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Making Words That End In Y Plural-Change y to i and add es
This packet includes a Find Someone Who Game, a board game, a recording sheet for a newspaper/magazine scavenger hunt, and a quiz ! It is perfect to teach your whole class about making words that end in y plural or for a small group. Second Grade Sweets

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Plurals: Change y to i and add es
Plurals are difficult for many children.These are plurals that change y to i and add es. Here is some extra practice that will help your students take plurals to mastery! The set includes: 40 matching cards 40 sorting cards 2 Headers for sorting Your students will enjoy matching and sorting these p

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Fall Plural Change Y to I or Just Add -S
Give students practice with this tricky rule of when to change a y ending word to i and add -es or just add an s to make it plural. I have included the following: Y ending word cards ( 30 word cards ) Sorting mat Teaching Poster ( 2 choices ) Recording Page

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Literacy Center - Winter Plurals - Change "y" to "i" and add "es"
Knowing the correct spelling to make a word plural can be difficult for students. This literacy center will give them hands on practice for words ending with the letter y. When a word ends in "y" and you change the word to make it plural, follow one of these rules: 1. If the word ends in a vow

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Smart Board Grammar: Plurals- Change Y to I add ES
This is a smart board presentation that teaches the plural rule about changing y to i and add es when a noun ends in a consonant + y. PAGE 1: introduction to the rule PAGE 2: Interactive page where children make more than one using the pictures and write the correct plural word using the rule they

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Rainbow Grammar Week 11:  Irregular Plurals {Change y to i and add -es}
Get your students ACTIVELY ENGAGED and EXCITED about grammar instruction with my Rainbow Grammar Resources! Students will become grammar EXPERTS as they learn to color-code important parts of speech with crayons or colored pencils. You can use Rainbow Grammar to SUPPLEMENT any grammar program that

Also included in: Rainbow Grammar BIG BUNDLE: Units 1, 2, and 3 (Lessons 1-15)


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Plurals - Changing y to ies
A simple, easy-to-use activity sheet that can be used to complement explicit teaching of plurals, when changing 'y' to 'ies'.

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Plural Endings and  Suffixes Sort -- +s, +es or change y to i + es
I created this activity for my students to practice sorting their plural endings under the category of add s, add es or change y to i and add es. Students read the base word, determine which ending it would have, then cut, sort and glue the words in the correct category. This can be used as part of

Also included in: Suffixes Bundle - Grades 2 - 3 - Worksheets and Center Activities


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Plural Nouns - Changing "y" to "ies"
Students will practice using the rule of knowing when to change "y" to "ies" when making plural nouns. The rule for pluralizing nouns is stated clearly at the top of the worksheet, and students will practice with 16 given nouns. The rule is stated: If the noun ends with a consonant then a “y”, you

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Plural Form Changing y to i and adding es
Write the Plural Form changing the y to i and adding es tiny task cards. Students look at the task cards, and decide how to write the word in the plural. Students change the word to the plural form and record their answer on their recording sheet. These cards can be cut out and used just like normal

Also included in: Plural Skills Bundle Pack


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Plural Endings: Add S, ES, or Change Y to I and add ES: Cut and Paste
Looking for a fun way to review plural endings? This activity requires students to read a word and determine if they should add s, es, or change y to i and add es. Then, students will glue the example under the correct heading. An answer key is included. Have fun teaching!

