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physical properties of minerals

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physical properties of minerals

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This fun-filled lesson encourages students to explore the properties of minerals. Students will explore the physical characteristics of a minerals through a class discussion using a teacher selected mineral such as amethyst and will close read a passage on mineral properties (comprehension questions
This is a brief lesson used in 4th grade to introduce students the physical properties of rocks and minerals. It includes images (as well as image credits at the end of the lesson as all images came from a Google search). Each slide can be printed to make posters or to use as part of your science w
This graphic organizer allows students to visualize all of the different properties that differentiate one mineral from the other. Some of these properties include luster, streak, hardness, etc. An answer key is included in this document for teacher support.You may also be interested in:Mineral Iden
4th - 8th
This is a quiz that is part fill-in-the-blank and part essay. Students will be answering questions about the properties of minerals (luster, hardness, color, streak, cleavage, fracture, and special properties) There are 11 questions in all (10 fill-in-the-blank and 1 essay). The essay question
This product allows students to better understand the physical properties of minerals, including hardness, color, luster, and streak. These slides can be used as a reinforcement, formative assessment, independent/ guided practice, or as a supplemental aid. Includes graphic organizers, charts with dr
This is an informational PowerPoint with a Mineral Identification Lab included. Lab slides may be printed as student worksheets. Meets requirements for Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS):(6) Matter and energy. The student knows matter has physical properties that can be used for classificat
Need a quick science test or assessment? Look no further! This quiz is a 6th Grade Science Texas TEKS aligned assessment covering TEKS 6.6C Physical Properties of Minerals. However, it is definitely suitable for most curriculum.I use these as a snapshot in my classroom between unit tests and benchma
This is a notes sheets that students could copy or be given. It includes the 6 properties of rocks and minerals: color, cleavage, fracture, luster, and structure. After the notes, is a hands-on activity that asks students to practice describing rock and mineral samples using the above mentioned p
4th - 6th
Instructions and student template (with questions) for hands on science exploration of rocks and minerals Best suited for 4th or 5th grade as it caters to SC.4.E.6.2 and SC.4.E.6.5 Teacher will need to provide a variety of rocks, hand lenses, streak plates, and other small objects (ie. penny, nai
Goes over the properties of minerals in a quick 10 slide smart presentation
6th - 8th
This is a notes sheet for use with Glencoe/McGraw Hill Earth science text. It can be adapted for other texts that cover the phycial prperties of minerals (luster, specific gravity, hardness, etc...) if the page number references are altered to match. Set up like a table, this 2 page sheet inclu
Use Mohs Hardness Scale and this handy worksheet to introduce upper elementary students to rock and mineral classification. Students will learn and identify the characteristics of color, streak, and hardness.
3rd - 5th
This is a great pre and post assessment when in the physical properties unit.
5th - 8th
Video lessons from Florida Science, Inc., are created by a veteran Florida teacher, Ted Borduas, M.Ed. With classroom and district level experience, Mr. Ted brings a sense of fun and wonder to investigating topics in Florida's Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) in elementary science.Su
Earth Science Interactive Notebook, Printables, and 100% editable PowerPoint – Join the fun! 3 Units – Rocks and Minerals (includes Weathering,Erosion and Deposition), Soil, and Fossils. *Also includes digital access via Google Slides.What’s included: Rocks and Minerals UnitLots of real pictures fo
DESCRIPTION This product includes 30 slides to be used when teaching properties of matter such as magnetism, solubility, relative density (sink/float), and conductivity. It is designed to be used as a daily warm-up or review to supplement a hands-on science curriculum. It is built to meet the need
SCIENCE INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK TRIPLE PLAY BUNDLE SCIENCE INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK TRIPLE PLAY BUNDLE is my one-of-a-kind Science Interactive Notebook collection of INB activities, mini-quizzes and teacher notes you WILL NOT find anywhere else and will also save you a bundle - OVER $60 IN SAVINGS compare
Properties of Matter for 5th Grade: Mixtures and Solutions is a complete unit on identifying materials based on their properties. Students will learn about the properties of solubility and conductivity and will plan investigations. Students will also investigate suspensions and colloids. This resour
Physical Science Informational Text Cards from The Science Penguin This pack has 28 informational text cards all about physical science! Topics include matter, conservation of matter, constant properties, mineral properties, velocity, kinetic and potential energy, electricity, gravity, mixtures an
Introduce Properties of Minerals (hardness, luster, streak, crystal structure, color, cleavage, and fracture) with this PowerPoint presentation. This resource includes a 16 slide PowerPoint presentation and 2 versions of the student notes pages - full size and interactive notebook format (modified
Students who are visual and/or kinesthetic, hands-on learners will love learning about rocks and minerals with this graphic organizer! I distribute different types of rocks to my students. I then instruct my students to draw their rocks and describe the properties (color, luster, streak, hardness,
34 piece clip art set includes images of rocks / minerals featuring different properties and Mohs hardness scale including separate icons. May be useful for illustrating geology and petrology resources.The set includes 17 PNG color illustrations, and 17 PNG black line versions. These are high resolu
This bundle focuses on the teaching of Science topic: Materials and their properties through focusing on three key areas:Properties of materialsChemical ChangesPhysical ChangesThese focus areas are delivered through a range of activities (which include lesson plans or clear and detailed instructions
Rocks & Minerals Themed package for home-schooling parents! Ideal for JK-Grade 2 or 3. This package comes with 25 printable files (minimal or no prep work required)! Can be used in daycare, school, or by parents. I strive to make my packages affordable with the opportunity to re-visit several ti
PreK - 3rd

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