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This 4 part foldable covers how to use point-slope form of linear equations in 3 different ways. 1) Write the equation when given a point and a slope. 2) Write the equation when given 2 points. 3) Graph a line when given an equation in point-slope form. Also included is a warm up and homework to c
This foldable provides students with 8 examples of how to write & graph equations in point-slope form. It is designed so that the teacher can guide students through an example and then have the students try one just like it, immediately following. There are four different types of problems:
This foldable is designed for interactive math notebooks. It walks students through 2 different scenarios of writing equations in slope-intercept form:1. Given a slope and an ordered pair - 6 problems2. Given 2 ordered pairs - 3 problemsThe paper should be printed with the shorter side being the
*Point-Slope Form foldable for use in math interactive notebooks. *Answer key for foldable *12 Stations for practice using Point-Slope Form: -graph from one point and slope -write an equation from a graph containing two points (point-slope form and slope intercept form) -write an equation from one
8th - 9th
This is a set of foldable notes for interactive notebook that will show your students the formula finding slope from two points . Includes some practice examples. Supports CCSS 8.EE.B.6. Includes: -1 foldable notes -answer key
This foldable is designed for math interactive notebooks!This foldable walks students through the process:1. Write an equation in point-slope form given a point and a slope, and graph it2. Determine the point and slope from an equation3. Rewrite an equation in point-slope form into slope-intercep
Complete lesson, start to finish at your finger tips. The lesson introduces writing linear equations in point-slope form. The foldable is a great guided practice, the interactive notebook is a great way for students to collaborate and create and manipulate, the practice sheet can be used to reinforc
This foldable organizes notes and 4 examples to practice writing linear equations in slope- intercept form, given the slope and a point OR two points the line passes through. PERFECT for interactive notebooks! Works great during guided instruction, as a centers activity, collaborative assignment,
Complete lesson, start to finish at your finger tips. The lesson introduces finding slope of a line from a table or two points. The foldable is a great guided practice, the interactive notebook is a great way for students to collaborate and create and manipulate, the practice sheet can be used to re
This is a 4-door foldable template to practice finding slope from two points. I use this in class after we've gone over the basics of using the slope formula, and we walk through each problem together so my students have a reference to study from later on. The inside of the flaps can be used to add
7th - 11th
Point Slope Form Foldable This foldable is useful to teach or review the equation of the form y-y1 =m(x-x1). It hast 3 parts that explain with easy steps and examples the following:1. How to write an equation given the slope and a point.2. How to graph from this type of equation.3. How to write an e
This interactive notebook foldable and practice set focuses on how to find the slope from two points. Students use the graphic organizers to complete notes on how to find the slope given two points. Students practice the concept with problems included in a second foldable in this ready-to-use set.
7th - 12th, Adult Education

Also included in: Slope Resource bundle

This foldable is a two page document that can be used to learn or review point slope formula. The foldable works as a double door so students are prepared for different problem types. Inside, there are 2 practice problems per door, one can be for INM and the other can be for guided practice. The
8th - 9th
This foldable is for writing linear equations from a graph, slope and a point, and two points.Each section includes an example for the instructor to guide students through, as well as practice problems for the students to try on their own.
Perfect notes and practice on writing an equation in point slope form and then converting from point slope to slope intercept and point slope to standard form.
This includes one foldable on graphing linear functions using point-slope form.Students will be expected to:Convert the equation to slope-intercept formIdentify the slope and y-intercept of the equationGraph the lineIdentify the line's features (x-int, y-int, slope, and type of slope)Great for INBs!
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This is a great foldable for an interactive math journal! It provides key vocabulary terms, examples, and graphing practice. Copy this document two sided for an easy, no prep lesson!
Linear forms foldable organizer: slope-intercept point-slope standard Simple way for students to review/ use as a reference. Provides the name of each form on the front and the equation for each form and key variables in the inside. Just copy front to back and cut on dotted line! ****Be sure to
7th - 10th
Interactive Notebook FoldableINBConstruct (write) a linear equationUse Point Slope FormKey IncludedPrint in LandscapeCopy back to backFold in half and glue down in notebook
8th - 10th
Bring some color, fun and creativity to math notes by using foldables and graphic organizers! Great for Interactive Notebooks! About this resource : This collection of over 40 foldable style notes will breathe some life back into notes on many Middle School Math concepts. Each fold and flip notes ac
This foldable walks students through 8 examples. They will learn how to write an equation in slope-intercept form, given:1. The slope & the y-intercept2. A graph3. A point & the slope4. Two points that the line passes throughPre-requisite knowledge: finding slope (given a graph or two point
7th - 10th
This is a list of the currently uploaded foldables in this bundle. It is an ever-growing bundle that will continue to be updated, so for one price you can always have every resource! This has a current value of over $63 if bought separately! Check out my store for individual views of foldables. A
Included is a foldable on slope. Students can use the foldable to help them study for a test. This is a great hands on activity for any grade level learning about slope.Students will be giving an example of a positive, negative, zero, and undefined slope. In addition, students will have an exampl
Try this slope of a line foldable as a substitute to traditional note taking. It will make your life easier and your students will enjoy creating the slope foldable!There are several versions, from blank to completely filled out, which is great for scaffolding. When much of the information is alre

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