foresman 1st Grade
This HUGE pack will keep your kiddos busy all week with the Scott Foresman story "The Lady in the Moon." There are many whole group and small group worksheets, cut and paste activities, board games, and more. Included in this pack: *Whole group activities -Writing project -3 different art ideas -5
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Phases of the Moon Assessment - 4th Grade Science
Phases of the Moon Full moon, waxing gibbous, first quarter, waxing crescent, new moon, waning crescent, last quarter, Waning gibbous, The Order of Moon Phases See Below Other 4th Grade Science Bundles 4th Grade Science lessons for ENTIRE YEAR PART 1 click here 4th Grade Science lessons for ENTIRE
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Phases of the Moon Mini Powerpoint Game
Engage students with this fun, interactive space game. In this mini game, students are answering questions about the different phases of the moon. The first 8 questions ask students to name the given phase of the moon. The last 2 question as which phase comes after a certain moon phase. There are 10
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Common Core 1st Grade Science 10 Unit Progressive Bundle (Units 1-6) 460 Pages!
This product contains 17 weeks of lessons for first grade science, (although with few modifications it could be used from kindergarten to grade 3.) In total there are: 85 Lesson Plans 6 Pretests 6 Final Exams 12 Vocabulary Quizzes 6 Glossaries 5 Worksheets 2 Diagrams of Organ Systems (Skeletal and
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1st Grade Science Concept Poster Bundle 1.L.1 1.L.2 1.P.1 1.E.1 1.E.2
1st Grade Science Concept Poster Bundle This bundle is 20% off the individual cost of each resource! This science product contains all 3 of my 1st Grade Science Concept Poster resources. Thirty- four posters are included for students to complete on the topics of: -Force and Motion Vocabulary -
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