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Are you a fan of hands-on student engagement? This new Solar System learning tool is so much fun and loaded with visuals to boost your astronomy solar system teaching lessons. Teachers will build their students' confidence one interactive fan at a time. In every interactive fan, you'll find a variet
The Planets and Dwarf Planets Fact Fan provides students with a fun why to research and present information on the planets and dwarf planets in our Solar System. Research topics include:1. Type of planet [Jovian or terrestrial, inner or outer]2. Diameter3. Revolution period4. Rotation period5. Avera
This Places Bundle includes the Fact Fan projects that will help you in teaching geography and research to your students this year! Students are engaged as they note-take, color, cut, and produce the finished project!Included are:Planet Fact Fans - This STEAM project guides students through their re
This has PAGES of activities, games, foldables, and worksheets perfect for an interactive notebook and related to the following plant and animal adaptation standards: • name the eight planets and describe whether they are a terrestrial planet or a gas giant. • sequence the eight planets in the sola
Are you ready to implement research in your classroom? Are you students needing some guidance? Are they ready to jump in with both feet? These interactive STEAM projects allow students to research the lifecycle of a variety of planet and animals, as well as engaging social studies and science topi
Formed 4.6 billion years ago from the gravitational collapse of a giant interstellar cloud, the Solar System has fascinated human beings for thousands of years. From the four rocky inner planets to the four giant outer planets, what we learn about the Solar System gives us insight into how the unive
The boundless, mysterious, and largely unexplored void that is known as Space has fascinated human beings for thousands of years. From The Big Bang to the possibility of life on Europa (a moon of Jupiter), what we learn about our universe helps us understand our place within it. For this activity, s
This activity is intended to be used by the student as a project based learning opportunity for Solar System & Planets Science unit. There are fact sheets for each planet with fill in the blank spaces for the student to fill in their answers as they find them while researching. Item can be used
Engage your elementary, middle, or high school students as they study The Solar System. This hands-on student engagement will have your students learning important things they never knew about the planets and the sun. Have them work individually or in groups. This is a visual tool that will boost th
I am a huge fan of integrating science into reading and writing. I know that with time being so short during the school day, it is hard to always get in a good quality science lesson.I have created a set of supplemental science lessons for teachers who need integrated curriculum. NOTE: These are mea
As an ESE teacher, I've always been a HUGE fan of Guess Who! It is a terrific way for children to ENJOY practicing their language skills! And with "Guess What: Outer Space", students can develop their science skills at the same time. This version of Guess What includes 15-24 space objects, depend
Partial Word Bank includes: Dryer, Ferris Wheel, Helicopter, Hula Hoop, Fans, Lasso, Planets, Rollercoaster, Roulette Wheel, Slingshot, Tires, Angular, Center of Gravity, Centripetal, Circumference, Frequency, Inertia, Period, Radians, Rotation, Skating, Tangent, Time, and Torque.
Do you LOVE file folder activities for your students as much as I do? I am such a HUGE fan of file folder activities! Using file folders in the classroom with exceptional learners is an excellent way to promote learning and independent success. Do you have students learning about the planets? This m
These bundled Space-themed products are the ideal extensions to your Space unit! Students are engaged as they research the planets and create the Fact Fan project. The multiplication color by code pages give students a fun break from classic math practice. Planet Fact FanThis STEAM project guides st
This word search on the letter F also doubles as a coloring sheet! The solution to the puzzle is included. Vocabulary Terms Included:          ♦ Fan          ♦ Faucet          ♦ Feather          ♦ Fingers          ♦ Fire          ♦ Fish          ♦ Flower          ♦ Foot  
Greetings, Spacecats! Ready to share some exoplanet adventures with your students? My new line of exoplanet coloring pages will be sure to delight the space fans in your classroom. Students will have fun coloring and learning about some of the fascinating planets scientists have discovered orbiting
This word search on short vowel sounds also doubles as a coloring sheet! The solution to the puzzle is included. Vocabulary Terms Included:          ♦ Cup          ♦ Fan          ♦ Hat          ♦ Leg          ♦ Lips          ♦ Mop          ♦ Net          ♦ Pig         
***For Updates and Sales make sure to follow me by clicking on the button above :) In this fun and engaging activity, students can create their own fact fans about the planets in our solar system! These fans can be stored in their copybooks for future review. This product includes: -Fact Fan Fla
Let's build knowledge about many different science topics with this SciencELA bundle designed for 4th and 5th grade students.This bundle deal is offered for Science Penguin fans who want all future SciencELA resources. There is no specific completion date or list for future resources, but I always t
This word search on the an Word Family also doubles as a coloring sheet! The solution to the puzzle is included. Vocabulary Terms Included:          ♦ Can          ♦ Fan          ♦ Man          ♦ Pan          ♦ Plan          ♦ Ran          ♦ Tan          ♦ Van         
This word search on short A CVC words also doubles as a coloring sheet! The solution to the puzzle is included. Vocabulary Terms Included:          ♦ Bag          ♦ Can          ♦ Fan          ♦ Ham          ♦ Jam          ♦ Map          ♦ Pan          ♦ Van          ♦
This word search on glued sounds (am and an) also doubles as a coloring sheet! The solution to the puzzle is included. Vocabulary Terms Included:          ♦ Can          ♦ Clam          ♦ Fan          ♦ Ham          ♦ Jam          ♦ Man          ♦ Pan          ♦ Ram     
Inspire your students to explore the mysteries of Space!This Space Bundle includes 3 engaging, hands-on Space Projects. (1) Space Project - PBL STEM (2) Space Project Craft - Dodecahedron - PBL(3) Space Project - Interactive Fans - PBL(1) Space Project - PBL STEM This resource guides students throug
Write On!!! This unit includes 54 {I couldn't stop at just 50!} nonfiction graphic organizers to last you all through the year! There is writing paper with four lines to go with every organizer. I am a BIG fan of keeping the format the same but changing the content for our little writers. I find my

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