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please excuse my dear aunt sally

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Order of Operations Poster PEMDAS: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally by Annie Sauriol This poster will help explain the order of operations in a visible way, which will help students memorize the concept! Included on the poster is the acronym, what each letter stands for, a complete description of the ranking of the operations, and a cute "Aunt Sally" character! Its sure to make kids giggle as they learnPEMDAS! :-) Check out my product that USES this poster (also included in that file) to prac
This interactive lesson provides students with a hands-on activity to review Order of Operations using the mnemonic phrase ‘Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally’ to represent the order of operations: parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.This lesson includes a fun Aunt Sally cartoon along with a foldable for each of the operations. This lesson will be sure to intrigue your students as it offers another approach rather than the traditional worksheet. I have foun
3rd - 6th
Aunt Sally to the rescue. She's here to help your students remember the correct order of operations. She's fun and zany and created by me! Enjoy! Includes black and white copies for student notebooks!
4th - 8th
5 posters (1 with full acronym and letters of PEMDAS) 1 student writing activity (student will make own acronym) Group Activity: Blank Posters ready for group project. Happy Teaching!
3rd - 8th
The Holiday song "Deck The Halls" is the tune for this song which will help students learn the order of operationsYou can listen to a clip of this, and all the other math songs. You can also buy the songs in bulk. Please email us if you would like the lyric sheet at no extra charge Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally by Math Songs is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
6th - 10th

Also included in: All the Math Songs Bundle

This algebraic flipchart has 40 pages of engaging, fun filled activities with lessons and learning. It contains academic vocabulary, higher level thinking, rigor, and cooperative learning activities while learning the algebraic order of operations. Videos and interactive games are included on the pages.
This card is a handy reminder of the mathematical order of operations: Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction. My students use this acronym and it really helps them to quickly remember the order of operations. Enjoy! Also view my "Algebra-Beginning Expressions / Variables Math Center.
During this 2-4 player game, students will review and practice using the order of operations. A recording sheet is included for accountability of students while working. This game could serve as review of the 5.OA.1 standard for PARCC and Smarter Balanced Assessments. 5.OA.1 Use parentheses, brackets, or braces in numerical expressions, and evaluate expressions with these symbols.
The student will evaluate whole number numerical expressions, using the order of operations limited to parentheses, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This activity is one to keep your students engaged in learning PEMDAS! One of my 5th grade teachers gave me a picture of her and her Dear Aunt Sally. The teacher was just a baby in the picture so I added a fun voice and mouth movement. All of her students loved this activity. It sure helped our 5th graders master PEMDAS! Have fu
4th - 6th
Included in this set are the following pages: 1) Cover Page, 2) Order of Operations Sign using Acronym "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" with corresponding operation signs and key words, and 3) a Reference Sheet of Operation Rulesfor Negative and Positive Numbers. Both sheets are great for student reference and use at home and/or school.  These are also very helpful for students who need review and extra reference in high school and some college courses.
5th - 9th
Many of our students are taught the acronym of Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally to simplify expressions. However, without the correct ORDER being followed, students will obtain the incorrect answers. As a high school Algebra II teacher, it is very frustrating to try to correct the incorrectly taught concept of simplifying expressions. Instead of being helpful, I find this and other acronyms to be a handicap for my students.
Power point walk through on the mnemonic PEMDAS (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally) on order of operations.
Not Grade Specific
Includes:-Step by Step Order of Operations notes explaining how to remember with Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally-Guided notes for students to fill out as they follow along-3 practice problems
5th - 6th
This sheet helps students remember the steps for following the order of operations.
4th - 8th
The purpose of this activity is to provide students with guided practice using order of operations. It is important for students to have been introduced to multiplication and division prior to beginning this activity. The top portion of the sheet can be used as a guide and the remainder can be used as independent or guided practice.
Students will write a story about Billy Bob and Aunt Sally from the sentence to remember Order of Operations. They will explain why Billy Bob needs to excuse Aunt Sally and include the steps of the Order of Operations in their writing. This aligns with narrative writing and order of operations with parentheses, brackets, and braces for 5th grade.
Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally! She's very excited that I put together this packet where Stinky Pete takes over and helps students learn the order of operations. Packet includes full page poster, student mini posters, two practice sheets with answer keys, and "I can" statements for 5th grade Common Core standards. Enjoy!
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally! PEMDAS is a great way for students to memorize the order of operation! Parenthesis, Exponent, Multiply, Divide, Add, and Subtract. This PEMDAS poster is a great reminder to my students whenever they are solving a multi-step math problem. Included is ONE PEMDAS poster but with 6 different colors and backgrounds. Get all 6 and print out your favorite ones to put up in your classroom.
2nd - 12th
Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally! She's very excited that I put together this packet where Stinky Pete takes over and helps students learn the order of operations. Packet includes full page poster, student mini posters, and two practice sheets with answer keys. Enjoy!
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally order of operations
4th - 8th
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally A friend of mine posed for this picture. I hang it in my room with the order of operation rules. I make wallet size photos for them. I love to tell the kids "Aunt Sally can't help the way she looks. She never did her math, and she didn't brush her teeth." Jr High students love for me to elaborate on the tale. I tell them she's real. I've seen her at the local Subway ordering the meatball sandwich. Or at the mall, shopping alone. Sally is just shocking e
Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally! She's very excited that I put together this poster where Stinky Pete takes over and helps students learn the order of operations.
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally in visual form

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