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poetic meter

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AP Poetic Meter & Form Lock Box Escape Room Game*You must have at least one breakout box kit to play this game.Spice up your study of meter with a escape room game! My students loved this activity, and yours will, too! This game is a great review/reinforcement for the AP Lit. exam. The follow
Help your students gain an understanding of poetic meter with these learning sheets. The first sheet, containing notes on meter, metric feet, and metric lines can serve as a study guide for your students, while the second sheet can be used for practice or assessment.
From The Baldwelshman store, here is a PowerPoint presentation that can be used to introduce students to the concept of analyzing the meter of a poem, including stressed and unstressed syllables, metrical feet, types of meter, and the relationship between meter and meaning.
9th - 12th
This activity allows students in small groups to write a brief skit using iambic, trochaic, or anapestic meter and perform it for the class. It is designed for use in a computer lab, but the file is editable to suit your particular classroom's needs. Includes 16-point rubric.
8th - 10th
Great for distance learning! Teach your students how meter works in poetry with this beautiful, interactive presentation. This is perfect for engaging students while they learn more about poetic meter. This PowerPoint presentation can be used with PearDeck. It is equipped with 4, PearDeck interac
Don't know your iamb from your trochee? This Powerpoint guides students through the basics of identifying meter in poetry. - Rae Galeazzi
6th - 10th
This quiz is perfect to assess knowledge of poetic scansion - including stressed and unstressed syllables and labelling meter.
7th - 12th, Higher Education
This 28-question quiz assesses students' understanding of scansion and meter in words and poetic lines. It features multiple choice, matching, and fill-ins. Great for any English classroom, especially AP Literature.
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
A comprehensive lesson focused on poetic meter and rhythm. This Powerpoint focuses on breaking down the steps in determining a poem's rhythmic patterns. Slides go over syllabication, practice with stressed and unstressed syllables, symbols, combinations of poetic feet, and more! Overall, a useful to
9th - 12th, Higher Education
A great way to take a History or Social Studies class through the entire history of the USA in this unique and innovative epic poem. Worthwhile and spot-on accurate.
10th - 11th
Use this attention-grabbing 32-slide lecture (downloads in both Prezi & Google Slides format) and accompanying handouts to pull even your most reluctant students into a study of poetry. Begin by piquing your students’ interest in poetry by comparing the art form to song lyrics. Then, present a c
Types of Poetry Interactive Dictionary: Exploring Poetic DevicesThis interactive dictionary introduces students to 20 different types of poetry! It's a fun and engaging way to get students excited to learn!NOTE: As of December 19, 2020, there is a DIGITAL version of this product included for distan
This powerpoint instructs students on how to identify a poem's rhyme scheme and meter by providing examples of rhyme identification and scansion on various published poems. This is an excellent resource to be used in advanced classes but could be used as low as 9th grade to introduce rhyme and meter
Using famous poetry and nursery rhymes, learners will practice their poetry ability to recognize the number of poetic feet / beats in a line of poetry and determine what kind of meter the poetry is made of. >>> dimeter -- 2 feet per line >>> trimeter -- 3 feet per line >&gt
7th - 12th, Higher Education
These worksheets are a fun way to teach grammar to your students! Grammar Grams were so popular that I created 15 more to teach figures of speech and poetic devices. This packet is great for 4th-6th graders. It is a great tool to use with 3rd graders at the end of the school year, but it would requ
3rd - 6th
Each poster in this set includes one specific poetic structure, a kid-friendly definition, and a simple example of the structure in action. The structures included are rhyme, rhyme scheme, stanza, repetition, and rhythm and meter.These posters can be put up once the terms have been introduced, and c
3rd - 5th
Includes digital slide decks for Google Classroom®! This Poetry lesson introduces important poetry terms and poetic forms. Teach elements of poetry with the vocabulary worksheets provided with this resource. Suitable for distance learning and Google Drive®.INTERACTIVE SLIDESHOW LESSONVOCABULARY W
These doodle notes are designed to introduce students to poetry and 13 different features that many poems have! These are perfect for students just learning about different types of poetry or literary techniques, as well as those who just need a refresher!Make sure to check out the preview to see a
This poetic devices bundle comes with a: power point presentation and interactive notebook for 15 different literary terms and devices!Perfect for quick pre-made lessons, remote learning, or easy subplans! This pack comes with note sheets (blank/ partially filled in/ completely filled in) and an int
Infuse your classroom with the exciting, contemporary hip-hop of Hamilton: an American Musical! Loved around the world, Hamilton can bring energy and joy to poetry and rhetorical analysis. This packet combines both, per needs in my curriculum; however, it's highly customizable, so you can adjust the
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Need an easy-to-use reference to give to students that contains definitions and examples of poetic elements? This one-page chart might just do the trick :-) This reference tool is perfect for copying onto the back of a poem or for review. The chart contains definitions and examples for 12 major po
5th - 10th
An exciting way to introduce poetry basics and poetic devices and/or literary devices to your students. This presentation covers poetry defined, parts of a poem, rhyme (end, slant, eye), rhyme scheme, rhythm, repetition, assonance, consonance, alliteration, feet, meters, free verse, simile, metaphor
7th - 12th, Higher Education
This power point presentation is a great way to introduce students to poetry and 13 different features that many poems have! These are perfect for students just learning about different types of poetry or literary techniques, as well as those who need a quick refresher! Great for use in the classroo
Looking for a clever and unique way to launch study of poetic elements ... or need something to review poetic elements prior to testing? This one-day lesson contains an original poem that I wrote to introduce my students to 12 different poetic elements. "A Cautionary Tale" contains examples of 12

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