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Phonological & Phonemic Awareness Assessment and Intervention BUNDLE
Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Assessments and Intervention Binder BUNDLEThis bundle includes the Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Assessment Binder and the Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Intervention Binder. Save 10% off the two resources when purchased as a bundle. *******************
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Phonemic Awareness (The Bundle)
Phonological/Phonemic Awareness provides a strong foundation for early reading success. As students become more proficient in hearing, identifying and manipulating sounds (phonemes), they can move onto segmenting and blending words. A systematic and cohesive approach to teaching phonological awarene
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Phonemic Awareness Activities
Phonemic Awareness Activities with Teacher Task Cards!You know phonemic awareness is so important, and you do it in small groups...but sometimes it's hard to remember ALL the skills in the spectrum. Sometimes it's hard to think of one more pair of rhyming words. Sometimes it's hard to generate those
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Phonemic Awareness - Response to Intervention Activity Pack
The activities contained within the Make, Take & Teach Phonemic Awareness Activity Pack are ideal for small group intervention. This activity pack contains 16 of our most popular phonemic awareness activities! Hands on activities using colorful and engaging pictures make this a favorite for bot
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Phonemic Anchor Charts: Orton-Gillingham Inspired Spelling Rules
After attending a conference focusing on multi-sensory education and Orton-Gillingham methods, I created these charts to assist teaching common spelling patterns and helpful reminders. The bright posters are great for whole group and small group instruction. Pull them out when teaching the skill and
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RTI & Kindergarten Guided Reading {Phoneme Segmentation Activities}
RTI & Guided Reading {Phoneme Segmentation} Segmenting words into individual sounds is critical for successful decoding! Phoneme segmentation is a technique for building phonemic awareness in which students break words into sounds- - saying each sound separately as they stretch out the word. I
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Phonemic Awareness ENDLESS BUNDLE
It's all of my phonemic awareness packets jammed into one easy to download DISCOUNTED bundle! Save *BIG* when purchasing the Phonemic Awareness MEGA Bundle! Thanks so much for viewing my Phonemic Awareness MEGA Bundle! Be sure to click below to view all of the included packets! Additional packets wi
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Phonemic Awareness Activities for Intervention
Phonemic awareness activities are fun and engaging with this pack! Does RTI scare you? Do you not know where to begin? I know JUST how you feel!! This Phonemic Awareness intervention pack is filled with activities that support Response To Intervention for students in kindergarten, first grade, and
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Phonological & Phonemic Awareness Program for Reading & Writing Success
This Phonological Awareness Curriculum is a Daily program that will only take about 10 minutes of instruction per day. This systematic approach to instruction will build confident readers and writers who can decode and spell words. Small amount of time.... BIG impact! What is Phonological Awarene
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Phonemic Awareness Activities | STEM Activities
Looking for a resource to bring STEM into your phonics skills or word work stations? Sound Kits are just that! They are phonics task activities that incorporate STEM and provide students an opportunity to create and apply phonemic awareness skills through higher level thinking, exploring and constru
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Phonemic Awareness Intervention
This phonemic awareness pack includes activities for you to use during small group instruction or for intervention. Your dyslexic students will benefit from this type of practice. These are hands-on colorful activities to use with small groups or one-on-one. I also included the research that support

Also included in: Phonemic Awareness RTI BUNDLE

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CVC Words Bundle {Phoneme Segmentation}
Save 25% off the total cost and help build phonemic awareness with this CVC Words Bundle! Oftentimes, students have difficulty orally “stretching out” CVC words. I have found that using color coded CVC word cards help students identify the beginning, middle, and ending sounds; therefore, making it
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Phonemic Awareness Word Lists and Activities
Teach Phonemic and Phonological Awareness skills anytime and anywhere with this simple to use set of 138 word lists cards and activities. They cover skills such as word awareness, rhyme, syllables, sound segmentation and blending and many more phonemic and phonological awareness skills. Perfect fo

Also included in: Phonemic Awareness Word Lists And Centers BUNDLE

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Help Me Sound It Out- {small group games that help with phonemic awareness}
Students come into our classrooms from many different backgrounds. They also come to us at many different levels. For this reason, it is essential to differentiate our instruction. Teaching small groups is a great way to help all the students in your classroom. This packet is full of fun games tha
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Rhyming Words (Cut and Paste): Phonemic Awareness
Check out the BUNDLE HERE Phonological/Phonemic Awareness provides a strong foundation for early reading success. As students become more proficient in hearing, identifying and manipulating sounds (phonemes), they can move onto segmenting and blending words. A systematic and cohesive approach to te

Also included in: Phonemic Awareness (The Bundle)

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Phoneme Segmentation - Breaking Up Words
Your students will love this activity designed to teach phoneme segmentation. The Make, Take and Teach Breaking Up Words activity is perfect for small group intervention. Simply print the activity for each student in your intervention group and you're ready to go! When you download this activity,
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Interactive Notebook Phonics and Phonemic Awareness for Kindergarten
Interactive notebooks are a great way to make learning fun and provide students a reference place for the skills they have learned. If you teach Kindergarten phonics skills this is a MUST have resource! The following skills are included in this resource: Phonemic Awareness Activities: Rhyming S

Also included in: Interactive Phonics Notebook Bundle K-2

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Blending and Segmenting Phonemes BUNDLE
Blending and Segmenting Phonemes BUNDLE This file is now complete with all 9 files. All bundles in our store are discounted as compared with purchasing separately. This bundle now includes 853 pages (plus black and white versions), Working with phonemes centers, posters and printables inclu
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Phonics Posters with Chants for Phonemic Awareness & Phonics Activities
These sound charts are comprehensive to help students gain phonemic awareness, and you can either keep them as a whole page or print four to a page to use for phonics activities! Covers vowel teams, bossy r, diphthongs, digraphs, blends, the alphabet, soft consonants, ending blends, long vowels, and
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CVC Word Sliders {Phoneme Segmentation}
Help build phonemic awareness with CVC Sliders! Oftentimes, students have difficulty orally “stretching out” CVC words. I have found that using color coded CVC word cards help students identify the beginning, middle, and ending sounds; therefore, making it easier for students to segment each CVC w
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Phonemic Awareness: Leveled Word Lists for Segmenting Practice & Elkonin Boxes
Do you find yourself scrambling to brainstorm CVC, CVCC, CCVC, or CCCVC words on the fly? Do you wonder what order of difficulty to rank the above mentioned word types? Have a ton of random word lists stuffed into a reference folder somewhere? Here is an organized and very comprehensive set of lev
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Phoneme Segmenting Center Cards
Segmenting Phonemes Center Cards This file is now part of our: Blending and Segmenting Phonemes GROWING BUNDLE Help your students work on their developing phonics skills with this fun word work center idea. Segmenting phonemes is one of the hardest skills to master on the phonemic awareness con

Also included in: Blending and Segmenting Phonemes BUNDLE

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CVC Words, Phoneme Substitution Change the Beginning Sound
This is a quick, easy to prep activity to help students practice phoneme substitution and CVC words by changing the beginning sounds in words. Students will learn to manipulate spoken words by substituting the beginning sounds to make a new word. Students will read the CVC word on the card and th
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Phonemic Awareness - The Big Box of Phonemic Awareness Activities
The Make, Take & Teach Big Box of Phonemic Awareness Activities contains over 500 colorful and engaging pictures for teaching the skills of Syllabication, Rhyme, Beginning Sounds, Onset-Rime, Sound Isolation and Phoneme Segmentation. This kit also contains common core alignment and activity car
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