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polygon area

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These geometry task cards include 32 task cards that cover lines, angles, polygons, area and perimeter. A student recording sheet, answer key, and one-page (6 question) quick assessment are included. I recently upgraded all of my math task cards to include a digital, self-grading version of the quic
Can your 6th graders use their geometry knowledge about the area of polygons to escape the pizza shop? Polly's World Famous Polygon Pizza has five puzzles for your students to solve to show their geometry skills! This engaging escape room can be completed digitally by accessing a Google Form, or by
Reviewing area of a polygon has never been more easy with these task cards! They include multiple printing options and an answer key. Give yourself an easy day, and give your class an entertaining way to practice! Stations are the perfect activity for your restless and impatient students who like
Area of Polygons--Rectangles, Parallelograms, Triangles, and TrapezoidsStudents will find the area of rectangles, parallelograms, triangles and trapezoids which make up the image of on large object. This resource includes paper and a Google Slides resource that can be assigned to students digitally.
Area of Polygons Interactive Notebook Pages + Activities, CCS: 6.G.1Polygons Sort Page (polygons/not polygons)- 1 and 2 per pageExploring Polygons Discovery WorksheetRandom Polygons for Polygon Sort (2 sets and 4 sets per page)Formula Table- 1 per page and 2 per pageWarm-Up Finding Area and Perimet
Looking for QR code activities to make math more engaging? Simply cut out and laminate these geometry cards and place in a center with a device that can read QR codes (iPod Touch, iPad, tablet, or laptop/desktop with a camera). Students get immediate feedback when they scan the QR codes.This set in
This bulletin board poster will look GREAT on your word wall and will help your class learn area and perimeter of polygons!This is a black & white DIY poster. Print the panels you want to use, cut them out, and assemble your poster!For best results, print on color paper or card stock and laminat
Area of Regular Polygons Math Lib - DISTANCE LEARNINGUPDATE: This activity now includes a link to a Google Forms version of the activity. If you have already purchased this resource, please redownload for the update.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
8th - 11th
In this activity students will practice their understanding of polygons in the coordinate plane. They are asked to plot the coordinates of the given ordered pair and connect the dots to create a polygon. Then, they will calculate the area from the shape they created by using the coordinate grid to
Area Project - Area of Polygons and Composite Figures ProjectStudents work collaboratively on this area of composite figures project to create the blueprint of a mini-golf course. Students then find the area of the quadrilaterals, triangles, and composite figures used to create each hole to determin
5th - 7th

Also included in: 6th Grade Math

Finding Area of Polygons Task Cards and Recording Sheets, CCS: 6.G.1 Included in this product: *20 unique task cards dealing with finding area of composite figures made from squares, rectangles, trapezoids and parallelograms. *4 different recording sheets *Answer Key Check out my other geometry
This chart gives the name of each polygon, the shape, a description and the formula for finding the area of each. It is a great resource for students to put in their binder or notebook to refer to for classwork or homework. There is also an accompanying activity worksheet. I use tape to outlin
4th - 8th
This worksheet gives students extra practice finding area and perimeter of more complex shapes. They have to break these irregular polygons into smaller squares and rectangles. I have used this resource as a worksheet and a study guide. I have also cut out each box and laminated it for students
3rd - 5th
Area of Regular Polygons Coloring Activity This is a fun way for students to practice finding the area of a regular polygon given the apothem, a side length, or the radius. Students solve the 12 problems, then match their answers on the back in order to color the flip-flops. Students will need
8th - 11th
This activity asks the students to plot various ordered pairs on a coordinate plane and connect the points to make a polygon. Then they are expected to calculate the area and/or perimeter of each shape. The first worksheet has a square, two rectangles and a triangle. The triangle is starred to sh
Included in this purchase are 12 problems asking students to evaluate the area of polygons in the coordinate plane. Students are asked to plot points in the coordinate plane, identify coordinates, count units, draw shapes, and find area and perimeter of polygons and composite figures. Includes rec
This worksheet gives students extra practice (8 shapes) finding area and perimeter of more complex shapes. They have to break these irregular polygons into smaller squares and rectangles. Each shape has a missing side. It requires students to use the other sides to figure out the missing side. Stu
3rd - 5th
This bundle features 5 individual products to enhance your geometry lessons and classroom instruction. Students will practice their understanding of writing and solving area formulas, area of shaded region, plotting points in the coordinate plane, identify coordinates, count units, draw shapes, an
This bundle includes my 7 Area of Polygons and Circles Activities for a High School Geometry Classroom. Included are 6 mazes and 1 vocabulary crossword.Save money by buying the bundle and be prepared for an Area of Polygons & Circles Unit full of engaging activities.Important InformationThis bu
8th - 10th
This activity allows students to practice finding the area of polygons while coloring! Students must color each area of the picture according to the answer they get. Aligns with 6th grade math curriculum!PERFECT for early finishers, a math center activity, enrichment or remediation.Answer key and co
Finding the area of squares, rectangles, parallelograms, and triangles. Students are going to be tempted to use the measure of a slanted side for the height just because it is given to them. The preview above shows the entire resource.
Review activity for area of polygons. I created this for use in my 6th grade math class. Kids solve the problems and move around the room finding the solutions. Gets kids out of their seats and moving while having fun reviewing. Covers area of parallograms, triangles, trapezoids and composite figure
6th - 8th
Areas of Polygons Foldable :This is a creative double sided foldable for your students to learn or review the formulas to find area squares, rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, rhombuses and kites.It includes notes for teachers. Great addition for INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS!This resource c
Printable PDF & Easel by TPT versions are included in this distance learning ready activity which consists of 11 area of Regular Polygons problems. It is a self-checking worksheet that allows students to strengthen their skills at solving for area in a regular polygon when only given either the

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