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This game can be played whole class or in pairs/groups. Students look at cards with shapes on them and decide whether or not the shape is a polygon. They also name the polygon or give the reason that it is not.
Students look at pictures and decide if they are polygons or not. Students glue them under the correct heading.
Look at the object or photo. Is the object a polygon? Use check boxes to select.
These cards can be printed and used for students to sort by whether the shapes are polygons or not polygons.
This is a great review activity for after a unit on 2D Shapes. The kids have to be able to recognize what is and is not a polygon, what is and is not a quadrilateral, name shapes, explain what attributes make it a shape, and draw the line of symmetry.
This worksheet asks students to determine if a figure is a polygon or if it is not.
This is a zipped folder containing a PDF version and an editable version of the following items: - worksheets containing 2 levels of difficulty - a more detailed 2-page lesson plan (suitable for trainees) - a less detailed 1-page lesson - a Carroll diagram PowerPoint (polygon or not and horizontal
This worksheet contains 40 diagrams, which students must examine and then decide if each is a convex polygon or not.Pictures 1 and 2 give an idea of the general layout of the worksheet. Pictures 3 and 4 give a sample question, and the answer from the worksheet respectively.An answer key is also incl
This is a zipped folder containing a PDF version and an editable version of Carroll diagram (polygon or not and horizontal or vertical)worksheets with 3 varying levels of difficulty similar to the one that you can see in the preview. Alternatively In our TPT store you will find a product for sale
Students will list 3 features of a polygon then cut out shapes and sort them into either examples and nonexamples. Good for an activity or assessment
This worksheet identifies if your students understand the concept of a polygon.
A great resource using both regular and irregular polygons, to help students understand and express just what makes something a polygon..or not.
Can your 6th graders use their geometry knowledge about the area of polygons to escape the pizza shop? Polly's World Famous Polygon Pizza has five puzzles for your students to solve to show their geometry skills! This engaging escape room can be completed digitally by accessing a Google Form, or by
This is a maze of 11 Polygons with either interior or exterior angles. Students must use their knowledge of the properties of Interior & Exterior Angles of Polygons to work their way through this High School Geometry maze. This self-checking activity helps students strengthen their skills in
This engaging card sort activity will strengthen students’ skills in determining if sets of shapes are similar or not. Students must analyze the angles for congruency & the sides for proportionality to determine if each set of shapes is similar.How it WorksStudents cut out the 14 sets of shapes
Please note this product is also available as part of my cost-saving 13 Product 2D Geometry Bundle which includes over 100 pages of games, activities, writing projects, visual aides, and more to help teach students about 2D Geometry. This packet includes: -anchor chart headers for guided lesson -p
***NOW FORMATTED for DIGITAL USE during distance learning!With a global pandemic causing extensive school closures, now more than ever teachers will need to review and remediate loss of learning. Use this Geometry Readiness Packet to assess the prerequisite skills your students have when they set fo
Building a solid understanding of the different types of polygons, their properties and attributes is a vital first step for any geometry unit. The Polygon Classification Challenge introduces polygons via a healthy competition that can be done either alone or in pairs, and helps to ensure the stude
This is a maze composed of 11 circles that students must use the properties of circles to find missing angles and lengths. It is a self-checking worksheet that allows students to strengthen their skills at using the geometric properties of circles. I have included 2 versions of the "show your work
Areas of Polygons Foldable :This is a creative double sided foldable for your students to learn or review the formulas to find area squares, rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, rhombuses and kites.It includes notes for teachers. Great addition for INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS!Notes:*Printer
Looking for Google Classroom Ideas for Elementary? Imagine using your time to plan effective lessons instead of grading countless student papers! Using Google Classroom is the perfect solution! With this file you will be able to share assignments with your class through your Google Classroom with
Digital Self-Checking Boom Cards is a fun and challenging way for students to practice 3rd grade measurement skills. This deck will help reinforce how to find the perimeter of polygons.Polygons include: triangles, squares, rectangles, trapezoids, pentagons, and hexagons. Students will calculate the
This polygon names foldable includes polygon names for polygons with 3-12 sides. It is the perfect way to help your students practice naming polygons. The following types of polygons are included:• Triangle (3)• Quadrilateral (4)• Pentagon (5)• Hexagon (6)• Heptagon (7)• Octagon (8)• Nonagon (9)•
This card sort lets students practice with four sided polygons: quadrilaterals. I have included a black/white, a color version, and an Answer Key of the activity. Students should have a general understanding of quads and esp. parallelograms, trapezoids, rectangles, squares, and rhombuses. The stude

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