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This 10 lesson bundle provides plenty of variety and interesting, attention grabbing activities for your students. It is priced to save you 30% off buying each of the products individually. I have been giving these assignments to beginners of Photoshop and they have worked extremely well. Each l
Interested in teaching an introduction to using Photoshop CS6 or CS5 in a fun and engaging way? This Introduction to Photoshop CS6 Unit Plan includes everything you need to get started teaching your students basic graphic design skills. The 7 day lesson plan includes a daily outline along with requi
A step by step guide to using Adobe Photoshop CS6. Students learn about the Photoshop workspace, cropping, resizing and rotating images, retouching and repairing images, effects and filters, using the selection tools, image transformations, point, paragraph and path type, type transformations, masks
5th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
In this assignment, students bring an old photo or image alive by adding color to it. Students begin by searching the internet for a Black and White image that they would like to use. They copy the image into Photoshop and begin selecting areas of the image and colorizing them using Curves Adjustm
Students respond to this introduction to Pop Art, and soon will be creating brightly colored Pop Art from photos and images. Beginners can handle this activity for sure provided they know how to use selection tools and can follow directions step by step. They also enjoy being able to transform the
This assignment is great for introducing or reviewing a very important fundamental in Photoshop - using the selection tools. Students will create a Spot the Differences type graphic that you might see in a magazine. This is a classroom tested assignment that students really enjoy. I often get my
If you are teaching a multimedia or ed tech class, and are looking for lessons designed for middle and high school learners of Photoshop and Flash, you have come to the right place. This comprehensive, classroom-tested 20 lesson bundle provides plenty of variety and interesting, attention-grabbing
Students are engaged in this eye-catching assignment for a couple of reasons. First, almost everyone loves and listens to music. Also, they enjoy the blending of the background texture with the images of musicians they love. Though I used Musicians in this activity, it could easily be amended to
Objective: Create a digital painting of a mountain scene using Photoshop. This project gives step-by-step instructions with pictures. This project is designed for a beginning user of PhotoShop. I also have other Computer Tech projects available at my store. Requirements Sky Ground Mountains Snow
In this activity, which is appropriate for beginners and intermediate level users, your students will create an artistic, textured collage depicting a city of their choice. Landmarks and symbols of a city are combined with a couple of industrial textures to create a gritty, urban feel. Save over 4
In this creative activity, students will choose an image from the Internet and make it appear to be an oil painting. Students will use Layers, Masks and various selection tools to accomplish this task. After they have changed the appearance of their chosen image, they will place the image on to an
This fun, engaging activity will allow beginners to quickly build an interesting optical illusion. Using a few image sources, students will cobble together a photo mosaic face portrait. When looked at from a distance, the picture will look like the larger image of the person's head. Upon closer i
Students really enjoy this beginner level assignment! The concept is for them to find an image of a car and turn it into a funky, bold, bright 1960's style poster. Students are free to choose either a modern car or an old model they love. Of course, for students who aren't into cars, they could c
This is an engaging, beginner and intermediate level project that my students have really enjoyed sinking their teeth into. Students choose an image that they will use as the basis for a Polaroid Collage. Using Clipping Masks, they construct realistic looking pictures complete with drop shadows.
PhotoShop CS5 CS6 Combine Multiple Images with Shadows Lesson Objective: Create a digital scene by combining multiple images using PhotoShop CS5 CS6 Requirements 1. Start with landscape 2. Add 3 or more different photos to create a new scene 3. Add Shadows to objects This is and intermediate le
In this fun activity, students create that Photoshop eye candy known as Pop Art. An image is selected from the internet, turned into pop art using some basic filters and color adjustment layers, and then copied into a four-panel format. Beginners can handle this activity for sure provided they kno
In this video tutorial, students will learn the technique to change hair color using Photoshop CS6. Students will also be exposed to the specific tools which will make the hair color change look as realistic as possible. Image file that goes along with the video tutorial is included.
This is the PhotoShop project how to created Animated GIF's An animated GIF is an animation of a simple graphic, drawing or text. I show you how to do all three. The project is step-by-step directions with pictures. You can hand out to students or go over it as a class. I show you how to make the
This tutorial teaches students how to turn an image into a pencil sketch, how to turn a portrait into an oil painting, how to add color to parts of an object, how to make yellow stains on teeth disappear. and how to fix red eyes.
9th - 12th, Adult Education, Staff
PhotoShop CS5 CS6 Add Lightsaber to Video Clip Add special effect to a Movie In this project the students will edit a movie clip by adding lightsabers to the movie using PhotoShop. The directions are for CS5. CS6 is almost identical and CC will work but will look a bit different at some steps. This
7th - 12th, Higher Education
Worksheet of the toolbox.
Watermarks! Identify your photographs with copyright, text or logos. Follow the itemized instructions to produce a watermark like a pro. There are five variations described within the fourteen pages. The techniques explained also work with older versions of PhotoShop. Instructions include examp
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
Photo-In-Text. Your skills with PhotoShop will be impressive if you can demonstrate the ability to manipulate text to include the background image into your letters. The techniques explained also work with older versions of Adobe PhotoShop.Thirteen pages include instructions, examples, screen captu
In this popular, beginner level activity students will create a visually appealing text graphic image based on a theme (music, nature, movies, sports...etc) of their choice! This is a fun, classroom tested activity that students can adapt to their own tastes easily. This project was created in Pho

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