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Poetry PowerPoints, poetry worksheets, and more! Are you looking for a complete poetry unit where everything is already done for you? This just might be the poetry resource you're looking for!This Poetry Bundle includes:1. 15-16 days of LESSON PLANS!2. A 48-slide PowerPoint (Part 1 with Mrs. Stanz
Do you want to motivate your students to learn poetry elements? Analyze lyrics from a variety of artists! There are ten songs to analyze. My students loved it and so will yours. Also included are links to the songs to listen to them, links to the lyrics, and a general list of questions to analyze po
Engage your students as you practice sight words and spelling words! These poems were designed to get students moving while spelling in the classroom or during virtual learning or hybrid learning! Practice only takes about 2 minutes, and you will love seeing students transfer their words into readin
This 128-page Complete Poetry Unit includes: > 99-slide PowerPoint > 5-page Notes Handout w/ answer key (available in full color or black & white) > 2-page Syllables Handout > 2-page Feet Handout > 2-page Meter Handout > 4-page Music Lyrics Handout > 4-page Metaphors &
This poetry powerpoint is an excellent way to introduce a poetry unit to your language arts class. Includes 39 slides with information about poetic devices, types of poetry and figurative language. Includes lots of examples and graphics to make the learning experience fun! Also includes Cloze notes
This powerpoint is colorful, adorable, and includes great examples to keep your students engaged while learning about poetry! Includes: -28 editable slides with adorable clipart and a variety of backgrounds -7 embedded video clips, along with website links (**VIDEOS ARE FROM YOUTUBE, SO BE SURE YOU
Poetry Unit with Interactive Notes This Unit Coves the Following Topics: 1. Poetry Features (refrain, rhyme scheme, stanza) 2. How to analyze a poem using three mentor texts → This includes slide by slide instructions 3. How to annotate a poem using three mentor texts 4. Different types of poetr
Poetry, Poetry, Poetry!!!! Looking for a poetry unit that aligns with Common Core? This file contains a 47 slide power point and 26 accompanying handouts. The poetry power point includes all the basics of poetry such as rhyme scheme, line breaks, mood, theme, stanzas, etc. Students are introduced
This is my common core correlated 55 slide power point on writing poetry and figurative language. It goes over similes, metaphors, alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification, and hyperbole. The presentation also includes examples in poetry for each type of figurative language. Next, the power poin
This 22 slide power point presentation has 12 funny poems that teach students 8 different poetry skills.The skills include:RhymeRhythmRepetitionFormulaAlliterationSimilesOnomatopoeiaWord Placement
This 20 slide Power Point scaffolds the concepts of rhythm, meter, and scansion in a fool proof, step-by-step process that students find entertaining and easy to follow. The lesson unfolds layer by layer beginning with counting the syllables of words and locating patterns and ending with scanning th
Poetry Power Point Grades 3-510 Slide Power Point:What is poetry/ Lines, Stanzas, Form/ Rhyme/Rhyme Scheme/ Two Poems: Identify The Rhyme Scheme
This is Unit 4 of the SECOND grade Lucy Calkins lessons. If you use Lucy Calkins...you know it can be difficult to grasp everything to teach from the manual. This will help! I have highlighted the main ideas of each lesson in Lucy Calkins Series: Unit 4: Poetry Writing for grade 2. There is a PowerP
With definitions, examples, small group practice, and interactive review questions, this Power Point explores the poetic sound devices Alliteration, Assonance, Consonance, and Onomatopoeia. A black and white modified Power Point contains blanks throughout the different slides and can be printed ou
This lesson plan takes two days and includes strategies for lower level students. The sentences starters that are included can be geared for any level student and are a great way to incorporate partnering, public speaking and using academic language. The lesson plan is on the preview and the power p
Here is the tool you need! This power point has been designed to support my Analyzing Poetry Activity but you can adapt it to use poems you already have. Teach your students the mnemonic device created by my kids...MAPS HIO. Project the graphic organizer and ticket out the door. Handy for presen
Power Point over Poetic Elements Academic Language/Vocabulary
This massive 123-slide colorful poetry skills power point covers the study of 12 lessons on poetry skills. Each lesson is independent of the other lessons. You can decide to use them in a poetry unit study or as individual lessons. You can also choose which lessons to teach. Each “lesson” has th
Your students are going to love this fun way to review their poetry terms! This is a Power Point game that can be played in a literacy center or as a whole group. The students are given the definition of a poetry term and three answer choices. The students choose an answer and then advance to the ne
I used this 19th century American poetry unit for a whole trimester worth of material, which I taught to my middle school students (though it’d be appropriate for high school students as well). The goal of this unit was to: A) Expose students to a range of 19th century American poetry B) To encoura
This 31 slide presentation on poetry, covers all the basics - from ways to read a poem; ways to analyze a poem to specific figurative language examples to find in poems. It also covers the varities of poems with specific references and examples (ext. metaphor, limerick, ode, sonnet, free verse, to n
Teaching poetry? Kick off an inspirational unit with this student-friendly, engaging 40-slide Introduction to Poetry PowerPoint. Product introduces students to poetic form and type, figurative language (with assessment), and an opportunity to analyze Langston Hughes's "Dreams" and Shakespeare's So
This Power Point is a child-friendly detailed description of how to write an Acrostic poem. Graphics taken from "Mycutegraphics.com" Thank you!!!
This is a brief 10 slide power point to introduce poetry into your classroom. This is a power point that can be used with my poetry outline! This activity will only take about 15-20 minutes!

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