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This brief, engaging set of articles, activities, and assessments focuses on animal and plant cell organelles. Kids work with microscopes, conduct research, and create cute posters. An assessment is also included.What’s Included:suggested schedulematerials list for each dayarticleintroductory micros
This is a creative project for your students to design their own plant or animal cell model! Students typical use sytrofoam balls to create the animal cells and shoe boxes or pizza boxes to create the plant cells. Students will look around their household to find items that they can use in their c
This is a hands-on project that includes a guided checklist for a final project where the students create a poster comparing animal and plant cells. The checklist guides the students through each step of the project. They first make fact cards for each organelle. And then using the animal and p
Inspired and assisted by my husband, the 7th grade science teacher! For this activity, students will create a poster or model of an animal or plant cell and connect each organelle to a part of a business or something they are familiar with. Students will do a write up on this comparison, create the
This is a creative project for your students to design their own plant or animal cell model! Students typical use styrofoam balls to create the animal cells and shoe boxes or pizza boxes to create the plant cells. Students will look around their household to find items that they can use in their c
Popular middle school cell model activity! Clear, straightforward instructions lead to great projects. Supports NGSS MS-LS1-1 and MS-LS1-2.Students make a model of a cell using only stuff they already have at home. This 1-page document provides easy instructions, clear grading criteria, and sugges
Plant and Animal Cell Project Letter Includes instructions for the building of a cell model, either plant or animal, as well as labels for final project. Visit my store at:
Cell Project Rubric with Pictures! This folder includes the following: 1. A rubric for the project - pdf. 2. A rubric for the project - editable 3. 2 pictures of completed projects This is the rubric! It does NOT contain any completed "physical" projects. If you are looking for 2 science project
The Must-Have Project when teaching ( so much easier to teach ) Teaching doesn’t have to be a daunting, difficult task. The easier and more enjoyable your teaching is, the better you’ll feel, the more confidence you’ll have, the easier it will be for the students to focus, and all this will translat
The students will build a 3-dimensional cell using Play-doh or similar material. The activity is designed to allow students to work in groups but each student will have a very specific task in the design of the cell. The students will construct most major organelles in the cell and have to create
Cell Project by Shannan Marley-Whitehead Students are given a choice project where they can build a model of a plant or animal cell. Choice #1 is a Plastic Bag Cell, Choice #2 is a Gelatin Cell, and Choice #3 is a Styrofoam Cell. Complete with a page in which students describe and list the functio
Includes 2 options for students to complete a cell project as a cumulative assessment. Directions for students to complete a 3D cell project with examples or a cell poster with examples. Includes specific directions and organelles to include for a 2D or 3D cell project.
The Cell Analogy Project allows students to truly show their understanding of the different parts of a cell by making connections to something in the real world. For example, students may choose to use a city to represent the different parts of a cell. The nucleus could be represented as the city ha
Since this is a cutting and pasting activity, it will not work for the TpT digital overlay.Building this model is a great opportunity for independent work. This plant cell model will give students the opportunity to construct a plant cell with organelles in either color or black and white. The black
This 5 page editable document contains everything that you need to assign a cell drawing project to your students. Description: The students are asked to pick a cell, plant or animal, they have to draw that cell on a sheet of paper. They will then have to label the organelles and list the functions
This bundle includes everything you need for your plant and animal cell unit. Included in this bundle is an activity booklet that includes diagrams, worksheets, and vocabulary work. A cell project with grading rubric- your students will create their own 3D Plant or Animal Cell. Lastly, you can en
The Cell Parts Project gives students four different options for their project based on a multiple intelligence survey. Options for six of the eight intelligences (logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, bodily/kinesthetic, verbal/linguistic, intrapersonal, interpersonal) are found in this project.LES
This works great as a culminating unit project or even a project-based assessment. It could be used as part of project-based learning unit on cells. Students design and create a three-dimensional model of both a plant and an animal cell with parts correctly labeled. This project allows for lots of s
This project about plant and animal cells will prepare your 7th grade science and biology students to create a model of a cell in detail including organelles, nucleus, and cell membrane. The assignment comes in the form of an invitation with a detailed grading rubric listing all project requirements
Use this plant and animal cell model project for a fun, interactive way to engage students and assess their knowledge of cell organelles. Project includes: ⇨ Cell model rubric and easy-to-use grading checklist ⇨ Description of project with organelle definitions ⇨ Checklist for students to use when
Take your plant and animal cell teaching to the next level with these fun, engaging, and effective projects to reinforce learning! 1. Edible Plant and Animal “Cell”ebration- students will create delicious edible cells in class with easy to acquire, inexpensive food items- Donation letter included f
This is a fun and engaging way for students to explore both plant and animal cells. I included both a PDF and word document so you can modify it to meet the needs of your kids/your supply list :) Enjoy!
Review student knowledge of both microscopes and cells with this engaging poster project. Students will use the provided graphic organizers to help brainstorm each part that belongs on the poster. Students will display their knowledge of famous scientists, parts, and functions of the microscope and
Year 7 and 8 Biological Science on both ‘Plant and Animal Cells’. This assessment is a summative task with a group component and an individual component. This project integrates knowledge with a self and peer assessment questionnaire and rubric.

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