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Google Paperless Practice - 3rd Grade Compare and Order Numbers to 10,000Engage your students with this interactive DIGITAL resource that works with Google Slides™. No more copies to be made, no more printer ink, and no more lost papers! With this 18-slide digital resource, your students will use t
I am SO EXCITED about this product - recently updated! Inside... Posters (in black or white options) for displaying: Hundreds, Tens, Ones, Standard Form, Expanded Form, Base-Ten Name, Numbers in Words, Place Value Chart, Less Than and Greater Than Skill practice for: • Modeling and identifying nu
This big pack has over 50+ worksheets, games, and activities to help kids learn and practice place value. This will be a great resource for classroom assignments, assessments, and homework. The bundle includes:Understanding 3 digit numbers and writing them in expanded form.Understanding 3 digit numb
This resource includes 24 task cards to reinforce comparing and ordering numbers to 1000. This is an ideal addition to your place value unit and works well in small, guided math groups or math stations. In this set of task cards, students will dive deeper into place value concepts to reinforce conc
60 task cards for students to practice and refine their skills representing, describing, comparing, and ordering numbers to 10 000. Great for differentiation, extra practice, math centers, early finishers, and much more! Cards cover the first two specific outcomes under the Number strand of the A
This deck of interactive Google Slides contains video lessons from YouTube and multiple opportunities to practise place value skills to 50. Learning goals include: I can count base ten blocks (12 practice slides).I can use base ten blocks to show numbers to 50 (10 practice slides). I can tell how ma
Be back to school ready for place value with this Back to School Battle place value card game. Everything you need (except for a container) is included: cards, directions, variations of the game and place value comparing cards. Different versions are written on instruction cards so you can differ
Third Grade TEKS Math 3.1(B) Use Place Value To Compare Whole Numbers To 9,999. It includes 40 distinct problems in two sets (129 slides in all!), with and without following answer slides. The PowerPoint file can be used on computers, or Promethean Activboard and Smart boards. (3.1) Number, opera
This interactive math station activity will help your students with comparing numbers. Included are two PDFs, with one of them being for students to use for online learning. It includes form fields for them to input in their answers. The other is ideal for math station work. There are 25 problem
Use Place Value to Read, Write, and Describe Whole Numbers Outstanding Grade 4 place value activities that help fourth grade students learn to read, write, and identify place values of whole numbers through 999,999,999. This set contains 18 fascinating activities that your students will love! With
1NBT1, 1NBT2, 1NBT3 Using Place Value to Read, Write, Represent, & Compare Numbers   This is an assessment to measure student understanding of using place value. I can statements: I can represent a number of objects with a number. I understand that two digit numbers contain tens and ones. I can
This is a fun hands-on, project based activity! The prince from Snow White wants to build Snow White and the Seven Drawfs a new neighborhood. Each student will create their own neighborhood while incorporating comparing numbers, place value, standard, word, and expanded form of numbers, and even a
A complete math center that focuses on Place Value: comparing, ordering and representing numbers to 100 000. There is a directions page which can be laminated and placed with the center for stuents to follow. The center includes 27 number cards and recording sheets. EASY set up. This center is versa
This PowerPoint is a companion piece to my Place Value Activities file. In this PowerPoint, the students will... 1. Properly read numbers. 2. Correctly identify the values of the digits in numbers. 3. Compare and order numbers and identify the relationships between the numbers (2 more tens, 300 les
Math Station: Spin-It-To-Win-It Game Players spin to collect numbers that will be strategically used to create the largest multi-digit number possible. Players collaborate to compare the numbers they have created using greater than, less than, or equal to. Product Includes: 3 Differentiated Game
Take the mystery out of place value while having fun in math class! Presented here is a set of 64 task cards that provide extra practice for in comparing whole numbers to the hundred thousands place. The first 32 offer multiple choice questions. The second set as students to fill in the sign for gr
If you are interested in a complete unit on whole numbers—place value, comparing, and rounding from ones to hundred millions—that incorporates increased rigor with the use of models and cooperative activities as well as higher level thinking questions, look no further. This 205-page packet of materi
Place Value to Thousands: Comparing Numbers We're very happy to see you here in the Place Value section of our math handouts! This freebie introduces students to comparing numbers (greater than, less than, or equal to), and will give you a good idea of the awesome practice you'll find in our Place
Second Grade TEKS Math 2.1(C) Use Place Value To Compare Whole Numbers to 999. It includes 40 distinct problems in two sets (129 slides in all!), with and without following answer slides. The PowerPoint file can be used on computers, or Promethean Activboard and Smart boards. Standard (2.1C) Numb
Students need to be able to compare place value flexibly. This product includes a comparing game where students must decide if 135 tens is more or less than 15 hundreds. I have also included blank cards so they can create new cards to compare. After they play the comparing game, I have included
Are you tired of your students comparing random numbers from the textbook? Want to make math more meaningful? Want to have real-world numbers? This sheet takes 12 towns in South Carolina with populations of less than 1000 and gives students several opportunities to compare these numbers with diff
Overview: This worksheet will help your children practise their ability to compare numbers up to 10 million. The activity is best used after some input on the topic. However, it's also a good tool for assessing and recapping a child's understanding of the concept of number and place value. Pupils wi
If you want an interesting and different way to review place value, comparing, and rounding numbers from the ones through the hundred millions, look no further than this PowerPoint Presentation. Filled with 14 colorful slides with engaging movements, it will keep your students’ attention. The twelve
Looking for a fun and interactive way for your students to practise their place value skills? In this deck of Boom Cards, students will compare numbers to 50 using the symbols < = >. They will drag the correct symbol to complete the comparison. Numbers are represented two different ways. On si

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