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Are you looking for a way to get your students actively involved and engaged with your Word Wall? A way for students to practice those critical phonics spelling patterns in a meaningful way that helps to build mastery? Then these phonics sound word wall cards and student dictionary are just the tick
Beginning of the Year and Phonics Review go hand in hand. Our Letter Sound Dictionary will be your students' favorite way to practice their phonics sounds! From reading, printing practice, illustrating, and sentence writing, this interactive dictionary covers it all. Your students will love choosi
This is a FUN and interactive way to get students involved in spelling! This interactive dictionary and phonics notebook is set up to make organizing easy! Included is: Directions of how to set it up WITH pictures for examples. Name card for the notebooks, 2 different options Alphabet chart Cover
1st - 3rd
This phonics student dictionary includes the SAME words as the Phonics Word Wall. It is a perfect way to get your students to interact with the word wall and refer to a personal resource when reading and writing! Students can highlight the sound in each word and add words to the lists as they lear
Why should you use this product? This product will help your students practice reading words with the schwa sound and dictionary skills. They will complete activity sheets and games that make reading fun and engaging. The more students see these types of words and practice reading and writing them,
Vowel Anchor Charts & Phonics DictionaryI created these short and long vowel anchor charts to use in my classroom as a tool for my 1st graders as we learn short and long vowel spelling patterns. I have found my students refer to them constantly especially while writing words with tricky long vow
PreK - 2nd
This dictionary is designed to give students the opportunity to review and reinforce the hunks and chunks. Once a hunk and chunk is introduced to the class, your students have the opportunity to write words and sentences that contain the diphthong, digraph, or r controlled vowel. They can also ill
MY FIRST PICTURE DICTIONARY FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERSThis phonics picture dictionary is a useful resource for young learners. It includes words accompanied by pictures starting with each of the letter sounds, except for letter x where focus is on the final sound. Simply print and assemble all
This packet focuses on Phonics words. Those words are perfect for writing centers and guided reading. This packet was developed for students to build phonics skills and to learn tricky words and sounds. This bundle contains over 1,000 words including three bookmarks with the rules for two vowels and
1st - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This spelling dictionary corresponds with Saxon Phonics 1st grade. All tabs are clickable for easy navigation. The file is a pdf. It can be opened in any program that opens PDF files (adobe, books, online storage sites). Works great on computers, iPads, and tablets. Download the preview to view comp
K - 3rd
This personal dictionary combines phonics, sight words, and unfamiliar words. For the phonics component, students need to draw their own pictures for each letter after learning the letter-sound action. The second page for each letter lists sight words, and then provides a space for students to add
1st - 3rd
Have you been looking for a personal dictionary that’s that works well with Jolly Phonics? This picture dictionary has graphics for 84 common nouns, 11 color words, 12 numbers & lists 90 sight words (tricky words). It includes dictionary activities like writing your own words! { Kindergarten, Gr
Learning diphthongs can be fun when you are playing BINGO! In this product, students will practice 10 phonics sounds (in and im are together), each sound has 10 BINGO cards, calling cards, 1 visual dictionary page, and 1 worksheet. The BINGO cards have only 9 words so the game will be short and t
Encourage student independence with spelling with their own personal student dictionary / word wall that is perfect to use alongside Level 2 Fundations phonics program. This dictionary contains clipart that corresponds with the similar images used in the Fundations program. Each lettered page has
1st - 3rd
This is a collection of CVC words and pictures enriching your child's vocabulary and reading skill. CVC words are grouped per word family. I have used this resource for my student's individual reading. My students sometimes tell or ask something about the pictures. Afterwards, it helps them write th
This product contains a beautiful, minimal personal word collection dictionary for students to independently use and reference. This resource uses anchor sound pictures based off of the "zoo phonics" program. The anchor photos are beautiful realistic watercolors of full-body animals. There are space
PreK - 3rd
A word book/dictionary that can either be printed normally and stapled down the side, or printed with booklet settings and stapled in the centre if you have access to a long arm stapler. Each page contains the relevant Phonics image. Contains Word format and PDF format.
1st - 4th
Fundations Level 3 Units 1-14 If you need a distance learning option Click Here.If you are looking for some quality activities practice to assist you in your Advanced Phonics Teaching. Here are over 500 activities for you to use. I have included sentence writing, synonyms, antonyms, expanded senten
This is a fun song to use for daily practice when learning letter sounds. Each page of the booklet reinforces the sound as you teach it with the letter and a word that begins with that letter. Perfect for whole class letter sounds lessons, or small group reinforcement. I often send these booklets ho
If you teach K-2, you know how important phonics and spelling instruction is. One thing that helps learners is to have key words and pictures to go with each phonics or spelling skill (often referred to as phonograms). These visual reminders are especially important for struggling learners. This co
Fundations Level 3 Units 1-14 Made specifically to use for remote teaching no printing needed. Perfect for Google Classroom but can be used by anyone with a free Google Drive account.If you are looking for some quality activities practice to assist you in your Advanced Phonics Teaching. Here are ove
2nd - 4th
This no prep, self-checking Dictionary Skills deck of 35 Digital Boom Cards gives 2nd grade and 3rd grade students practice clarifying the meaning of words and phrases, mastering dictionary skills and using glossaries as referenced in CCSS L.2.4.E & L.3.4.D. #DistanceLearningTpT Digital Boom Car
Utilize this resource to help enhance your phonics instruction. This product can be used to supplement your phonics curriculum and includes over 200 pages of NO PREP worksheets and many fun games you could quickly put together to engage your students to become better at decoding and encoding words!
Fundations Levels 1, 2, & 3 Phonics BundlesIf you are looking for some quality activities practice to assist you in your Phonics Teaching. Here are Hundredsofactivities for you to use. I have included grade level skills including sentence writing, synonyms, antonyms, expanded sentences with c
1st - 4th

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