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Plate Tectonics - Introduction and Map Activity Introduction to the basics of Plate Tectonics. Information includes Alfred Wegener, Plate Tectonic Evidence, Plate Facts and "Fill In" questions. Page 1 - Introduction information about Plate Tectonics with "Fill In" questions relate
Students read how to measure ocean depth and discover the mid-ocean ridge by charting the ocean floor from North America to Europe.Supports Standards: NGSS Earth Science MS-ESS2-1 and MS-ESS2-2Students are first given a very quick introduction about how scientists use sonar to measure the depth of
This resource was created to help middle school students gain confidence and comfort in reading and dissecting plate tectonic maps. There are three separate maps with questions. Each handout has an answer key. With each map, students are asked to count the number of plates, find plates, disipher dir
This product includes a worksheet activity on identifying and labeling the three different types of plate boundaries on a world map. This activity is part of my PLATE TECTONICS DOUBLE BUNDLE INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Check out these produ
This fun project allows students to use their knowledge of plate tectonics: formation of landforms, plate boundaries, natural resource deposits, to create their own super continent. This project can be done as a group or can be done individually. The document has a student checklist and a rubric f
In this mapping activity, students are directed to use their knowledge of plate boundaries and types of lithosphere (continental and oceanic) to "map" what our future (very distant future!) world might look like. Using a labeled map and current plate speeds, students work to cut out each plate, move
Students plot and analyze various geologic data from data tables, websites, textbooks, posters, etc. to better understand the pattern of geologic features on planet Earth and how those patterns fit together within the scientific theory of plate tectonics. This lesson includes ready-to-print project
Use this easy- to- grade Plate Tectonics map activity when you are teaching Plate Tectonics Unit. Students need to highlight 7 major states,mark different types of boundaries interactions using various colors, and color the continents and oceans. Clear directions for students allow them to complete
This is a wonderful review activity that can be used with students prior to a major test or exam on the Earth Systems and Plate Tectonics. Students complete the concept map using the key terms from the word bank. Key Terms: Word Bank: Island Arc  Mountains  Hawaii  Older Rocks  Convection 
This concept map allows students to create connections between types of tectonic plate movements and the geographical features that result. It can be used to reinforceme the NGSS Disciplinary Core Idea ESS2.B, which is taught at Grade 4, Middle School, and High School levels. Grade 4- "Plate Tecto
This is a fun interactive way to formatively assess your students knowledge on Weathering, Erosion, Deposition, Topographic Maps, and Plate Tectonics. Covers 8.9b, and 8.9c.
Reading a tectonics plates map is difficult for many Earth Science students but is often asked on cumulative tests.Here are 19 editable practice questions. In order to assess the topic on more than one learning style, there are several multiple choice questions as well as open-ended questions where
A handout to review Plate Tectonic Theory, Plate Tectonics, and Topographic Maps. Word Document is provided to edit any questions.
Students can use this card sort to create a concept map. The concept map allows students to engage in a problem solving cooperative learning activity. This a great to use as a formative assessment to gauge your students understanding of plate tectonics.
This document contains EVERYTHING you will need for a middle school unit on Weather, Topographic Maps and Plate Tectonics. It aligns with the new STAAR assessment and includes 7 different lessons including labs, hands-on activities, formative and summative curriculum-based assessments. You will re
Students complete the concept map to show their understanding of the relationship of the Theory of Continental Drift, the Theory of Sea-Floor Spreading, and the Theory of Plate Tectonics and how they all fit together. Can be used as an activity in class or an assessment of how these theories fit to
This is a complete week of lessons from Monday through Friday, includes bell work, labs, videos and Kagan strategies etc. You can edit to add more slides and adapt to your style. If you have any questions please let me know. This is a promethean file, download activinspire to open from promethean pl
This concept map on the theory of Plate Tectonics was created for a 6th grade Earth Science class as a way for the students to see the "full picture". After completing a study on the theory, earthquakes, and volcanoes, a few day lesson was conducted for students to see how everything they learned is
This is a short two-page review of the basics of plate tectonics and contour maps: -Types of plate boundaries-Geologic features at plate boundaries-Evidence for continental drift-The mechanism for plate movement-Contour intervals-Reading contour maps
I created this two-part assignment as a culminating project for students to demonstrate their understanding of plate tectonics. First, students are tasked with creating a Google map where they place different "tectonic attractions", describe the processes that created them and include a link to a le
Students will have the opportunity to have hands-on experience with plate tectonics and continental drift. Students receive a printout of the seventeen major tectonic plates. Students carefully cut out the pieces. They then proceed to assemble these "puzzle pieces" into a world map of the tectoni
This worksheet helps student's understanding of plate tectonics and how plates interact with one another at their boundaries. Students will use the front of the worksheet as a reading selection and study guide and on the back is a practice to test their understanding. Key included!A larger version o
Earth Science Bundle- The earth is fascinating so let’s help children explore and learn more about it! This earth science bundle focuses on 4 of my units dealing with landforms & bodies of water, volcanoes, earth’s layers, and plate tectonics bundled for you to get them all for 20% off. You will
Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Mountains. Why do they occur? How does plate tectonics explain the cause of volcanoes, earthquakes and other large-scale geologic interactions and land formations.Google Slides and Google Forms added July 2020Google Classroom™️ Components Include:► Google Forms™️ with Read

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