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Area and Circumference of Circles Pi Day | Coloring Activity

Area and Circumference of Circles Pi Day Coloring ActivityThis is a fun way for students to practice finding both area and circumference of circles. There are 12 problems total, 6 area and 6 circumference. Some problems give the radius and some give the diameter. Students match their answers at the bottom, and color the pi symbol accordingly. This makes for a perfect Pi Day activity!New: There are now TWO versions included. One in which the calculations are done using the pi button on the ca

Pi Day Activities - Puzzles

Created by
What a great way to celebrate Pi Day.. with puzzles that focus on the amazing value of Pi!This resource includes 5 different puzzles, one for each day of the week that includes March 14, 3/14, Pi Day:It’s All About the Number- Pi SudokuPi Word SearchLogic with Pi (2 versions; one easy and one challenging)Solve the Circles to Find the Quote (by Einstein)Mystery Picture - Cartesian Graph (with 100+ coordinate pairs)Each puzzle includes a solution... but you might want to solve them with your stud

Pi Day Activities Elementary

Are you ready for March 14? Pi Day is a great day to get your students celebrating Math. This Pi Day Activities Elementary Packet is no prep for any Math class! This packet teaches students about the history of Pi, the number Pi, how to use Pi, and much more! Now includes a DIGITAL version! Use this packet for bellwork, classwork, extra credit, fast finishers, or homework.SAVE 30% on this resource in the Elementary Math Activities Bundle for the year!Pi DAY ACTIVITIES FEATURES:6 different Engagi

Pi Day Activity Collaborative Poster With Writing Prompt

Created by
Danielle Knight
Collaboration for Pi Day is fun with this poster for your math teaching lessons. Teachers will receive 3 size options to use for this Pi Day writing activity poster. The Albert Einstein Pi Day image is original and you won't find it anywhere else. Albert Einstein appears to be very relaxed in his Pi Day shirt. It will bring cheer to any math, algebra, or geometry classroom. Your students will have an engaging discussion during this group project to go along with the writing prompt. INCLUDES: Dot

Pi Day Activities - Circle Math and Art Fun for Elementary

Geek out for Pi Day 3.14 (March 14th)! It is such a fun holiday to celebrate math and of course, CIRCLES. Get your MATH on (and art, too) with a variety of worksheets and activities that include circles and pi. Looking for Pi Day activities for upper grades? Head over to Pi Day Pack!What You'll GetWhat is Pi? Explains pi in a kid-friendly way!Hands-On Pi Experiment with Recording SheetPi Day Fun Facts: Read it together while students color the page.Color by Code (2 options): Comparing numbers an

Measuring Circle Circumference & Diameter to Discover Pi - Pi Day Inquiry Lesson

Have fun finding Pi by measuring the circumference and diameter of circles of all sizes! Students will calculate the ratio of the length of a circle’s diameter to its circumference. They’ll discover that the circumference is always a little more than three times as long as the diameter. This full lesson plan and teacher script will help you lead an inquiry based investigation and class discussion. It’s perfect for an introduction to these geometry concepts, or for a fun Pi Day activity.A full, f

Area & Circumference of Circles Digital Escape Room Perfect for Pi Day!

Finding the circumference and area of a circle will help your students escape the Oval, I mean Circle, Office in this engaging digital escape room. This online activity is perfect for Pi Day on March 14 (3.14) or any time to review geometry standards relating to the formulas for area and circumference of a circle. Puzzles will have students deriving pi by finding the ratio between a circle's circumference and diameter, finding the area of a portion of a circle, solving problems to open a safe, a

Pi Day Activities Middle School

Are you ready for March 14? Pi Day is the perfect day to get your students celebrating Math. This Pi Day Activities Math Packet is no prep for any Middle School Math class! Now includes a DIGITAL version! This packet teaches students about the history of Pi, the number Pi, how to use Pi, and much more! Use this packet for classwork, project, or Pi day party.SAVE 30% on this resource in the Middle School Math Activities Bundle for the year!This Pi Day Math Activities packet features:7 different E

