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This is an emergent reader text with an Earth Day theme aligned with Common Core State Standard RF.K.4 (Read emergent-reader texts with purpose and understanding). There are 10 pages (not including the cover). The sight words included: how, can, I, help, up, will, and, my, you, me There are decod
Trash or Treasure? Letter Sorts are a fun way to help students master letter recognition. The letters shown on each page are presented in a variety of fonts which helps students learn to recognize letters in a variety of texts and settings. This is a great activity that forces children to concentrat
Teach your students all about keeping our Earth clean by singing lyrics that can be sung to the tune of "Y.M.C.A" by the Village People! Included in the Earth Day lyric sheet: - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle - Keeping our planet "green" - Picking trash off the ground - Turning lights off - Using less
Feed the hungry trash cans with part to whole word relationships! Players can draw conclusions by inductive reasoning- make the link of how a smaller item can part of a larger itemHow to play: Print out pages 3 -9. To make the game durable or useful for a long time than laminate these pages.Once la
Most elementary teachers are interested in integration of the arts with the content areas, so I have decided to create some STEAM challenge packs more focused on art. This one is based on the amazing Washed Ashore exhibit in which artists make treasure from ocean trash. The five STEAM Challenges i
Match the Trash CVC Word Family Activity is designed for students to practice their reading skills in a variety of formats. It uses the theme of filling the trash cans on the individual sorting mats. Students can: ♦ Work in a small group with the teacher ♦ Use the sorting mats in centers ♦ So
This is a fun 4 part trash can band song. Written for 4 different sizes of trash cans but 4 different instruments could be used instead of trash cans. There is also a spoken part that kids love to speak. I perform these songs with my students and once they have the rhythms learned they love to put a
Real vs Nonsense Word Sorts! You can do this in a small group or students can do as a center! Laminate cards and label cvc, ccvc, and th blend cards! Have students pick a card then sort it as �treasure� meaning it is a real word or as �trash� meaning it is not a real w
Pirates Pete and Pat have landed on Treasure Island. One finds a trash heap. The other locates the treasure. Use this fun differentiated literacy center to give your kindies lots of sounding out experience with CVC and CCVC words. Children need to place all word cards up side down on the gameboard
Trash or Treasure is a great literacy center activity to help students learn their sight words. The students pick a card and decide if the word is a non-sense word (trash) or a real word (treasure). Students continue picking cards until they have recorded six trash words and 6 treasure words. Inclu
These “tidy tub” labels are perfect for your trash can at each table group! I hate it when my students are constantly getting up to throw something away, so I have individual trashcans/tubs at each table and my “trash helper” at the end of the day empties each tub into our main trash can. Pick wha
28 clue crossword puzzle (with solution) based on the adventure novel which features three “dumpsite boys” who make their living picking through the trash in a unnamed Third World country. This is a summary quiz, designed to be used after reading the novel. It could be used as a homework assignme
50 question summary assessment / final quiz based on the adventure novel which features three “dumpsite boys” who make their living picking through the trash in a unnamed Third World country This is a multiple choice activity. I created it in this format to provide support for weaker students. It c
Distance Learning with Earth Day STEM!!! PLEASE READ: This is a PDF file! It was made as a PDF so it could be put into different platforms for digital learning. It is not interactive. It is a lesson that can be sent to students to work on at their own pace! It can be uploaded into Google Cla
You can tell a lot about someone by looking through their trash. Do they live alone? What kind of food do they eat? Do they have any hobbies? How old are they? With this activity, students will have the opportunity to make inferences about people based on their trash. It connects greatly to the nove
Earth Day and STEM make a perfect match! Earth Day has so many real-world problems that need STEM solutions!! The lesson starts with the cute story, I am Earth. It gives the students background on Earth and why pollution is harmful! Then it gives students more information on Earth Day and the his
If I Were a Trash Collector Craftivity Writing prompts are great....but they are definitely more fun for your students when a craft is added to the activity. This set is perfect learning about community helpers and includes:A Trash Collector Craftivity with a picture, patterns, and directions- Wri
This is a 25 question (3 page) multiple choice test on the novel Trash by Andy Mulligan. This quiz will assess whether or not your students read the book, but it will not test ELA standards (though there are some standards-based questions mixed in).I usually assign monthly independent reading for ho
This Slides activity focuses on what to do with waste products - Recycle, Compost or Trash. The post actually contains four assignments all-in-one. Slide #1 is a drag-and-drop designed to be used on devices (Chromebooks, laptops, Promethean or Smart boards, etc).Slides #2-3 is a consumeable options.
This Slides activity focuses on what to do with waste products - Recycle or Trash. The post actually contains four assignments all-in-one.Slide #1 is a drag-and-drop designed to be used on devices (Chromebooks, laptops, Promethean or Smart boards, etc).Slides #2-3 is a consumeable options. After dow
Looking for an engaging way for your Recorder students to practice rhythms on a note of their choice? Recorder Games will bring the magic to your classroom by providing an interactive activity for your students to gain more confidence while practicing! Recorder Games contains 12 rhythmic-focused fo
Speech Therapy Articulation Activity for /f/ & /v/ Also available in/k/ & /g/"Garbage Can Pick Up"This activity includes:48 garbage cans with 16 green - 8/f/ and 8 /v/ initial16 blue - 8/f/ and 8 /v/ medial16 grey - 8/f/ and 8 /v/ final2 Garbage trucks: /f/ and /v/ Print, Laminate and Attach
Save Earth Posters. Hang your posters in classrooms, dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls aren't welcome. Enviornment day Printables.
ALPHABET PICK UP LITERACY CENTERThis alphabet pick-up literacy center has a trash can for the letters Aa-Zz and a corresponding alphabet page. Use these resources with a trash grabber/robot claw for a fun and engaging literacy center. You can find more information about this resource on this blog po

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