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A worksheet asking students to calculate the circumference of circles which could be used as part of pi day activities.Digital Activity Available:If you decide to use this version of the resource, answer boxes are already in place but please feel free to add your own instructions and edit/adapt the
Pi Day Poetry: I LOVE this writing challenge. Challenge your students to some creative writing with these parameters: students must write a story or poem that match up the amount of letters in a word to the consecutive digits in Pi. For example the first 3 digits in Pi is: 3.14 So the first word in
This FREE download contains 5 fun pie-themed Pi Day word problems that require students to find circumference and area! Have your students practice critical thinking as well as circumference and area in the context of fun, Pi-Day themed problems! The 5 pages of this product include: - cover page
A list of 10 different Pi Day activities that you can do at the last minute with no prior planning and minimal materials. A word search and Pi digits poster are included! Some ideas can be completed in just a few minutes, while others could fill an entire lesson! Choose just one activity if you can’
*~*~*~*~* HAPPY PI DAY *~*~*~*~* This maze is a good review of "Finding the Area & Circumference of a circle in terms of PI" . Students are given information about circles and must utilize these information to find the Area or the Circumference. Students may be given: • A diagram with th
Pi Day activity for math class! In this holiday-themed activity, students practice calculating area and circumference of circles. There are two versions of the practice worksheet - each with corresponding matching answers. This format allows students to work independently, while having the opport
This FREE worksheet contains a simple, black-and-white word search of words related to pi: circle, circumference, day, decimal, diameter, four, irrational, measurement, multiply, number, one, point, radius, ratio, squared, three. This is a great activity for Pi Day (March 14), especially for younger
This FREE worksheet shows a large, simple outline of the symbol for pi. Students can decorate the symbol. This is a great activity for Pi Day (March 14), especially for younger students that may not be able to do much with pi mathematically. Makes a great bulletin board display. Enjoy!
This is a 15 X 15 titled, "Happy Pi Day!" A fun change of pace for algebra and geometry students celebrating Pi Day, March 14th. Suitable for 7th -12th graders. Here are links to more of my puzzles: Chemistry & Biology Crosswords: 72 Ready-To-Use Puzzle Activities Hidden Animals Alphabet S
A fun way to celebrate Pi-Day! Each student designs a Pi Day t-shirt using the pi symbol and the word "pi"! Some ideas include: Vam"Pi"re Bat Fighter "Pi"lot "Pi"napple Key Lime "Pi"e "Pi"rate "Pi"oneer The list is endless! Let your students get those creative juices flowing!
Here is a great way to celebrate Pi Day. Try this fun circumference and area color by number to get your students ready for March 14th, Pi Day! Enjoy!
Here are a few activities to make your pi day truly transcendent! Included: Instructions for making a pi chain (Materials needed) 2pi PowerPoint quizzes with lame pi jokes Instructions for doing a toothpick toss (Materials needed) This is all best served with pie!
Let your students have fun by interacting with this Pi Day Word Search! Within the circle-shaped word search, you will find academic vocab words such as circumference, ratio, and more! It even includes the word Archimedes, the philosopher who first theorized pi! Make it a learning opportunity to lea
These FREE cards show models and expressions for area and circumference of circles, fun for Pi Day activities. Kids can match them in math stations or centers, or play four fun games. You may also want to view the "Playing Around with Pi" Bundle that has been featured by TpT. If you want to get kids
Tori Joelle The "Pi Shop Activity" focuses on standard 7.G.4 (area and circumference of a circle) while reviewing standards 7.EE.4 (using variables to represent unknown quantities) and 7.RP.3 (percent problems). This activity is self-directed and encourages independent thinking and problem-solvi
Celebrate Pi Day 3/14/15 with these free student worksheets and teacher lesson. Discovery activities about Pi and circles. All are from Patterns in Arithmetic: General Math - Booklet 6.
Get your kids excited about pi day with this cute crown I am offering the following big bundles this year 2018 Kindergarten and year 1 literacy bundle for 2017CLICK HERE Kindergarten and year 1 maths bundle for 2017 CLICK HERE Nursery rhyme bundle for (2016-2017) CLICK HERE Let's go Preschool
FREE - Spring | Clip Art & Poster | Pi Day.Piphilology is the practice of memorizing digits of π. The record for memorizing digits of π is 70,000, recited in India by Rajveer Meena in 9 hours and 27 minutes. One common technique is to memorize a story or poem in which the word lengths represent
Students listen to "100 Digits of Pi" on YouTube. Students fill in the missing lyrics (numbers or words).Paper copy and a link to a digital copy in Google Docs. Click File, Make a Copy to share with your students.Great activity for stations or centers on Pi Day!*I am NOT the creator of this song.
Students will calculate measurements of yummy food using pi and then enjoy a pi day celebration snack! Keep in mind, you will need to make/buy cookies and brownies for the class :)
Students can be as creating with this coloring page as they would like.
Pi Day Word Problems. Circumference, surface area and volume of cylinders, area of sector, arc length. Includes pi day jokes and formula sheet.
Students find circular objects and measure the diameter. Students identify the circumference of each object. Then students evaluate c+d, c-d, c*d, and c/d. Students will conclude that c/d is very close to pi, therefore pi is the ratio of circumference to diameter.You will need circular objects an
This is a fun activity that I created for my Pre Algebra students to do on Pi Day (3/14). Students measure the circumference and diameter of pies and find a slope (pi!) and direct variation equation for the data (circumference formula). The worksheet works best as a Google Doc, and students will nee

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