PI Day Digital Escape Room Math | Pizza Challenge Grades 4-6

This Digital Classroom Escape is an interactive activity which promotes peer collaboration and problem solving. Cryptic messages, challenges, and puzzlers combine to create the perfect blend of learning and fun!This Tanya Yero Teaching resource can be used both in a traditional classroom setting and for distance learning/ remote learning.Theme of Escape: Mr. Tomotto hosts a yearly PI Day Pizza Challenge at his restaurant- will you escape in time? Math skills covered: Degrees in a circle (4.MD.5)

Pi Day Activities Bundle

This bundle includes 3 activities to celebrate Pi Day - 2 math pennant activities and a Pi Day mobile craft. You can read additional information about each of the activities included in the bundle by clicking on the links below:Brief summary of what's Included in this bundle:1: Pi Day Pennant*In this Pi Day activity, students work with the circle formulas to find area, circumference, radius and diameter. Each pennant also includes a Fun Fact that students can read as they complete their circle p

Pi Day Math Activity Bundle

Want to celebrate Pi Day this March, but don't know where to start? This jam-packed Pi Day Activity Bundle includes everything you need to celebrate Pi Day. With 35 activities and items, it has all you need for a fun, educational, and mathematical day celebrating circles, spheres, and pi. Save over 20% with this great time-saving bundle of fabulous activities.Pick and choose your favorite activities for an afternoon of fun. Build math station rotations and have your entire grade level partici

Middle School Math Pi Day Pennant Activity

Students celebrate Pi Day by working with the circle formulas in this math pennant activity that doubles as classroom décor.Students are asked to find the area or circumference of a circle. Some questions ask students to find total pie area given the area of one piece or to find diameter given radius and vice versa. Most pennants include a "Fun Fact" about pi that students can read as they complete their circle problems. Once a pennant is complete, it can be colored and then hung along a string

Pi Day Activity Webquest and Word Search

Pi Day ActivitiesA 20 question web quest that students can use to learn some things about the number pi - including a little bit of history and some fun facts.Some suggestions of web resources that can be used to research pi and Pi Day, including two video clips that could be shown and a website that can be used to make Pi Day Greeting Cards.2 Word Searches that deal with pi.Answer Keys to the Web Quest and to the word searches are included.NEWLY ADDED (2-6-22). A Griddler Puzzle has been added

Pi Day Activities BUNDLE

Everything you need to celebrate Pi Day! Have some hands-on math and art fun while exploring pi for National Pi Day (March 14th). If you are preparing a celebration for your school or many grade levels, save with this bundle. Please see the individual listings of the resources to see all that is included in this ultimate Pi Day bundle:Pi Day Fun (K-5)andPi Day Pack (Grades 5+)There is an overlap of some of the activities, which is why this resource is heavily discounted.✅ What You'll Get: K-4 Ac

Pi Doodle Notes (for Pi Day or Anytime!)

Created by
Math Giraffe
Pi "doodle notes" offer a creative, fun, interactive activity for learning what Pi Day is all about.The doodle note set has two pages, and you can choose one or use both as an awesome way to celebrate Pi Day with your students! They'll be learning all about pi while enjoying it and relaxing at the same time.When students color or doodle in math class, it activates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time. There are proven benefits of this cross-lateral brain activity:- new learning- relax

Pi Day Coordinate Graphing Picture 1st Quadrant & ALL 4 Quadrants

This is a great activity where students graph points on a coordinate plane and it creates a picture of the Pi Symbol with Happy Pi Day at the bottom! The clever title of "Stop Being So Irrational!" gives them a clue to what the picture will be.CLICK HERE to SAVE over 40% and get this in the HOLIDAY BUNDLEI have included Student Instructions for both Quadrant One ONLY and instructions that include ALL four Quadrants! This is a great way to differentiate for your lower-level learners as well as yo