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Plural Nouns (Change the y to i and Add -es or Just Add -s)
Plural NounsPlural Nouns (Change the y to i and Add -es or Just Add -s)Scoot, scoot, scoot! Don't your kids just love to scoot!! This Plural Nouns Scoot Activity gives 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders a fantastic opportunity to move around while learning. This will really help your students who NEED to mov

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Plural Noun SCOOT change y to i add es, drop y add ies, es, s, & irregular nouns
Get your kiddos up and moving with this fun plural noun SCOOT activity!There are 24 cards in Color and BWThe 1st set of 6 are for the Add s ruleThe 2nd set of 6 are for the Add es ruleThe 3rd set of 6 are for the Change y to i and add es/ drop the y and add ies ruleThe 4th set of 6 are for irregular

Also included in: Plural Noun BUNDLE: y to i and add es, drop the y add ies, add es and s


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Plural Nouns Wordsearch - Change Y to I and -ES.
This file focuses on the rule Change the Y to I and -ES to nouns. A wordbank of single nouns is provided in which students will then search for the plural form by applying that rule. It provides a fun way to practice the standard L3.1.B.

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Plural Nouns change y to i add es
This Power Point explains the rule of changing y to i and adding es to make some words plural. The slides show the singular form of the word, and asked the question, What letter is in front of the y? The students then decide if the y needs to be changed to i before making the word plural. Then, th

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Grammar Task Cards - IRREGULAR PLURAL NOUNS {y to ies, f to ves, no change}
This set of grammar task cards is great practice for your students to show their basic understanding of plural nouns {words that change, words that don't change, changing y to i and adding es, and changing f to v and adding es}.This set is a part of my NOUNS TASK CARDS MEGA BUNDLE!This set includes:

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Add -s, -es or change y to i - File Folder Phonics
The Make, Take & Teach File Folder Phonics activities are ideal for introducing a phonics concept during small group instruction or for added practice during independent literacy centers. When you download the File Folder Phonics activity for plurals (add -s, -es, or change y to i and add -es),

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Plural Endings Sort 2 -- +s, +es or change y to i + es
I created this Plural Endings Sort 2 to accompany my best-selling Plural Endings Sort. Another page of additional practice with adding S, ES or changing the Y to an I then adding ES. Students cut and sort the words into the appropriate category. This can be used for guided or independent practice

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Grab and Dab Scoot for Plural Nouns (-y to -i, -f to -v)
This Product Includes: -Grab and Dab Response Sheet -20 Review Cards for Plural Nouns (changing y to i, changing f to v, es review) How to Use: Each student will need a Bingo Dauber and a Grab and Dab Response Sheet for this activity. Place the cards around the room like you would for a regular Sc

Also included in: Grab and Dab Grammar Scoot BUNDLE THREE!


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Plural Nouns: Change y to i and add es, drop the y and add ies : Differentiated
It's time to teach about "change y to i and adding es" or "drop the y and add ies" plural nouns!This is a part of my Plural Noun BUNDLE! Check it outTeach a whole group lesson in a fun, engaging way by* Using the Picture Cards* Going "fishing">> This set teaches to change y to i and add es unl

Also included in: Plural Noun BUNDLE: y to i and add es, drop the y add ies, add es and s


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Plural Endings: Add S, ES, or Change Y to I and add ES: Color-By-Number
Your students will love this activity! After determining how to make a noun plural, students will color that area of the picture according to the color code. An answer key is included.

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Plural Nouns - Change the y to an i and add es
This is a cute useful printable that sums up the lesson. It can be used for homework, practice, or an assessment. Plural Nouns Rule: Changing the y to an i and add es to form the plural nouns for words ending in consonant-y. Rule: Add an s to form the plural nouns for words ending in vowel-y. I

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Changing 'y' to 'ies'
Teach your students how to change words ending in 'y' into plurals with these spelling activities. This pack includes: * Match the 'y' word to the 'ies' word cards * Change 'y' to 'ies' activity * Create your own word search with 'ies' words * Making words with the letters in 'strawberries' activit

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Plural Nouns - Change y to i add es fill-in practice worksheet
I created this fill-in worksheet for possessive nouns so that my students can get extra practice with plural nouns. Students use the word underneath the blank to make plural by changing the y to i and adding es. This can be used for classwork, homework, seatwork during centers, a quiz, etc. I als

Also included in: NOUNS Bundle! Person, Place or Thing Activities and Worksheets


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