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This breakout escape room is a fun way for students to test their knowledge of the solar system. Full "Letter" sized cards as well as smaller sized cards are provided.Important: (How to Make Completely Digital)This product normally requires the printing of the questions to accompany a digital form
Planets: These planets cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about the planets. Folding Directions (with pictures) are Included. Planets Cootie Catchers Contents: 1. Identify the Planet from the picture:          A. Color version with pictures from the Hubble
This Smart Board game reinforces number order among numbers from 0 to 100. Hundreds charts are also provided to use as an aid. This game is kindergarten common core based and includes a download for a printable assessment worksheet that contains the standard(s) covered and an "I Can" statement. * T
The goal of the game is for students to read oi/oy words and 'planet hop' back to Earth. I sometimes put out this game for students to play during Word Work (as part of the Daily 5) with cards that focus on the spelling or phonics pattern we are learning. It's always a hit and so easy to differentia
Students will not be bored with this Plannet Earth and Space Science Board Game Review! Students will use their knowledge of Planet Earth, the Solar System and Space to make their way through this fun and engaging board game. This Planet Earth and Space Science Board Game Review comes with 54 quest
Using the video on YouTube I created titled "Learning About the Planets in Our Solar System," this worksheet gives children brief facts about each planet. Students guess each planet after reading the facts. Perfect to use while learning the planets or to go along with my video. Video can be found
Digital and Printable : Engaging fun activity where students can play a partner or group of three game using characteristics of the inner or outer planets. Get your students interacting with other students or family members on the computer. (Printable version available as well for use in the classro
Poke card games are out of this world! This common core based title includes 72 planet-themed poke cards that help students practice number order from 0 to 100. Mini number charts are also provided in color and B&W to aid students in understanding the patterns found in number order. Also include
K - 1st
This is a Jeopardy style review game about the planets. The questions are color coded - the 100s are pink, the 200s are orange, the 300s are yellow, the 400s are green, and the 500s are purple. I color coded them to make it easier to remember which question we were on. I played this game with my 6th
Planet Protectors is a STEM "escape room" style game designed for students in grades 1 through 4 learn about Earth and Life sciences (perfect for Earth Day!), while also flexing some ELA and math skills! If you are unfamiliar with the concept, here is how to play the game: a group of players has 45
This fun, interactive flip book is a great tool to accompany any study of the planets in the Solar System! Students will love learning facts about each planet and recording them inside the asteroid shapes on each flip book page. Kids will use the information they gather to write various science fic
This activity is one of my favorites and the kids get so into it that they forget they are learning! There’s no prep and you get engagement from even the most reluctant learners. Working in groups of 4, students create an Astronomy board game that involves the planets in our solar system. Students w
This trivia game mostly covers the planets in our solar system. This is a fun way to learn about our solar system and the planets. Let your students compete to see what they know. The game will let your students know if they got the answer right or wrong. It is also great for review. Check o
4th - 8th
Want a fun way to get your students thinking critically? Compare and contrast the inner and outer planets using this card set! Students will enjoy sorting various phrases that describe the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars) or the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune). The fol
Every two cards have exactly one space image in common. Can you find them? This ready to use Interactive Powerpoint game automatically selects two random cards. Keep scores on the scoreboard up to 5 rounds. An overview of the vocabulary is available in the PowerPoint as well, with clickable flashca
2nd - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
One of our preschool educational game downloads in a PDF file. Here is what you get! 1 Solar System Planet Sounds Match the Beginning Sounds preschool educational science game that prints 1 game board and 6 game pieces. We use these types of educational games in our learning center with children
PreK - K
This is a fun, 15-minute game to help students learn about the planets. Students will have a planet name taped to their back and will not know which planet it is. Students will circulate the room and ask yes or no questions to determine which planet is taped to their back. Students will see how q
CHECK OUT THE MONEY SAVER COMBO PACKS HERE:http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Science-Super-Combo-Pack-694431Board Game / Game CenterColorful and CoolCONNELL GAMES provide teachers with a means to supplement existing resources, enhance student interest, and reinforce key educational concepts
4th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Exciting game to recap all about the planets in our solar system. Aliens have invaded the solar system and have stopped the planets from rotating!! We won´t have day and night until the aliens are defeated.The aliens on each planet are defeated by answering a series of questions, when one question h
This is a review game that I use with my students to review the characteristics of the different planets of the solar system. It can be played by students individually, but I usually have them work in pairs or in groups of up to 8. Each group uses a MacBook. (PowerPoint version coming soon for PC
4th - 9th
Your students will have so much fun learning the planets as they play I Have, Who Has? that they will be asking to play over and over again! I created this game for my favorite 2nd graders who were looking for a fun way to practice the Solar System! Students begin with a planet and then have to fi
1st - 3rd
This is a really fun game to help your students review the planets. It can be played as a whole class or as a station or in small groups. (If you use it as a station or in small groups, just make sure there are 3 to a group so that 1 of the students can call out the definitions.) Vocabulary terms u
Earth Science Astronomy & Space Exploration I Have Who Has Game Cards, Earth Science Game Cards, Earth Science Test Prep, NGSS Content Review These student matching vocabulary cards are a great way to engage all students in groups for a fun whole class or group game. This includes a print set, i
This document is made up of 40 different cards (4 fact cards for each of the 8 planets in our solar system). Please see the preview for insight on the variety of different facts. Ideally, print on A3 and cut up the cards. The idea is for children to match the facts up to the correct planet. They cou
2nd - 12th

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