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Ready for quick prep adaptations science centers for plant and animal structures and functions? These centers focus on identifying and comparing structures and functions.Updated for 2022! I think you'll love this update-- guided student sheets, an answer key, quicker prep, and improved activities for your class!9 StationsRead It: Read about the structures of giraffes, Madagascar geckos, agave, and earthworms. Answer questions.Create It: Use information provided to design a camel that would be ad
------------------WELCOME TO MY STORE---------------------From Molecules to Organisms - Plants and Animals - Structures and Processes - Fourth Grade - NGSS Aligned This is a complete science curriculum specifically for teaching the topic of Plant and Animal structures. It is fully aligned with the Fourth grade NGSS standards.--------------------APPROACH TO LEARNING---------------------This unit is designed to engage students and excite them about science by igniting their curiosity, connecting p
Do you need a differentiated, interactive worksheet for classroom or digital instruction of cell organelles in middle school or high school biology or life science? You can use this cell organelles coloring worksheet as a part of various activities for kids such as notes, an interactive notebook lesson, a study guide, a student graphic organizer, a project, and so much more! It is perfect for formative or summative assessment to help gather information about student understanding of the struct
Do you need a set of differentiated cells worksheets for teaching or assessing your students about organelles of the plant and organelles of the animal cell? The plant and animal cell activities in this download will help your middle school or high school students organize information about the structure and function of the various parts of plant and animal cells. You can use one of the worksheets to speed up learning about cells for your kids at home as part of distance learning or in the class
Kit Includes: Teacher Information Pages Our School is Like a Cell Cell Analogies A Bag Full of Organelles Group Super Cell - Plant Group Super Cell – Animal Let’s Take a CELL-fie If Organelles Could Talk Answer Keys Our School is Like a Cell Students will complete a worksheet that compares parts of a school to different cell organelles based on the function of that organelle. This can be done as a class, in small groups, with a partner, or independently. Cell Analogies This quick activity as
4th - 7th
This resource addresses the first grade NGSS Life Science standards that delve into plants and animals, their parent and offspring relationships, their adaptations, structures and features that help them survive in their habitats and how their natural processes help us develop things that help us survive.This resource covers both NGSS LS1.1 - LS1.3.The Structures and Processes of Plants and Animals resource is loaded with lessons, activities and resources that help students grasp the concepts, n
Plant Structure and Function Science and Literacy Lesson Set - Common Core, NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), and STAAR (TEKS) aligned Easy to follow! Fun for the students! These activities are created to incorporate reading and writing into the Science curriculum. This lesson is designed to fit the typical 45-50 minute Science class time. The informational text in this set is written to best fit the 5th and 6th grade reading levels. This lesson set is designed to be on level for
This resource is a set of 28 Warm-Ups, Bell-Ringers, Exit Slips, and/or Interactive Notebook Pages for your Plant Structure and Function unit. These activities are perfect for the first few minutes of your class. Both printable and digital versions are included. The 28 student pages cover plant anatomy, tissue types, roots, stems, leaves, transpiration, translocation, gas exchange in leaves, and more. See detailed list of topics below. Absolutely NO PREP! No gluing, cutting or folding require
Are you looking for hands-on Science activities, experiments and assessments for Grade 3 that are both Digital (Google Slides) and Printable? This Ontario Science Bundle includes all 4 Science strands: Soil, Structures, Forces & Plant. Engaging activities that hit all 4 sections of the Growing Success Document (Knowledge - Thinking - Communication - Application) Enough activities for an entire year!4 Units Included:Growth and Changes in Plants (Plants Unit)Soils in the Environment (Soil Unit
This lesson goes in depth into plant structures and their roles, as well as different parts of the flower and how that aids in the flower's reproduction. This product contains a 21 slide power point, a lesson plan, and 5 printable pages that relate to plant structures and reproduction in flowering plants.This lesson addresses the question "How can a flowering plant reproduce?" and addresses the four major parts of a plant, but focuses on going in depth about the flower, the reproductive element
This complete integrated first grade science and literacy unit is based on the Next Generation Science Standard for Structure, Function, and Information Processing (specifically dealing with plants). It covers the following: Big Ideas/Standards: Plants need nutrients, light, space, and water to grow (NGSS K_LS 1.1 Organization for Energy Matter and Flow in Organisms). Plants have different parts that help them survive and grow (NGSS 1-LS 1.A Structure and Function). Plant parts have daily fun
Includes: Color & B/W puzzle cards for stem, seed, roots, sprout, flower, and leaves Color & B/W labeled plant structures poster Color & B/W assessment for plant structures B/W assessment for plant structures’ functions Check out my other science units here: Light & Color: Transparent, Translucent, Opaque Activities Planets Unit (Grades 1-4)
