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Physical and Chemical Changes Cut and Paste Sorting Activity
This is a fun and engaging way to practice determining the differences between physical and chemical changes. Students will read a sentence and decide if it is describing a physical or chemical change, then glue the box in the correct column. An answer key is included.

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Modified Physical and Chemical Change Cut and Paste; Special Ed
This is a 2-page worksheet for students in an inclusive science class learning about the physical and chemical changes. I used this for my 6th grade students who learn at about a first grade level. The worksheet has two columns on the first page. One is labeled physical reactions and the other is

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physical and chemical change cut and paste
Get your kids excited about science with these cute worksheets.I am offering the following big bundles this year Kindergarten and year 1 literacy bundle CLICK HERE Kindergarten and year 1 maths bundle CLICK HERE Nursery rhyme bundle CLICK HERE Let's go Preschool and kindergarten literacy and mathCL

Also included in: Physical and chemical change bundle


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Physical and Chemical Changes: Cut and Paste
Students cut out examples of chemical and physical changes and paste them on the T-chart. This can be placed in an interactive notebook or used as a partner activity.

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States of Matter Activities  States of Matter Interactive Notebook
This States of Matter Unit will engage your students through matter activities, labs, passages, interactive notebook booklets, posters and more. With over 90 pages, it covers various topics such as solids, liquids, gases, mass, volume, density, physical changes, chemical changes, evaporation, conden

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Physical and Chemical Changes Unit for Special Education
This unit on physical and chemical changes contains 152 pages of material specifically designed for students with special learning needs, especially autism who are in middle and high school. This unit addresses the main characteristics of physical and chemical changes in a simplified but rigorous

Also included in: Custom Science Bundle 2: 13 Units Save 20%


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Physical and Chemical Changes--Venn Diagram
This worksheet allows students to compare and contrast physical and chemical changes in matter. The activity allows students to cut and paste related words and phrases into a Venn diagram to demonstrate their understanding. An answer key is provided.

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Physical and Chemical Changes Sort, Posters, Interactive Flap Books & Printables
This resource includes: Changes of Matter7 Posters: (color and grayscale) • Physical Change • Chemical Change • Vocabulary• 2 Physical Change (before and after)• 2 Chemical Change (before and after)2 Posters: (color only)• Physical Change (photograph)• Chemical Change (photograph)6 Graphic Organizer

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Physical Science Vocabulary Cut and Paste
This is a collection of fourteen vocabulary cut and paste activities designed to supplement your lessons on Physical Science topics at the 4th and 5th grade level. Each activity is designed to give students an active experience with ten vocabulary words commonly used in the science topic. Each acti

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Physical and Chemical Change Worksheets - with answer keys
There are 5 worksheets about physical and chemical change. On the first two worksheets, students sort examples as either physical or chemical changes. Words may be written into the correct columns or be cut apart and pasted into the columns. On another worksheet, students are given examples and

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Physical and Chemical Changes NGSS MS-PS1-2 and NGSS MS-PS1-5
Distinguishing between chemical and physical changes is an important topic to chemistry and is a good preview to mixtures and chemical reactions. This packet provides the following resources:-Ten interesting demonstrations that are sure to attract the attention of your students. -A sorting activity

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Separating Mixtures Physical and Chemical Changes
A fun hands-on activity where students separate the individual components of mixtures using simple lab techniques. This mixture experiment uses readily available materials for a five-component mixture. Mixtures are an excellent example of a physical change. Aligns to NGSS MS-PS1-2. The separation pr

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Cut-n-Paste Vocabulary: Physical and Chemical Changes
CNP Vocab Cut-n-Paste (or CNP as I call them) is just what it sounds like. Students are provided with one page of 6-12 definitions and pictures. They are to cut out the definition and paste it in to the corresponding space provided on a second sheet of vocabulary terms. (If there are 12 terms, print

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Physical and Chemical Changes INB Activities
This product of interactive notebook activities is designed to follow the unpacking of the NGSS for 5-PS1-4. Each activity has an easy to follow directions page with explanations of how to cut and paste the foldable as well as any vocabulary terms defined, examples, and even sample questions that go

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Physical & Chemical Changes
Introduce your students to Physical and Chemical Changes, Polymers, and Acids & Bases! Included are the following hands on activities...Edible PolymerAcid or Base?Physical & Chemical Changes Cut and PastePhysical & Chemical Change Experiments – What type of change is it? (simple experim

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Physical and Chemical Changes Worksheets PowerPoint
A packet of resources for physical and chemical changes. The packet contains all of the resources listed below. 24 slide PowerPoint on physical and chemical changesCut and paste activityWriting prompts and handwriting worksheetsDescriptions of fun demonstrations for your studentsPhysical and chemic

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S5P1 Physical and Chemical Change Vocabulary Cut and Paste
This product includes a student journal sheet of matter vocabulary, a cut and paste activity, and a teacher answer key. This vocabulary practice is quick and easy to print. You can use it as an activity to check your students' understanding of physical and chemical change.

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Physical and Chemical Changes Sort
Teach your students the difference between physical and chemical changes by allowing them to see and sort examples!This product includes:2 cut & paste physical and chemical change sorting pagesBlack and White and Color page optionsA full answer key to the sorting pagesThank you for taking the ti

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Chemical Changes Activities and Interactive Notebook Materials
Teach your students about the chemical changes with these fun activities, labs, vocabulary posters, QR codes, and more! This product is jam-packed with resources ready to print and use!SAVE OVER 40% WHEN YOU PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT IN ITS BUNDLE!Your class will learn about:- Chemical changes through o

Also included in: Science Interactive Notebook Yearly Bundle and Activities


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Hands On Chemistry & Physics Experiment Packets
Hands On Chemistry & Physics Experiment PacketsAre you looking for hands on experiments and learning activities made to engage upper elementary and early middle grade students? Do you desire to reinforce science vocabulary as part of your students' experiments? Do you want to encourage indepe

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Cut and Paste: Physical vs Chemical Change
This is a way for students to review different examples of physical and chemical changes. It is a cut and paste activity which allows students to sort through different examples of changes and organize them into the correct category. Students can work on this individually in which this activity may

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Forms of Energy Mini Book: definitions, examples, review, cut & paste
Forms of Energy Mini Book: definitions, examples, review lesson- 2 versions of this mini book are included to interactively teach about the forms of energy. Included are: Energy definition Potential and Kinetic Energy Light, Sound, Thermal (Heat), Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Gravitational, E

Also included in: Forms of Energy Bundle: Examples, Cut & Paste, Application, Energy Transfer


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Forms of Energy Matching Sort Cut & Paste- Definitions and Examples, Application
Want a great way to review, practice or asses your students understanding of the different forms of energy- this is it! Forms of energy included are: Light, Heat, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Sound, Gravitational, Elastic, Nuclear energy. 3 Worksheets are set up so that you can do some or all

Also included in: Forms of Energy Bundle: Examples, Cut & Paste, Application, Energy Transfer


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Science Interactive Notebook - Matter Unit
Everything you need to complete an Interactive Notebook on Matter except pencil, scissors and glue!Included: Planning Pages, Cornell Notes (3 pages each - full size, 2 to a page notebook sized and Answer Key), Cut and Paste/Foldable Activities, Notebook setup, Scales and Daily Warm-ups. 94 pages tot


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