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Chemical and Physical Changes Bundle Digital Printable and Hands on Activities
Teach your students about how matter changes with this unit on chemical and physical changes. Students will learn the characteristics, properties and examples to identify whether a chemical or physical change occurred. This bundle includes a choice calendar homework assignment, anchor chart posters,
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Science Fair Project - Forces Friction
Are you trying to prepare for a Science Fair Project? This fun, hands on activity/experiment will keep you students engaged and your project exciting! Race toy cars down a ramp to determine if friction changes the motion of an object! It includes all you need for students to complete a class Scie
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Periodic Table of the Elements Lesson
This is now a 700+ slide PowerPoint presentation about the Periodic Table of the Elements that includes critical notes (red slides) activities, lab ideas, video links, review questions, skits, visuals, project idea, three page homework, modified version, answer key, two page lesson notes and much m
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Electricity SCOOT
“Electricity SCOOT” is a fun and motivating way to review Science concepts about electric energy and circuits. The concepts covered in this SCOOT game are now part of the Next Generation Science Standards focusing on Energy for Grades 3 and 4. 3-PS2-3. Ask questions to determine cause and effec
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QR Code Light Game {Transparent, Translucent, & Opaque Vocabulary Practice}
This QR Code Light Game to practice transparent, translucent, and opaque vocabulary is self-checking! Students search the room for various transparent, translucent, and opaque objects you've identified using these Light QR Code Cards. Students use their response sheet to label each object as transpa
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Simple Machines QR Code Game {Find & Identify Machines in Classroom or School}
Simple Machines QR Code Game! Students find & identify simple machines in your classroom to master simple machines vocabulary in a real world context. Post the QR codes around the school, classroom, or playground on various simple machines. Use the previously numbered QR codes and answer key, o
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Atomic Structure Task Cards
This is a set of 28 task cards for students to practice atomic structure topics including: • Parts of an atom • Atomic number • Atomic mass • Electron Shells • Ions and Isotopes It is intended for students ages 12-15 taking introductory level courses, or studying atomic structure for the first ti

Also included in: Chemistry Unit Bundle

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