This no prep science packet is perfect for teaching a 5 day lesson on plant & animal external and internal structures! It includes all printable worksheets and a Google version for distance learning or classroom devices. Aligned to NGSS.No-Prep Science PacketsJust print the pages + the pacing guide and you're planned for science this week! This resource includes:Directions for classroom and homeschool useAdditional video suggestions5-day pacing calendarFolder or packet cover for the unitEnga
Teaching parts of a plant will be ENGAGING and FUN with these digital science activities and editable reading passage!This digital resource uses Google Slides™ and can be used on Google Classroom and Google Drive. This resource also includes an answer key.This product includes:IntroductionEditable reading passageDrag-&-drop: match the function with the specific plant structure (roots, stem, leaves, flowers)Drag-&-drop: 2 Google Slides labeling the parts of a plantShort answer: typing in
PRINT and DIGITAL - Plants and Animals Structures - Fourth Grade - NGSS AlignedThis bundle contains both the complete science unit on Plants and Animals Structures - Fourth Grade - NGSS Aligned AND the digital student activities options on Google Slides.This bundle gives you the flexibility to easily move between teaching in your classroom and teaching remotely with distance learning. It could also support teachers in assigning digital homework, differentiating according to students needs, and g
Overview: This activity includes both animal and plant cell foldables. These foldables are used to teach students the structure and functions of plant and animal cell organelles. The students are required to identify and color the organelles on each tab of the foldable using a color key provided. Fill-in-the-blank notes for each organelle are included under each tab for students to complete as well. After the foldable is complete, each tab has a specific organelle colored. When the student
This bundle includes two units: Plant Structures and Animal Structures. This bundle was created to support NGSS 4-LS1-1: Construct an argument that plants and animals have internal and external structures that function to supportsurvival, growth, behavior, and reproduction. The unit is appropriate for grades 3-5.This bundle is full of inquiry-based engaging activities. Since each of these units is sold separately, you can click on the links below for a full description of what's included i
3rd - 5th, Higher Education
When it's time to review a science unit, I like to provide an easy-to-understand study guide for students. This comprehensive study guide and review worksheet is a helpful way to support your lessons on plant and animal structures. Keep in the classroom to use for a plants and animals review activity or send home with students!The worksheets have a variety of questions including fill-in-the-blank, short answer, matching, etc. An answer key is included.Key concepts include:basic plant structures
Are you looking for hands-on Science activities, experiments and assessments for Grade 3 that are both Digital and Printable? This Ontario Science Bundle includes all 4 Science strands: Soil, Structures, Forces & Plant. Engaging activities that hit all 4 sections of the Growing Success Document (Knowledge - Thinking - Communication - Application) Enough activities for an entire year!4 Units Included:Growth and Changes in Plants (Plants Unit)Soils in the Environment (Soil Unit)Strong and Stab
This structures and functions unit has everything you need to teach 4th grade NGSS life science standards.Included in this packet:Resources for Input- Unit essential question- Inquiry chart printable- Observation chart photos- Printable CCD and teacher samples- The Important Thing about Structures Big Book- Powerpoint version of the big book- Super Scientist Awards- 2 pictorial input charts to project and trace- 2 comparative input chart to project and trace- Structures chant- Biologist Bugaloo
Introduce students to the wonderful world of plants! In this unit, students will dissect a lima bean after creating a mini poster about what they will find inside, grow a lima bean, and learn about the life cycle of a bean plant. Students will also learn about the structures that a flowering plant has, learn vocabulary words, and play a fun bingo game.After soaking lima beans, students will carefully pull off its seed coat, and open it up to examine inside. They will create a half sheet flip po
3rd - 5th
Go beyond the worksheet this spring season with these engaging close reading materials to help students understand the life cycle of a plant as well as the adaptations of a plant. This set now includes a digital version to use with Google Classroom™.Students will learn and think critically about the life cycle of a plant, how plants adapt to their surroundings, and how plants protect themselves.Your students will practice gathering important information as they read science content in informatio
The purpose of this interactive notebook product is to enhance your curriculum when teaching students to compare and contrast the function of organs and other physical structures of plants and animals, including humans. (Florida NGSSS Science Standard: SC.5.L.14.2: Compare and contrast the function of organs and other physical structures of plants and animals, including humans, for example: some animals have skeletons for support -- some with internal skeletons others with exoskeletons -- whi
This Plants and Animals Science Unit that I have created aligns with NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and Mystery Science First Grade Unit 1: Plant and Animal Superpowers (this product can also be used without pairing it with Mystery Science)Save over 20% on the First Grade Science BundleWhat is included in this Plant and Animals Unit:8 teacher lesson plansvocabulary cards and picture cardsprintable / projectable booksPlants and Animals science journalSTEM activitysuggested books to read

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