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Have your speech therapy or classroom students compare and contrast common objects with these picture task cards. Great for expressive and receptive language goals including students with Autism. Help them learn to describe similarities and differences. Includes both words and pictures for younger s
Speech Therapy Activity Cards Kit: Categories 60 Different Categories – 1 Label Card & 5 Picture Cards Per Category Use STACK: Categories in a variety of ways Have students sort pictures into categories Have student name items belonging to a category Show 3+ pictures from a category and hav
Have you been looking for simple, high quality picture vocabulary cards for common nouns/items? Look no further! This is the perfect resource which includes TONS of themed picture cards! This pack also includes BONUS CATEGORY MATS to categorize pictures. Print off on colored paper and laminate t
Target vocabulary development, categorization, convergent and divergent naming, and critical thinking. This resource is designed to be printed, laminated, and cut into flashcards for continuous use over time. There are two different formatting options available. The first format is index size flashc
Category picture cards. 7 major categories included in this set that can be used for classifying, describing, identifying, matching, pronouns etc. Each major category also includes sub categories to make activities more difficulty for you higher students. Categories Included:- Animals, 36 cards-
Included in this packet are 112 total different real picture category sorting cards across 10 different categories. Real photograph pictures are used to help promote real life learning! Simply laminate and velcro each card and the visual tile, and have your students sort the picture tiles to the
Support children's language development using this visual photo scenes. Perfect for sorting and categorizing objects, photos or words. Print (full or half sheets) or use on your iPad or computer. No Print!This set includes:farmzoowoodland forestocean (underwater)rainforestpondskyroadoceanbeachcityho
A great resource to help your students learn categorization and vocabulary. This pack targets both receptive and expressive language skills in the following ways: ✿ One set (72 cards) asks you to “name the category” and asks you to “name another item in the category” ✿ One set (72 cards) asks you
This product contains 20 digital decks. These are perfect for Speech teletherapy/Speech telepractice. What are Boom Cards? Boom Cards are internet based, interactive activities that work great for distance learning! They are highly motivating, self paced, and self grading.Accessing Your Boo
What Doesn't Belong? activities are an engaging way to teach categories, sorting, naming, labeling, vocabulary, etc. It's also great for comparing and contrasting! Materials in this unit include:•Which one doesn't belong? – 50 cards with pictures and 50 cards with words. BOTH have a section where st
Here are 16 sheets of category sorting for 64 different categories! I have mine laminated, cut, and placed in plastic boxes for easy storage and handy use. Here's what you'll find:numbers to 12colorsworkersanimal habitatstransportationhomesclothingsize comparisondescribing food with adjectivessports
This product contains 25 digital decks. These are perfect for Speech teletherapy/Speech telepractice. What are Boom Cards? Boom Cards are internet based, interactive activities that work great for distance learning! They are highly motivating, self paced, and self grading.Accessing Your Boo
Sort and match animals, clothing, transportation, food, living and non-living things. These cards and mats allow for easy differentiation of instruction in small and large groups. Picture cards are useful for autistic students or beginning readers. Word cards and combination cards are useful for ear
This product includes picture cards that can be used to target vocabulary, categories, describing, speech sounds etc. The cards are colour-coded by category. There are 6 cards per category. - Blue: School items - Yellow: Transportation - Green: Food items - Purple: Feelings and emotions
*GOOGLE VERSION*Check out these interactive digital task cards! All pictures are real images which are vital for English Language learners. Build vocabulary and language skills while working on categories and associations. Works well in centers, for group work, or independent practice. Work on build
Updated: Now includes 50+ pages of activities, all with pictures! These are no prep, which means you can just print and go, no laminating or cutting necessary. Now includes the ability to type into pages with blank lines to facilitate distance learning.Many category topics are addressed in this pack
This is a comprehensive NO PREP, NO PRINT Boom Card Activity that addresses Categories and Sorting. It includes full-color, high-resolution images and is fully interactive with point and click and DRAG and DROP features with immediate feedback provided. These cards are self-grading and are a fun e
Conduction, Convection, and Radiation Card Sort Activity. Challenge your students to differentiate between 3 forms of heat transfer. This card sort activity contains 9 pages of cards (4 per page) for a total of 36 different cards. These cards are great for review, rotations, partner work, or indep
Categories speech therapy activities with Boom Cards!Categories are a foundation for how we learn, relate, store, and recall words. Categorization is important in language because it gives us a way to group our thoughts, process information, store and retrieve ideas, and describe items!Strategies us
Use this BOOM CARDS™ deck to teach and practice categorization. Multiple levels of activities are included to support your student in developing category knowledge from the ground up.The following parts/activities are included in this deck:Card 1: Menu card with navigation to desired activity.Card 2
Category sorting is a skill that preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students need to focus on. Finding products with real pictures for these students is difficult. Not any longer! This product is a packet of 12 different category cards with 48 real photographs for your students to sort. T
The BEST picture cards for communication books or classroom visuals. Help your students learn a variety of vocabulary, make simple choices, request, answer questions. Excellent for early intervention, preschool, speech therapy, special needs classrooms, and home health.Includes 1,637 cards!There are
Noun sorting activity for your students to sort the noun picture cards into person, place, animal and thing categories. There are 24 cards for each type: person, place, animal and thing. Headers are also included. PREPARATION:•Print the cards.•Students sort the cards under the correct heading and r
Understanding and demonstrating categorization is a key part of language development. Knowing how things ( words, items, etc ) can be grouped is essential to building vocabulary and daily living.Over years of observation, I observed a trend. We often overlook the limited vocabulary that can come wit

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