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Photography Worksheets & Lessons
This printable book on Photography has a focus on subject matter, camera angles, framing and a more artistic point of view. It is not a resource showing you how to use all the different aspects of a camera—there is enough information out there for each type of camera for that!This resource is perfec

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Art Photography Worksheet Ansel Adams & The Golden Ratio Rule/Fibonacci Spiral
Ansel Adams use of The Golden RatioAnsel Adams is one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century. The presence of the golden ratio is evident in his compositions. Using Adams photographs, students see how widely he used the ratio. This worksheet explains what the Golden Ratio is and why it's

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Still Life Photography Worksheet
I use this worksheet for in class still life photography. Students shoot photography in class, edit their photography, and then place the photos in this file and answer the question. They compose 1 creative photograph... the worksheet has them place the original, a black and white version, and a Sna

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History Of Photography Worksheet
This worksheet accompanies the History of Photography Powerpoint.

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Digital Photo: Complete Semester 1 Course (Photo Basics)
This is the complete collection of lessons for a semester long Digital Photography course. Students will progress through each of the 13 lessons and learn more advanced techniques through the semester in these lessons: * History of Photography (worksheet set, PowerPoint & quiz) * Photography

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American Civil War: Technology that Shaped the War: Ironclads, Telegraphs, More!
This packet looks at the different technologies that shaped the American Civil War. Here is what is in the packet: 1. Ironclads, Submarines, and Balloon Technology worksheet with answer key 2. Gun and Bullet Technology worksheet with answer key 3. Railroads: Advantage The North worksheet with

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Introduction to Journalistic Photography
This is a 91 page PowerPoint that introduces students to taking photos for journalism and yearbook. It gives examples and describes types of photos: action, drama, expression, illustration and usual photos. It describes and gives examples of different types of perspective. It describes and gives exa

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Photography Word Search Puzzle
Your students will enjoy looking for all of the fun photography vocabulary words hidden in this puzzle worksheet. The words are hidden in all directions making this a challenging word search. A great activity for early finishers or just for something fun to take home and enjoy.The 24 hidden vocabu

Also included in: The Arts Word Search BUNDLE - 8 Worksheets + Bonus


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Photography Critique Worksheet
I teach creative photography. This worksheet is an excellent way for students to reflect and critique their own photography. I also use this worksheet in the beginning to have the students critique photography from a few of the photographers that we learn about in class. This worksheet really helps

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Art / Photography / Journalism Photo Analysis: B Gluck's Vietnam Shell Shocked
Help students analysis a photograph from the Vietnam war. This also addresses photography in journalism. There are no right or wrong answers, there is background information on the Teacher's Notes page. This is facilitated by the teacher to allow students to explore, engage and discuss the role of p

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Art / Photography: What's Going on Here? Analysis Worksheet Discussion Starter
Want your students to slow down and notice details when they read — whether they’re reading a novel, a poem or a cartoon? Students often want to hurry up and make meaning with a quick skim or a quick glance when it should demand patience and focus. Closely reading or looking and studying requires t

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Art History - Photography Analysis of Photographer Dorothea Lange Migrant Mother
Analysis of: Migrant Mother — Gelatin silver print, Nipomo, California, Dorothea Lange, 1936Worksheet with specific questions that pertain to Lange's photograph. These will help student analyze the photograph for a photo journalistic style. Great discussion starter, mini lesson, bell ringer, etc. Te

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Introduction to Digital Photography Bundle Pack: 10 Lessons, 6 Week Curriculum
Everyday millions of digital photographs are uploaded to social media, shared with friends, and moved around the world. So what separates the photographers from the rest? Teach students the artistic side of photography and how to take professional looking photographs, not just snapshots. This bundle


Grammar Worksheets, Lessons, ACT Prep, Skill Drill, VOL #1
This set of 18 grammar worksheets is classroom-tested and proven to raise test scores!! With these grammar worksheets and paired video links for tutorials, you'll be set to review a specific grammar skill weekly, or however often you choose!Student Experience: These worksheets are actually a piece

Also included in: Grammar Set #1 Bundle, Ten-Minute Daily ACT Prep, 18 weeks


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Immigration and Urbanization Worksheets
Immigration and Urbanization Worksheets!Are you teaching late 19th and early 20th century immigration to the United States? How about the explosive urban growth in the U.S. during that era? This 20-page Immigration and Urbanization Worksheet packet (including teacher’s key) provides your students w

Also included in: Worksheet Mega Bundle


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Yearbook Grammar Proofreading Worksheets, Editable, Digital Hybrid
Do your students struggle with the editing process of their yearbook copy or their newspaper articles? It seems that students often struggle with recognizing grammar mistakes when proofreading their articles, and these editing worksheets - designed specifically for yearbook or journalism students -

Also included in: Yearbook Curriculum BUNDLE+ for Student Journalism Publications


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How to Haiku, Japanese 5-7-5 Poetry Form Worksheet for Grades 5-12, FREE
Teach your students the simple pleasure of haiku poetry. This worksheet provides a brief overview of the haiku technique, three examples of well-written haiku, and three opportunities for students to create their own original poems inspired by compelling animal photography. Perfect for any poetry un

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ART Critique, Open-Ended  (6 Printable Art Worksheets), Art Lesson
I created these six worksheets for my third grade art ELL students. They are Open-Ended critiques for:Painting,Drawing, Ceramics, Photography, Sculpture and Printmaking. Open Ended, is usually a student directed process, where they can draw their feelings, emotions, reactions to the art work in the

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ART Critique, DBAE, (6 Printable Art Worksheets)  art lesson
Teaching your students how to critique an art work is a valuable skill. This packet of 6 different critiques is for painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, drawing, and printmaking. Six worksheets cover the basic DBAE approach to art education.*Printable *WorksheetsThis is editable, if you prefe

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Quotation Marks Worksheets - Writing Quotation Marks in Dialogue Set 1
Need some help with teaching quotation marks. Here's a lesson plan with some neat worksheets that will have your students writing dialogue in no time! This lesson plan teaches the use of quotation marks in conversation. It includes the following: • Lesson plan • Mini-posters of rules and example

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91 Editing and Proofreading Worksheets + 223 Writing Prompts
91 Editing and Proofreading Worksheets & 223 Writing Prompts Bundle (Gr. 3-7). Keep language skills sharper than finishing school aristocrats with a four-download bundle. Use worksheets to practice, supplement, and review throughout the year. This Editing and Proofreading Worksheets B

Also included in: Handwriting Practice for Older Students + 91 Editing Skills + 223 Writing...


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Photography Lessons and Worksheets | Shapes & Shadows
This unit of work is designed for Elective Photography students. It is a beginning unit that explains the basics of the Digital Camera, shot types and camera angles. It also includes information on The Elements of Art and The Principles of Design.Click here to stay up to date with latest product rel

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Valentine's Day Grammar Worksheets, NO PREP, Middle and High School
These five Valentine's Day grammar worksheets designed for high school students aren’t your typical February grammar exercises! These are truly NO PREP, print and go, age-appropriate exercises to challenge and review your teens' grammar skills during February.Student Experience: These grammar activi

Also included in: Grammar Worksheets Holiday/Seasonal BUNDLE, Distance Learning


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Distance Learning Story Starters, Writing Prompts, Original Photography
This writing paper set contains 20 original nature photos. These original photos provide a wide range of topics including wild life, fishing, storms, horses, forest, old house, dirt road, fishing, fall, farming and more. These writing prompts are sure to spark some interesting stories from your stu

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