Pi Day Digital Math Escape Room for Middle School

An engaging digital math escape room for Pi Day! In this activity, students work with the circle formulas to unlock 5 locks. Questions are grouped 4 per puzzle, resulting in five 4-letter codes that will unlock all 5 locks. Each puzzle also includes a fun fact about pi.Students are asked to find either the area or the circumference of a circle, given diameter or radius in a word problem. Some of the problems use spheres or cylinders as context, but all questions ask for either area or circumfere

Pi Day Activity Area and Circumference of a Circle Middle School Math

Great activity for your middle school math students to practice area and cicumference of circles. Students practice finding circumference, area, diameter, and radius given one circle measurement in this Pi Day coloring activity. 20 practice problems for students to calculate a circle measurement and then color the pi coloring sheet according to their answer. Included in this Product20 problems to practice circle calculationsFun coloring pageAnswer keyHighlightsEngagingUse as class workUse as ho

Pi Day Activity for 8th Grade Identifying Rational & Irrational Numbers

Created by
Rise over Run
Practice identifying rational and irrational numbers with this fun hidden message puzzle. In this coloring activity, students fill in the spaces with irrational numbers. The problems are simple to complex. Students will need to simplify many of the expressions before knowing if they are rational or irrational. Once the puzzle is shaded correctly, it says, "3.14 is pi day."A great formative assessment and self-assessment for students.The puzzle is included as a printable PDF and as a Google S

Pi Day Activities Elementary BUNDLE

Pi Day activities and craft for K-6 to celebrate Pi Day in Elementary. Do this right after Read Across America! This BUNDLE packet includes items that you can pick and choose to use, depending on the level of your students and how in-depth you want to get. Kindergarten Teachers Yes, you can use the craft, crown, KWL, posters, writing sheets, and the ABC dot to dot without a problem. Every kindergarten class level looks differently. Please note that the Pi book is not easy for kindergartners to d

Pi Day Activity Poster Math Doodle Style Writing Organizer 5th Grade

Your students will love this Pi Day poster activity! It's perfect to use on March 14th, Annual Pi Day. Let your students express themselves using this 8.5 x 11 Pi Day poster. This poster will look great hanging outside your classroom as the day approaches, and parents will enjoy reading them when they are sent home.========================**NOTE- you can now purchase this pack as part of my 4th grade math mega bundle. CLICK HERE to see the mega math bundle for 4th grade. Perfect for math cente

Pi Day Activities

Pi Day CAN be celebrated even if your students don't learn about pi! As a fifth grade teacher, I often thought I couldn't celebrate pi day because it is for "older students." This product has activities that your students CAN DO---coordinate grid, special message math, mystery word, a classroom race, and choosing greater than or less than 3.14 to solve a mystery statement---on Pi Day! A SELF-CHECKING Easel activity allows students to solve review math problems and choose the pie with the corr

Pi Day Activities

Pi Day is my FAVORITE holiday, and after completing these activities, I'm sure it will be a favorite of your students, too! This download is packed with hands-on circle math activities and STEAM art projects that are the perfect way to celebrate National Pi Day, which is March 14th (3/14). Start off by introducing pi and then dive in to a number of hands-on math activities! These activities are suitable for students in grade 5 and up.✅ What You'll Get ✅What is Pi? (2 pages)Pi Day Fun Facts (1 pa

Pi Day Activities for Secondary Students

Have a little fun celebrating PI DAY. Whether you spend an entire class period or just assign one of the activities for a homework assignment, there is a variety of engaging fun inside. The product includes: Word SearchCircular Sudoku, there is a black and white version and a color version.Internet Scavenger Hunt, with a page of linksPI DAY PosterA sheet of stickers that can be printed on adhesive address labels as a fun hand-out for your students.Did you know that you can earn 5% back for futur
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